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Boomi Taps Partners to Integrate New AI Bot Framework into Their Solutions

October 08, 2019 / Jeffrey Schwartz

Boomi, the Dell Technologies subsidiary that provides application integration middleware and tools, is lining up partners — with Accenture taking the lead — to build chatbots into their clients’ solutions based on the company’s new Bot framework. Chatbots that use conversational AI represent an expanding opportunity for partners and customers to tap the Boomi iPaaS integration platform, company officials emphasized at last week’s annual Boomi World conference, held in Washington, D.C. The gathering, which included the Boomi Partner Summit, provided the company’s annual road map and vision. Boomi’s top executives and technologists outlined some notable deliverables including the conversational AI enhancements, the company’s API gateway and support for event-driven architectures such as those that process large data streams from IoT-based devices, mobile apps and social networks. The company also gave an early preview of forthcoming capabil...