Software AG launches ChatGPT API Connector to leverage Generative AI in core business systems

Software AG | March 20, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Software AG launches ChatGPT API Connector

Software AG has launched a new ChatGPT API Connector for its integration platform. This will allow companies to integrate OpenAI’s new generative AI tool into their business processes to enhance a number of functions, including customer services.

Any company with multi-stage or customer-relevant processes — such as the stages in a retailer's product fulfillment and delivery cycle — can use ChatGPT to help send out updates. Companies in industries from retail to banking to logistics can rapidly decrease the time taken to deliver fully personalized updates to explain any delays or problems. For example, manufacturers are finding that the digital experience is now a priority for partners and customers, as they demand faster and more efficient access to products and services.

Even when data and systems are connected, personalization is often limited to the customer’s name and order details. Now ChatGPT brings in a greater understanding of the status of a process and the ability to automatically generate personalized updates — in a hybrid human/machine approach — to be more empathetic than standard responses.

“ChatGPT has become a very hot topic, and businesses are looking at how they can make the most of it,” said Dr. Stefan Sigg, chief product officer at Software AG. “While there are seemingly endless possibilities, we’re happy to bring some very practical options to life right away. Companies that can move from generic communication to genuinely personalized messages will find that they can deliver a higher level of service to their customers. At the same time, we have seen over the last year or two rapid acceleration in the levels of technical debt, the management of which can be helped with ChatGPT.”

Generative AI can support digital transformation initiatives and tackle the technical debt left in its wake. Recent Software AG research found that companies, on average, are spending 21% of their IT budgets on managing technical debt. The same technical resources needed for clearing technical debt are needed for building digital transformation initiatives. By identifying where ChatGPT can contribute to tasks like legacy code conversion or automation of processes, companies can free up valuable developer time for the most productive, highest-value projects. Generative AI can help with these mission-critical efforts.

All of these functions work best in a hybrid approach of people and technology, but ChatGPT significantly speeds up the time and resources needed.

“Companies are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves, especially in an era of continual disruption,” Sigg said. “Of course, the possibilities of ChatGPT extend way beyond these initial use cases. The most important thing is that there is a straightforward way for companies to get started. We’ve launched this new API Connector for so that organizations can begin to use generative AI without having to spend lots of time and resources developing the integrations for it.”

About Software AG

Software AG simplifies the connected world. Founded in 1969, it helps deliver the experiences that employees, partners and customers now expect. Its technology creates the digital backbone that integrates applications, devices, data and clouds; empowers streamlined processes; and connects “things” like sensors, devices and machines. It helps 10,000+ organizations to become a truly connected enterprise and make smarter decisions, faster. The company has more than 5,000 employees across more than 70 countries and annual revenue of over €950 million.


The future of AI is hybrid. As generative AI adoption grows at record-setting speeds1 and drives higher demand for compute,2 AI processing must be distributed between the cloud and devices for AI to scale and reach its full potential – just like traditional computing evolved from mainframes and thin clients to today’s mix of cloud and edge devices. A hybrid AI architecture distributes and coordinates AI workloads among cloud and edge devices, rather than processing in the cloud alone. The cloud and edge devices, such as smartphones, vehicles, PCs, and IoT devices, work together to deliver more powerful, efficient, and highly optimized AI.


The future of AI is hybrid. As generative AI adoption grows at record-setting speeds1 and drives higher demand for compute,2 AI processing must be distributed between the cloud and devices for AI to scale and reach its full potential – just like traditional computing evolved from mainframes and thin clients to today’s mix of cloud and edge devices. A hybrid AI architecture distributes and coordinates AI workloads among cloud and edge devices, rather than processing in the cloud alone. The cloud and edge devices, such as smartphones, vehicles, PCs, and IoT devices, work together to deliver more powerful, efficient, and highly optimized AI.

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