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AI-Related Needs Rapidly Altering the Manufacturing Workforce

August 07, 2019 / Aithority

New research from the MAPI Foundation shows that the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into the manufacturing value chain is significantly changing the nature of that sector’s workforce. But rather than robots taking human jobs, new hybrid roles are emerging where humans enable machines and AI augments human capabilities. The authors of How AI Will Transform Manufacturing and the Workforce of the Future, Robert Atkinson and Stephen Ezell of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), say that within the next five years manufacturers will see significant growth in AI through machine vision, intelligent products, machine learning, and cobots, both within factories and throughout the supply chain. They project this will lead to a myriad of new types of AI-related jobs in manufacturing. According to a survey of U.S.-based manufacturers, currently almost three-fourths of them have not yet introduced new types of AI-related jobs into their companies. In addi...