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Seekr Launches Updated Website, Streamlining User Experience With Simple & Customizable News Discovery

Prnewswire | May 12, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Seekr Launches Updated Website, Streamlining User Experience

Seekr, a leading artificial intelligence company specializing in transparent content evaluation, today released a new user interface – streamlining the user experience and creating a transparent and uniform way to filter information.

Misinformation has exploded online, making it increasingly difficult to distinguish falsehoods from facts while deepening divisions in politics and broader culture. In fact, 53% of Americans are worried about unknowingly spreading misinformation while only 7% have a "great deal" of trust in the media.

"Content moderation is not uniform, resulting in a patchwork system where each major technology company creates their own standards and conventions," said Seekr founder and chief executive Pat Condo. "At Seekr, we are restoring trust in the media by using AI to fight AI-generated fake and misleading content. These new functionality updates will only improve the user experience and help protect consumers from an ever-increasing tide of misinformation."

With new technologies dramatically exacerbating the spread of problematic content, Seekr is continuously evaluating its algorithms and interface to improve the user experience and ensure consumers have the necessary tools to make informed decisions about information consumed online. Specifically, Seekr's latest updates include:

Seekr Score Interface & Usability

  • Reliability By Level: The Seekr score is sorted into five easily recognizable levels of reliability from very low to high – helping to offer perspective at a glance.
  • Scoring Precision & Rigor: The proprietary Seekr Score to rate articles has now been expanded to a 100-point scale to add further specificity for users to see the differences in reliability.
  • Color Combined With Clear Text: Score levels from very low to very high are also signified by color – from orange to teal – which is now visible on the scored search results for quick scanning and processing.

Customizable News Search & Discovery

  • Filters: In order to further enhance the user experience and ensure user choice, freedom, and accessibility, filters have been positioned front and center to allow for the quick customization of the search experience.
  • News Search: The Seekr search bar now defaults to a news search, with filters built into this feature that enhance speed, ease, and user control.
  • Coverage Comparison: The top news stories surrounding the same coverage from different news websites are featured in groupings of three to offer differing perspectives and further comparison capabilities.

For more information on Seekr and to experience the new features, visit

About Seekr Technologies Inc.

Seekr is a privately held artificial intelligence company that specializes in transparent content evaluation and objective ratings. Its AI technology is designed to rate all content, both authentic content created by humans, and synthetic, machine-generated content. Seekr empowers user choice and control by streamlining access to reliable information. The centerpiece of Seekr's technology is an independent search engine that is powered by proprietary AI and employs natural language processing (NLP) to generate a Seekr Score and Political Lean Indicator. Seekr is committed to building a web that people can trust by giving everyone access to technology that makes it easy to find reliable content in context.


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Altair RapidMiner is unrivaled in its ability to eliminate the organizational friction between people, the technical friction between tools, and the financial friction between aspiration and reality. Our solutions empower your employees, regardless of their skill level, to master the analytics lifecycle, from data ingestion and modeling to operationalization and reporting. Our platform delivers the tools you need to go from idea to insight. The result is a data analytics ecosystem that meets you where you are, and evolves with you, wherever you go in the future.

