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Simplifai launches an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for digital archiving of emails and attachments

Simplifai launches an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution

Simplifai, the Secure AI company, today announced the public launch of Simplifai Archiver, an AI-powered solution that intelligently archives email and attached documents. It ensures appropriate emails and documents are filtered for privacy or sensitivity, are made publicly made available if appropriate, and finally correctly archived. Emails that are private are excluded from archiving and publishing. The solution supports multiple forms of automation and decision support.

Norway alone spends 7.7 billion Norwegian kroner (approximately 770 million Euros) per year on archiving solutions*, however many do not archive emails as there has been few tools that do so efficiently. Reports by Riksrevisjonen** points to a lack of archiving as a structural problem that affects transparency and trust in democracy. These are problems the Simplifai Archiver addresses. Simplifai Archiver uses trainable artificial intelligence to deduce whether an email is public or personal, is suitable for archiving, and whether or not it is appropriate to be published publicly.

Initially focused on Norway, the Simplifai Archiver has been developed in a MVP project with The Norwegian National Archives and has already received official recognition by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Simplifai already has two customers using this solution. Claims Link has been using a light version of Simplifai Archiver for 1.5 years, and Gjerdrum Municipality is going live in one month. Simplifai Archiver will soon be available for widespread usage, for public entities and private organizations around the world.

"Simplifai delivers artificial intelligence solutions to make employees more efficient and productive. Our primary aim is to make employee's jobs easier, and taking care of the elements that can be solved programmatically," said Bård Myrstad, Simplifai CEO. "Simplifai Archiver is a solution that takes care of email archiving and publication of necessary emails with one--if that--clicks, while protecting their personal correspondence."

Furthermore, Simplifai Archiver has out-of-the-box integrations with existing systems such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Documaster, Acos WebSak andElements from Sikri Group.

Simplifai Archiver has previously been referred to in Norwegian as Digital Arkiv Medarbeider (DAM).

About Simplifai

Founded in 2017, Simplifai is the secure AI company. We create the Simplifai AI Automation platform, which is used to create Simplifai Archiver, Claims Handling, Document Handling, Debt Collection, and Customer Service solutions. We are founded in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Pune India, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Ukraine. Learn more:



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