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VMware Extends Updates for Tanzu Platform and Spring Framework

VMware Extends Updates for Tanzu Platform and Spring Framework
  • VMware updates Spring framework and Tanzu platform with AI and machine learning.
  • Enhancements include DORA metrics, Spring Boot 3.2, Spring Framework 6.1, and new machine learning and AI capabilities in Tanzu Data Services.
  • These updates aim to streamline application development, reduce costs, and enhance security for modern operating models in the generative AI economy.

On November 7, 2023, VMware introduced the latest updates to its Spring framework and Tanzu platform, aiming to empower software development teams to build higher-performing applications that leverage cutting-edge technology like AI and machine learning more efficiently and securely. The enhancements are designed to streamline application development, reduce costs, and improve security while accommodating modern operating models such as cloud containers and serverless environments.

Purnima Padmanabhan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Modern Apps and Management Business Group at VMware remarked that the velocity of innovation is what differentiates companies from the competition. The next-generation apps’ value will be elevated through new capabilities like ML and AI and scalability across any cloud. She added that they have been focusing on providing developers with exceptional tools and experiences for decades. As they mark the 20th anniversary of Spring, their latest enhancements and deep integration to the Tanzu Platform give application teams the ability to leverage more cutting-edge technologies like AI in new apps and take these apps to production safely, quickly, and more securely.

The Tanzu platform now incorporates DORA metrics to track software delivery performance and greater transparency in the developer portal. The integration of VMware Tanzu Spring Runtime into Tanzu Application Platform enhances the Java application development experience. Tanzu Application Service 5.0 offers new features, such as a Postgres tile for DBaaS and AI support.

Spring-related updates include Spring Boot 3.2 and Spring Framework 6.1, which enable GraalVM native images for better app runtime scalability, energy efficiency, and RAM consumption. Spring AI simplifies AI application development using the familiar Spring Framework, and Tanzu Spring Health Assessment helps organizations identify security issues in their Spring application portfolio.

Tanzu Data Services enhancements add machine learning and AI capabilities to data services. Tanzu Intelligence Services now include VMware Tanzu CloudHealth for achieving cloud sustainability goals, VMware Tanzu Guardrails for continuous compliance, and VMware Tanzu Application Catalog for open-source content security.

The Tanzu platform will continue to integrate into a common control plane, VMware Tanzu Hub, offering a refreshed user experience, integrated observability, migration planning and assessments, cost reports, and enhanced Intelligent Assist capabilities. These updates aim to help organizations develop, operate, and optimize modern applications more effectively in the generative AI economy.



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