Vendr Launches 2.0, The Most Complete SaaS Buying Platform on The Market

Vendr | August 10, 2022 | Read time : 02:50 min

Vendr, the world’s first SaaS buying platform, today announced the launch of Vendr 2.0, the most complete SaaS buying platform on the market. SaaS is a top-three line item expense, but most companies aren’t getting the appropriate return on their software investment. Vendr 2.0 harnesses Vendr’s SaaS purchasing and SaaS management products, combining the power of seasoned negotiators armed with insights from over 13,000 deals alongside robust software featuring an integrated system of record.

Now, enterprise customers will be equipped with an unprecedented level of visibility into which software their teams are buying and using — in one central location. This enables leaders to reduce overspend and eliminate duplicative products. Most importantly, it unlocks insights that lead to better software choices and faster procurement at lower prices.

The launch comes on the heels of the company’s recent ​​$150MM Series B, co-led by return investor Craft Ventures and new investor SoftBank Vision Fund 2––which brought the company into Unicorn status––and its acquisition of SaaS management company Blissfully earlier this year.

“The software purchasing process is broken and becoming all the more cumbersome as companies everywhere work to cut costs, as they seek to do more with less. “The introduction of Vendr 2.0 enables organizations to manage their second-highest expense––software––more effectively than ever before, while reducing the difficulties surrounding the process. Vendr 2.0 aims to be the most complete, no-brainer, SaaS buying platform on the market –– and one that pays for itself.”

Ryan Neu, Vendr CEO and co-founder

The standard buying process historically wastes time and resources for both software vendors and customers. Vendr enables businesses to maximize the return on their SaaS investments through cost savings and more efficient spend, improving stack visibility across the organization. Composed of the best industry data of more than 2,000 SaaS suppliers, Vendr 2.0 is facilitating critical transformation in how organizations purchase and manage software.

Tapping Into Transparency

Software buying is a perpetual process and it no longer makes sense to have buying and supplier lifecycle management exist in disparate places. By bringing everything into one place, companies layer the benefits of an expert service team and deep SaaS insights into an integrated system of record that offers unparalleled visibility into their stack. Using Vendr, customers can take a proactive approach to their SaaS spend, equipping their teams with the best software while saving money.
  • Buyer <-> supplier: Vendr offers insights and negotiation support to help buyers and sellers quickly evaluate whether a deal is fair for both sides, ensuring that the process continues moving along internally once it comes time to buy.
  • Buyer <-> procurement function: Vendr provides visibility into internal approval workflows and offers fast-tracked ways to request purchases, leading to smoother relationships between buyers and their company procurement functions.
  • Finance/procurement <-> department heads: With better visibility and faster purchase cycles, stakeholders can easily see the value-add of finance and procurement, ensuring compliance and keeping a handle on costs, leading to better business outcomes for all.

This new platform builds upon the competitive advantages that Vendr has in the market as the category creator with the deepest source of supplier insight––based on thousands of deals––as well as the most seasoned negotiators in the industry. Vendr has processed over $1.5B in customer software spend and delivered over $240M in software savings to its customers. To see how much you could be saving on your annual software expense, get in touch here.

About Vendr
Vendr is changing how companies find, buy and manage SaaS. The first of its kind, Vendr's SaaS buying platform offers both a product and people-powered service to enable the world's fastest-growing companies to purchase software quickly and with guaranteed savings. Today, Vendr has facilitated over $1.5B+ in SaaS purchases across 2,500+ suppliers for Finance and Procurement teams at HubSpot, Brex, Canva, Reddit, Toast, and more. Headquartered in Boston with a second location in Charleston, Vendr was founded in 2019 by Ryan Neu and co-founders Ariel Diaz and Aaron White, who joined the team through the acquisition of Blissfully in 2022. The company has over 250 employees globally


When Bumble launched in 2014, it hailed itself as a new kind of dating app that gave women control over their romantic destinies. Now, it's asserting that power and removing users who don't treat women like the queens they are. Last week, the company said it was blocking a user named Connor after being alerted to his rant against a female user.


When Bumble launched in 2014, it hailed itself as a new kind of dating app that gave women control over their romantic destinies. Now, it's asserting that power and removing users who don't treat women like the queens they are. Last week, the company said it was blocking a user named Connor after being alerted to his rant against a female user.

