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Blue Hexagon Uses the Power of Deep Learning to Detect Network Threats

February 08, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerner

Blue Hexagon emerges from stealth with a cyber-security platform that makes use of deep learning techniques to infer when potential malware is active on a network. As attackers become increasingly sophisticated, there is a need for advanced technologies that can detect attacks that traditional tools can't. That's the mission for Blue Hexagon, which emerged from stealth on Feb. 5 with a deep learning platform to help automatically detect potential threats. The Blue Hexagon platform offers the promise of near real-time prevention of threats, with visibility into the indicators of compromise for an attack. "Our technology is rather unique in that we've taken a technology that's been very effective at computer vision and speech and we're applying it to the complex problem of computer security," Nayeem Islam, co-founder and CEO of Blue Hexagon, told eWEEK. Islam had previously spent the past decade working at Qualcomm, where he led a research and development gr...