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Global commerce acceleration company Profitero today announced the launch of “Ask Profitero,” a chat-based assistant that combines generative AI and commerce analytics so brands can quickly democratize digital shelf optimization at scale. Today, brands often struggle to activate their valuable retail performance data due to the need for extensive analytical skills and resources. Using the latest conversational models, Ask Profitero converts detailed reports into simple, actionable insights accessible to anyone through their AI assistant. Omnichannel commerce teams can use the solution to query their closed instance of Profitero's commerce intelligence offering, including digital shelf analytics for 1,000 global retailers, Amazon market share data, and predictive content optimization insights. “Given the overwhelming amount of product and retailer data available, we must optimize how we analyze, visualize and make decisions,” said Todd Hassenfelt, Global Digital Commerce Director, Strategy & Execution at Colgate-Palmolive. “Profitero’s incredibly clever, well engineered application of generative AI helps brands of any size quickly discover actionable insights without being burdened by complex reports, all while balancing the needs of data privacy. This tool has the potential to help digital leaders elevate their companies' understanding of commerce performance to assist in unlocking investment for successful strategies.” Ask Profitero performs two primary capabilities – quickly curating actionable insights from digital shelf and market share data as well as producing AI generated content for retailer websites from Profitero’s trusted predictive analytics suite, all within the brand’s private environment. For example, a sales manager can use Ask Profitero to easily understand all products losing market share and identify the root causes, such as issues with product availability, search or negative reviews, while at the same time isolating the factors causing competitors to gain share. A marketer can swiftly identify top searched-for keywords in their category and in minutes, generate optimized titles to boost organic search rank and conversion. Innovation teams can rapidly synthesize consumer reviews to surface new product ideas. “AI is only as smart as the data you feed it. At Profitero, we have the advantage of being able to build an incredibly smart and reliable solution because we’re starting with our best in class analytics from more than 1,000 retailers in more than 50 countries,” said Bryan Wiener, Profitero’s CEO. “Combining our data quality and scale with AI’s ability to simplify complex data will drive transformative growth for brands.” About Profitero Profitero is the leading global commerce acceleration company offering a flexible suite of intelligence-driven solutions so that brands can grow profitably. Their integrated digital shelf analytics, shelf-intelligent activation and advisory services empower brands to optimize product availability, discoverability, and maximize conversions across 1000+ retailers in 50 countries. Profitero’s Open Commerce Ecosystem makes it possible for retailers, agencies and tech providers to combine digital shelf data insights with their own solutions, eliminating data gaps and unlocking incremental value for brands. To learn more, visit

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Prophecy Launches Generative AI Platform, Powering AI Applications on Enterprise Data

Businesswire | June 26, 2023

Prophecy, the low-code data transformation platform, today announced two new product offerings: Prophecy Generative AI Platform and Prophecy Data Copilot. The new Prophecy Generative AI Platform provides a simple way for organizations to power generative AI applications using privately-owned, enterprise data. This new offering leverages Prophecy's flagship product, the low-code data transformation platform. In addition, Prophecy is also announcing the launch of the Prophecy Data Copilot, an AI assistant that automatically creates data pipelines based on natural language prompts, and improves pipeline quality with greater test coverage. “We are seeing tremendous results from building applications that combine enterprise data with off-the-shelf LLM models. Our belief is that for the vast majority of enterprise use cases, the era of hiring machine learning engineers who train proprietary models, or specialized LLMs is over,” shared Prophecy Co-Founder and CEO, Raj Bains. “Now all you will need is a private knowledge warehouse that provides private context along with questions and the LLMs give very relevant answers. With Prophecy’s new platform release, a data or application engineer can build an application like a support-bot on private data in a week”. Generative AI technology is becoming mainstream, with nearly all businesses looking to adopt and implement this technology into their existing workflows. But today's generative AI applications are trained against public data, limiting their usefulness when it comes to answering questions that are specific to an organization. The Prophecy Generative AI Platform democratizes AI for technical and non-technical teams by: Putting the power of generative AI against enterprise data in the hands of every user in every organization Speeding up the development of generative AI applications against enterprise data Supporting nearly unlimited use cases by leveraging the full breadth of enterprise data “We see generative AI based copilots making low-code the default way to build applications and data pipelines in enterprises,” shared Prophecy Co-Founder, Maciej Szpakowski. “We already see a 30-40% productivity boost from low-code adoption in our customer base, that coupled with another 30-40% from copilots will make starting with code financially untenable for the majority of enterprise use cases. The future of enterprise development is definitely copilot powered low-code, and we’re excited to see our customers get this boost as they adopt Prophecy Data Copilot.” Prophecy Data Copilot assists and automates numerous data-related tasks. Data Copilot: Democratizes the creation and delivery of data products. Data products are underpinned by data transformations. With Copilot, users can describe transformations using natural language. Copilot then converts these natural language prompts into Prophecy visual components and transformation logic, along with corresponding code. Improves efficiency and quality of pipeline creation. Copilot suggests data tests, enabling greater test coverage and increasing confidence in data. Copilot also suggests what transformations to use next, minimizing errors when joining, filtering, and aggregating data. Prevents data misuse. Copilot automatically generates descriptions for data pipelines and datasets. This includes, for example, an explanation of how a column was computed. “Generative AI and LLMs have become mainstream practically overnight and the hype is warranted,” shared SanjMo Principal, Sanjeev Mohan. “However, today’s applications, such as ChatGPT, artificially constrain the usefulness to data that is available in the public domain. The next frontier is applying this power technology to privately-held, enterprise data, something I didn’t think would happen till years from now. These new solutions from Prophecy will enable teams to use their data to move the needle in significant ways.” With the launch and platform updates, Prophecy further democratizes data transformation, boosting productivity and empowering non-technical users to access and leverage data in their everyday workflows. To learn more about Prophecy Data Copilot and Prophecy Generative AI Platform please visit the Prophecy blog. About Prophecy Prophecy is a low-code data transformation platform that offers an easy-to-use visual interface to build, deploy and manage data pipelines with software-engineering best practices. Prophecy is trusted by enterprises, including multiple companies in the Fortune 50 where hundreds of engineers run thousands of ETL workloads every day. Prophecy is backed by some of the top VCs, including Insight Partners and SignalFire. Learn how Prophecy can help your data engineering in the cloud at