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Botco.ai Launches Instachat Builder to Enable Rapid AI Chat Deployment

Botco.ai | August 22, 2022

Botco.ai, the leading HIPAA-compliant conversational marketing solution, announced today the launch of Instachat Builder, a new product that accelerates AI chat deployment by allowing Botco.ai customers to directly train Botco.ai’s chatbot on any type of text information. Traditionally, chat applications required extensive manual training before they could begin fielding customer questions, but with Instachat Builder, companies can train Botco.ai’s conversational AI platform on any relevant text information in minutes. This new approach enables teams to launch intelligent chatbots immediately — thereby speeding up deployment, boosting response rates, and reducing fallbacks. "Historically, launching a chat application was time-consuming," said Jacob Molina, Product Manager at Botco.ai. "Companies needed to manually formulate the question and answer pairs they wanted their AI chat to handle. Instachat Builder shortcuts this entire process by automatically transforming any relevant text into training material, allowing our customers to launch powerful chatbots capable of instantly answering hundreds or thousands of questions — with only a few clicks.” Instachat Builder is an AI-driven application that derives question-and-answer training pairs from PDFs, HTML files, document files, call center transcripts, or any other kind of text information. Users can feed Instachat Builder presentations, product manuals, FAQ pages, etc., and the application automatically extracts the relevant content. After extraction, Instachat Builder translates the relevant raw content into question-and-answer pairs that can be used to train AI chatbots. Users can review all automatically generated pairs before they are used for training. The Instachat Builder is powered by a combination of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), two technologies which Botco.ai has notably pioneered in the conversational marketing cloud. Instachat Builder helps Botco.ai customers by providing: Faster deployment: Instachat Builder accelerates the training process, allowing users to launch intelligent chat on day one with predictable 98% accuracy. Improved response rates: Instachat Builder improves response rates by enabling users to rapidly expand the range of topics intelligent chat can competently handle. Instant marketing insights: Marketers receive conversational reporting data directly following deployment, gleaning insights on the user journey, customer retention, SEO and more. Reduced fallbacks: Instachat Builder reduces the need for human intervention by making it easy to develop highly-capable intelligent chat. “The issue with AI-driven chat has always been doing the work required to deploy,” said Chris Maeda, Co-founder and CTO at Botco.ai. “That is where Instachat Builder comes in. Using this tool, we are able to transform useful content that companies have on hand into training material, cutting a process that used to take weeks down to a few minutes. Give us your existing text documents and we’ll give you a chat application." About Botco.ai Botco.ai is a HIPPA-compliant, AI-powered conversational marketing cloud solution that can be implemented at scale to improve engagement rates. Today, the company offers industry-leading authoring, webchat, and AI machine-learning capabilities to quickly and effectively convert more customers in healthcare, wellness, addiction, behavioral health, physical therapy, and senior living centers. Botco.ai's Integrated Analytics Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of chat campaigns across multiple messaging channels such as web and Facebook Messenger. The API-based interface can be used to transfer leads, transcripts, and data into enterprise sales and marketing automation products like Salesforce, Hubspot, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Zoho as well as leading EHR and scheduling systems. Botco.ai is the recipient of the Arizona Innovation Challenge "Most Outstanding Startup" award and a graduate of Alchemist Accelerator Class XXV, the #1 accelerator for enterprise startups.

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UiPath Acquires Re:infer Bringing Natural Language Processing to Enhance Everyday Customer Conversations Through Automation

UiPath | August 02, 2022

Leading enterprise automation software company, UiPath , today announced it has acquired Re:infer, a London-based natural language processing (NLP) company for unstructured documents and communications. Founded in 2015 by Ph.D. scientists from the AI research lab at University College London, Re:infer uses machine learning (ML) technology to mine context from communication messages and transform them into actionable data with speed and accuracy. “Automation and AI are a powerful and natural pair that together empower the vision of the fully automated enterprise™. “Our customers are awash in documents, communications, and data that they need to understand the meaning of and process efficiently. Combining Re:infer’s NLP technology with our Document Understanding and AI products expands the breadth of our current AI-powered automation capabilities and unlocks new automation opportunities for our customers.” Ted Kummert, Executive Vice President, Products & Engineering at UiPath “Automating the interpretation of documents and communications data bridges the gap between humans and information technology systems, and structured and unstructured data to supercharge digital transformation efforts in the enterprise,” said Dr. Ed Challis, CEO and Co-Founder of Re:infer. “We have spent the last seven years building an innovative technology and believe UiPath will take us to another level. We couldn’t be more excited to access UiPath’s power of scale and introduce Re:infer to a new global audience. We’re joining the leader in enterprise automation and it’s an incredible day for us.” Re:infer allows users to deploy custom machine learning models to analyze documents and communications data generated by a typical business each day – data previously lost or ignored due to processing limitations. Their no-code interface allows business users to train their own AI models for greater specificity and flexibility. The self-learning capability continuously improves model accuracy to assist customers in identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Today, this is helping many of the world’s leading enterprises – including large banking, insurance, and e-commerce organizations – scale their services, enhance customer experience, and drive process improvement. This includes Deutsche Bank, Hiscox Ltd., and Farfetch. “By using UiPath and Re:infer together, we have driven significant business impact through automation, enabling automated cataloguing, triaging, and responding to tens of thousands of email-based requests per month,” said Marco Rodriguez, Head of Automation at Hiscox Ltd. “With UiPath and Re:infer, our insurance brokers get instant, automated responses to email requests. Our service-level agreements have been reduced from days to just hours, and we have true, organizational visibility into business conducted over email.” “Businesses are increasingly turning to platforms that combine intelligent automation technologies and solutions to resolve entrenched business problems. Mining for value in the thousands of interactions between a business and its customers each day is an attractive proposition for organizations that want to enrich customer experience, generate new revenue streams, and optimize operational efficiencies,” said Sneha Kapoor, Senior Research Manager, Analyst, and Technology Advisor for IDC Financial Insights. About UiPath UiPath has a vision to deliver the Fully Automated Enterprise™, one where companies use automation to unlock their greatest potential. UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities that enable every organization to rapidly scale digital business operations.

