WorkWave Launches ServiceBot™ by WorkWave, Delivering Powerful AI Sales Technology to a Variety of Service Industries

WorkWave | August 04, 2022 | Read time : 03:00 min

WorkWave®, a leading provider of SaaS software solutions that support every stage of a service business's life cycle, has announced the launch of ServiceBot, a highly successful sales automation tool which makes e-commerce easy via an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled chatbot that lives on a company's website. Formerly known as Lawnbot, ServiceBot will now be available for all service industries, from lawn care to pest control to cleaning, and more.

"At WorkWave, we have made a promise to propel the industries we lead forward, and this means continuing to deliver innovation that helps our customers win and outpace their competition — ServiceBot clearly does that. "ServiceBot is the first use of AI technology within WorkWave platforms and solutions, and opens the door across the entire portfolio to incorporate this type of technology into other areas that drive operational efficiency or improve the customer experience. Hundreds of our customers are already using ServiceBot to generate new customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

WorkWave CEO David F. Giannetto

ServiceBot shows the power of WorkWave's business model, and its recent expansion to lead multiple industries, by bringing its greater resources to bear, helping Lawnbot to evolve into ServiceBot which can now support any home service business. ServiceBot automates the sales process and allows consumers to purchase, schedule and pay for service visits right on their website, through AI-driven, human-like interactions. ServiceBot is seamlessly integrated into WorkWave's industry-leading platforms including Real Green SA5 and is currently being integrated into PestPac, with ServMan and WinTeam soon to come.

With ServiceBot, customers can offer service to potential customers at any moment. As a mobile device-friendly, 24-hour, one-stop-shop sales automation tool, ServiceBot is able to sell to customers wherever they are, at any time.

About WorkWave
For nearly 40 years, WorkWave has been building best practices into its market-leading field service and last mile software solutions to allow best-in-class companies to grow their business, service their customers and maximize their money. Its solutions empower service-oriented companies to reach their full potential through scalable, cloud-based software solutions that support every stage of a business life cycle, including marketing, sales, service delivery, customer interaction and financial transactions. WorkWave is a trusted partner for thousands of customers across a wide variety of industries, including pest control, lawn care, cleaning, HVAC, plumbing and electrical, and last mile delivery. WorkWave's award-winning culture and solutions have been recognized in the SaaS Awards, the Cloud Awards, the American Business Awards, the NJBIZ Best Places to Work Awards, and the Stevie Awards for Great Employers.


Diaspark provides software services to Education ISVs, thereby adding new functionalities and maintaining existing systems.


Diaspark provides software services to Education ISVs, thereby adding new functionalities and maintaining existing systems.

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Zayo Launches API Developer Portal to Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation

Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. | August 18, 2022

Zayo Group Holdings, Inc., a leading global communications infrastructure platform, today announced the launch of its Application Programming Interface (API) Developer Portal, providing customers with a single online platform to explore, on-board and test live environments with existing API offerings, and stay informed about upcoming developments. One of the biggest challenges enterprises face when working with multiple vendors is siloed information and data. With Zayo’s API Developer Portal, customers now have a centralized, well-organized, easily navigable repository of information about automating business processes with Zayo. “We want to empower our customers through every step of their digital transformation journey, and APIs are where that journey comes to life in the form of automation at our customers' fingertips. “With our developer portal, customers now have a live environment where they can easily find the information they need to understand, design and build the best software integration strategy to make an impact and drive business results.” Leidy Perez, vice president of product, strategic software at Zayo Currently, Zayo receives hundreds of thousands API calls a month originating from 100+ customers. These requests come through key partners such as Connectbase, ACS Solutions, GeoTel, Upstack, NDA Corp, Masterstream and LMX as well as direct integrations. Benefits of Zayo’s existing API offerings include: Network Discovery: Zayo’s Building Validation, Location, and Cloud Service Provider APIs enable customers to analyze how Zayo’s network availability powers their business footprint. Quote and Order: Customers can grow their business capabilities by leveraging Zayo products in its Product Catalog API, generating quotes with the Quote API, and automating the ordering process through the Order API. Service Management: Customers are able to retrieve critical service information, get support for issues, and keep track of planned outages with the Service Inventory, Ticketing, Ticket Catalog and Maintenance Cases APIs. In addition to the API developer portal, Zayo has started the roll out of MEF API “Lifecycle Service Orchestration” (LSO) Sonata “Billie” release for quoting and ordering as well as performance monitoring. Further incorporation of MEF standards will enable Zayo to better serve its global carrier and enterprise customers to buy services in a standardized way and to automate MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet. “Too often, customers must work around their system of record to manage multiple vendors. The swivel-chair of that information back into each system of record causes massive inefficiencies that can impact service delivery time and revenue,” said Stan Hubbard, MEF Principal Analyst. “MEF LSO APIs offer an automated, standardized way for service providers to buy and sell services and maximize return on their investment in interface development. We are excited that MEF LSO Sonata APIs enable Zayo’s innovative API Developer Portal.” About Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. is the leading global communications infrastructure platform, delivering a range of solutions, including fiber & transport, packet and managed edge services. Zayo owns and operates a Tier 1 IP backbone spanning 134,000 miles across North America and Europe. By providing this mission-critical bandwidth to its category-leading customers across the wireless, hyperscale, media, tech and finance industries, Zayo is fueling the innovations that are transforming society.

