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Brace Up for Smart Self-Driving AI Trucks in Texas

August 07, 2019 / Aithority

The global market for Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) is growing at a respectable rate and projected to touch $36 billion by 2025. North America alone contributes to the world’s 29% of the total number of AVs. This growth is pegged on the need to make roads safer and to deliver connected car experiences to the drivers and passengers. According to General Motor’s Road Safety Report 2018, 1.25 million people perish in road accidents; 2 million are injured fatally, out of which 40,000 die in the US alone. The major factor in 90% of the cases is Human Error. The second factor is an unexpected mechanical failure of the vehicle. When it involves a truck, the fatality rate is often 100%. Both factors are controllable within the modern context of AI, Machine Learning and Connected Car technologies. AVs can certainly make roads safer and lives easier. However, when we talk about the AVs, the discussions are mostly restricted to luxury cars, Electric Vehicles, taxis, and three-wheelers. We...