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Observe.AI Launches Conversation Intelligence Consulting Services to Help Contact Centers Accelerate Value from AI & Automation

Observe.AI | September 21, 2022

Observe.AI, the most robust conversation intelligence platform for boosting contact center performance, today announced the launch of Conversation Intelligence Consulting Services. This new suite of highly specialized and integrated services is designed to help contact centers accelerate value from Observe.AI’s conversation intelligence platform. Contact centers benefit from Observe.AI’s deep technical expertise, cross-industry experience, organizational training, and strategic advisory. From implementation through ongoing optimization and long-term success, Observe.AI acts as a trusted partner and advisor in helping contact centers align their technology with business goals. With Observe.AI’s expert guidance, contact centers can achieve deeper levels of actionable insights – tuned to the specific needs of their business – with the right models for automation, speech analytics, and CX and revenue improvement. Earlier this year, Observe.AI’s research revealed an overwhelmingly positive response from contact centers using conversation intelligence, including: Contact centers using conversation intelligence were 10X more likely to feel their business was prepared for the future 92% agreed it helps them make strategic business decisions 89% reported it has improved their ability to engage with customers 89% reported it has improved their agent performance programs “From our novel innovations in contact center AI to this new suite of services, we’re committed to helping contact centers maximize the impact of their AI investments, reduce time-to-value, and promote scalable, sustainable business improvement. “We’ve helped hundreds of contact centers across industries harness conversation intelligence to reach new heights of business and process transformation.” Swapnil Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of Observe.AI Observe.AI’s conversation intelligence platform leverages the industry’s highest-accuracy interaction analytics, processing an average of one billion minutes of interactions annually. By embedding Observe.AI’s platform methodically into their business process landscape, contact centers can maximize the value and volume of tactical insights while accelerating repeatable workflows that drive business improvement. Public Storage, the largest brand of self-storage services in the US, has been working with Observe.AI to automate key workflows and extract actionable insights for sales and customer experience outcomes. “Working closely with the team at Observe.AI has allowed us to excavate deeper insights from our customer interaction data, and apply this intelligence faster and more precisely to drive action across the organization. For instance, we were able to identify the behaviors displayed by our top sales agents and leverage this with targeted coaching to drive better conversion in all agents,” said Dilhara Kaluarachchi, VP Customer Care Center at Public Storage. With this new suite of value-added consulting services, Observe.AI will further amplify the benefits of conversation intelligence through such programs as: Implementation Services – facilitating smooth technology implementation with integration, configuration and system design, change management and training, speech analyst services, and automation Speech & Interaction Analytics Services – mapping business objectives to the interaction analytics, with high accuracy intent and entity identification optimized for specific business needs and context AI Automation Services – end-to-end guidance and setup of new AI program automation including configuration, testing, calibration, supported go-live, and user adoption Actionable Insights Services – omnichannel interaction data analysis and interpretation, with tactical action plans for performance improvement in areas like CX, retention, sales, compliance, and more Business Value Consulting - unique guidance through identifying key ROI impact areas, defining quantifiable goals, and measuring tangible outcomes About Observe.AI Observe.AI is the leading conversation intelligence platform for boosting contact center performance. Built on the industry’s most accurate AI engine that analyzes 100% of interactions across channels, Observe.AI maximizes agent performance, pinpoints revenue and coaching opportunities, and up-levels quality assurance and compliance. Observe.AI’s powerful workflow automation allows contact centers to apply meaningful insights and take action at speed and scale. The result is stronger business outcomes, such as better customer experience, higher revenue, and better retention. Observe.AI is trusted by hundreds of customers and partners across industries – including Pearson, 23andMe, Accolade, Group 1 Automotive, and Public Storage – and is backed by Softbank Vision Fund 2, Zoom, Menlo Ventures, Scale Ventures, and Nexus Ventures. Observe.AI is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Bangalore, India.

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