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CircleCI Launches Native Support for GitLab SaaS Enhancing Flexibility and Speed for Developers

CircleCI | July 27, 2022

CircleCI, the leading continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, today announced the general availability of support for GitLab SaaS customers. Now, joint customers can enjoy interoperability between tools from GitLab Inc., The One DevOps Platform for software innovation, and CircleCI. Software development teams using GitLab can now build, test, and deploy on CircleCI, and access CircleCI’s industry-leading speed, automatic test-splitting, and the largest array of resource classes and compute options anywhere. Founded in 2011, CircleCI has always been at the forefront of software development. Serving thousands of companies across the globe, CircleCI empowers its customers to take ideas to execution, at scale, by fine-tuning the development process from start to finish. As nearly every company in every industry becomes software-based, the pace of change is set to increase. With this rapid growth comes more complexities, broadening the responsibilities and importance of developers and software teams. “We are building a world where any change, anywhere in the software ecosystem, can be managed using CircleCI, giving software teams more confidence, choice, and control over their development and delivery processes. “As part of this mission, we’ve worked hard to provide support to GitLab customers, and look forward to what they’ll build in collaboration with CircleCI.” Jim Rose, CEO, CircleCI “At GitLab, we believe everyone can contribute, which is made possible by offering interoperability with industry peers like CircleCI,” said Nima Badiey, VP of Alliances, GitLab. “This integration allows easier migration paths for customers looking to leverage GitLab for source code management and more, further supporting GitLab's mission to provide customers with modern solutions." With native support for GitLab SaaS, joint CircleCI and GitLab customers have access to: GitLab-based triggers: Developers can decide when to trigger pipelines in CircleCI from GitLab forked merge requests, only merge requests, and commits for specific branches. Enhanced permissions models: CircleCI’s new comprehensive permissions management allows security, DevOps, and developer teams to safeguard their configurations with confidence that other contributors will make changes only to their areas of focus. Compatibility across toolchains: CircleCI connects with services developer teams already use like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Slack, Atlassian, and provides abilities to build on GitLab SaaS, GitHub, and Bitbucket. Enhanced engineering decision-making: With pipeline performance and health metrics customers can see real-time data on credit usage, success rates, flaky tests, pipeline duration, and more. Early adopters have already seen significant improvements to stay flexible and deliver business value quickly. In fact, Yoel Astanovsky from financial services provider Moneytor said, “The integration with GitLab worked flawlessly. It was easy, fast and productive.” “CircleCI is enabling developers to choose which tools work best for them. Their GitLab support creates an opportunity to expand how developers view and use CI/CD, resulting in improved productivity, higher code quality, richer integrations, and greater business value,” said Jim Mercer, Research Director of IDC DevOps and DevSecOps Solutions. About CircleCI CircleCI is the leading continuous integration and delivery platform for software innovation at scale. With intelligent automation and delivery tools, CircleCI is used by the world's best engineering teams to radically reduce the time from idea to execution. The company has been recognized as an innovative leader in cloud-native continuous integration by independent research firms and industry awards like the DEVIES, Forbes’ Best Startup Employers of the Year, and Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™.

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UJET Launches AI-Modeled Interaction Design to Identify and Value Optimal Virtual Agent Deployments

UJET | August 19, 2022

UJET, Inc., the world’s most advanced cloud contact center provider, today announces advanced AI-guided customer service operations that leverage hundreds of thousands of customer insights to drive enhanced customer experience (CX) capabilities and automated virtual agent responses. “Contact center demand is rising as labor shortages continue. As a result, wait times are longer than ever, service is suffering and customers are rightfully irritable. AI can and should take on a more prominent role to keep businesses running smoothly and customers happy. “Our latest AI technology holds immense potential to transform organizations and when designed correctly, can dramatically improve experiences, enhance efficiency, raise productivity, and drive growth.” Vasili Triant, Chief Operating Officer at UJET UJET’s AI-modeled Interaction Design for Virtual Agents helps companies identify the most common customer needs, informed by large-scale AI insights directly from customers, and then automates their resolution without consuming countless staff hours. Leveraging conversational AI and machine learning powered by Google’s CCAI Insights, UJET architects a contact center’s optimization roadmap to unlock the human and machine capabilities. With topic and conversation analysis, companies can get a prioritized list of the virtual agents they need to make the biggest difference for CX. This improves key customer care metrics such as wait time, self-service rate, first-call resolution and much more. The data gathered has dozens, if not hundreds of actionable insights and capabilities, including: Resolving recurring points of customer concerns, such as issues with payment methods, passwords, website/app rendering on different platforms and much more. Proactively address rising trends in complaints or returns before they become a bigger problem. Harnessing customer insights based on repeated requests for new product lines or enhancements to existing products/services. Gathering competitive intelligence directly from end-users. Hear directly from customers on what they liked or didn’t like with a previously tried competitor. "There's tremendous value in contact center data, and most current use cases leverage call data to automate answers to common questions. While a good start, UJET is using Google AI to go even further. This solution is using contact center data to optimize the entire CX flow by first identifying the best opportunities for automation,” says Dave Michels, principal analyst and founder of TalkingPointz Research. “With UJET, companies get massive-scale analysis of actual customer data, prioritized ideal use cases for virtual agents, and a detailed ROI and value analysis on those use cases. This use of conversational AI focuses more on overall CX rather than just automation.” UJET offers a fundamentally different way of thinking so companies can make automation their competitive advantage and help customer experience shift from cost center to value creator. About UJET UJET is reimagining the contact center for modern consumers and brands. Our one-of-a-kind architecture delivers an entirely new foundation for security, reliability, and scale across customer service operations. A full voice and digital engagement suite is complemented by powerful AI and advanced analytics capabilities, and easy-to-use, intuitive design to make life easier for everyone involved - from customers and agents to supervisors and executives - all while driving meaningful operational efficiencies. Smart device capabilities like channel blending, photo and video sharing, and biometric authentication are available to deploy for full CX transformation when you’re ready. Innovative brands like Instacart, Turo, Wag!, and Atom Tickets trust UJET to deliver exceptional CX, no matter their size or location. So can you.

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