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SmartBear Launches Integrated API Developer Suite, Adding Portal and Exploration to SwaggerHub Platform

Businesswire | August 04, 2023

SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and visibility tools, released SwaggerHub Portal, SwaggerHub’s new feature to customize consumer-facing documentation that drives the adoption of APIs. The developer-centric tool allows API providers to create customizable landing pages, providing consumers with comprehensive resources for easy implementation. Portal is integrated with SwaggerHub, the popular API design and documentation tool, and Explore, the API client that supports REST and event-driven specifications, allowing teams of any size to explore, design, test, and document all in one place for a better developer experience. “SmartBear is focused on API-first development, helping developers to solve their challenges when it comes to design, documentation, testing, and adoption,” said Sean Butler, Vice President of Product Management at SmartBear. “With a growing number of APIs available, providers need help with discoverability and onboarding. To address this challenge, we are excited to launch these two innovative milestones – SwaggerHub Portal and its integration with SwaggerHub Explore – as we advance toward the SmartBear API Developer Lifecycle platform to deliver the best developer experiences in the industry.” According to Slashdata, more than 90% of developers use APIs regularly with 69% using third-party APIs, though discoverability is critical for consumers to successfully implement APIs into their projects. SwaggerHub Portal provides increased visibility and adoption and allows providers to seamlessly onboard their consumers for an improved customer experience. SwaggerHub's integration with Portal allows developers to generate documentation from their API designs with zero context switching. This minimizes time to market, making their APIs easy to discover and adopt. Development teams, whether code-first, design-first, or hybrid, can generate documentation from Explore, no longer needing to start from scratch when documenting. A senior tech and developer experience lead at Webio stated, “SwaggerHub Portal’s capabilities are promising to be a game changer for our onboarding process and developer experience. The use of the product concept to describe different parts of our system, combined with seamless integration with other SwaggerHub products, means that developers have a one-stop shop to get all the latest API information alongside visually appealing up-to-date documentation.” About SmartBear SmartBear provides a portfolio of trusted tools that give software development teams around the world visibility into end-to-end quality through test management and automation, API development lifecycle, and application stability, ensuring each software release is better than the last. Our award-winning tools include SwaggerHub, TestComplete, BugSnag, ReadyAPI, Zephyr, and PactFlow, among others. SmartBear is trusted by over 16 million developers, testers, and software engineers at 32,000+ organizations – including innovators like Adobe, JetBlue, FedEx, and Microsoft. With an active peer-to-peer community, we meet customers where they are to help make our technology-driven world a better place. SmartBear is committed to ethical corporate practices and social responsibility, promoting good in all the communities we serve. Learn more at, or follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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