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Rocketium Launches New Agile CreativeOps Platform With Novel AI Features

Accesswire | May 30, 2023 | Read time : 06:00 min

Rocketium Launches New Agile CreativeOps Platform

Rocketium, a platform that specializes in improving in-app and website conversions through video and display banner automation, has unveiled its latest breakthrough: an innovative and agile CreativeOps platform. This cutting-edge platform marks a significant milestone in the realm of creative operations, as it seamlessly integrates with robust generative AI features, the latest in automation capabilities, and advanced creative analytics.

As a company that specializes in the field of creative technology solutions, Rocketium has combined these components into a solution to empower global teams when it comes to enhancing their design processes and making astute decisions that yield substantial business impact.

At the core of Rocketium's new CreativeOps platform lies its generative AI technology, which revolutionizes the way creative content is generated and produced. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, the platform generates high-quality visuals, videos, and other creative assets with remarkable efficiency. This AI-driven capability enables teams to streamline their creative workflows, eliminating repetitive tasks and freeing up valuable time for more strategic endeavors.

Rocketium's new platform offers automation features that provide users with a range of automated tools and processes. These features automate various aspects of the design process, such as asset organization, version control, and collaboration, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving overall productivity. The automation capabilities allow teams to work swiftly, resulting in faster turnaround times and increased agility in responding to market demands.

Creative analytics is another pivotal component integrated into Rocketium's platform, enabling teams to make data-driven design decisions. The use of advanced analytics and reporting functionalities allows the platform to provide valuable insights into the performance and impact of creative assets. Teams can measure key metrics, such as engagement, conversions, and brand reach, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of their designs. Armed with these insights, teams can optimize their creative strategies, refine their approach, and ultimately achieve more substantial business outcomes.

The comprehensive nature of Rocketium's CreativeOps platform ensures that global teams can leverage its features and benefits across multiple dimensions. Whether collaborating remotely or across different time zones, the platform facilitates seamless communication and coordination, fostering effective teamwork. The platform's intuitive user interface and user-friendly tools ensure ease of use, making it accessible to professionals across various skill levels.

Sandeep Shekhawat, who works with Rocketium as a tech advisor, says that the CreativeOps platform will help the company as it continues to grow and scale.

The company's tech has already earned the trust of over 100 brands including Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 companies.. Professionals from a wide range of industries, including marketers, designers, e-commerce managers, and product managers, rely on Rocketium's platform to take their ideas to market more quickly. The company works with large enterprises, eCommerce marketplaces, and retail omnichannel companies with teams spread across countries.

"The team at Rocketium is dedicated to assisting brands and businesses in scaling and enhancing their visual content and driving improved conversion rates," says Shekhawat. "The launch of this agile CreativeOps platform means that the landscape of design decision-making undergoes a remarkable transformation. Through the integration of generative AI features, automation capabilities, and creative analytics, the platform equips global teams with the tools they need to make informed and impactful design choices."

Shekhawat adds that Rocketium's growth strategy involves expanding its operations in the US to target enterprise customers with complex content creation workflows and pipelines. "They are specifically focused on creating advertising campaign content and digital display content in retail for campaigns and price displays," Shekhawat reveals.

Shekhawat, an expert in the areas of electronic price displays, digital transformation, and IoT-based Smart Retail, has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, developing platforms that help these massive corporations deliver content in a reliable, efficient manner, with the ability to update content over the air in real-time, while using low power.

"Enhancing in-store experience with video displays using automated and personalized content creation will be a game changer for big name retailers," Shekhawat affirms. "Creating compelling content to showcase product features, provide helpful information, or entertain customers while they shop will help retailers have the edge in the low margin retail business."

With Rocketium's agile CreativeOps platform, users can harness the power of this innovative solution, and businesses can unlock new levels of creativity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

About Rocketium

Rocketium, established in 2015, is an agile CreativeOps platform that helps enterprises and Fortune 500 companies take their communications to market in cost- and time-efficient ways. The company utilizes creative automation, seamless collaboration, automated compliance, and creative analytics with the goal of helping enterprises maximize their existing teams, processes, and tools.


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Merge, a Product Integrations Platform, today announced the launch of Integrations Management, a suite of features that provides full control and visibility over customer-facing, B2B integrations. Maintaining integrations is time consuming for SaaS companies, more so than even the initial build of the integration. With Integrations Management SaaS companies can view all of the API-based integrations their customers have set up and troubleshoot any potential customer setup error. Integrations Management includes a suite of features to ensure reliable and quality integrations. Support teams view the live status of integration data syncs, with detail down to specific data fields. Engineering teams also have access to comprehensive Logs, providing visibility into every single API request in an easy-to-query interface. Integrations Management includes Automated Issue Detection flagging via UI and API to resolve customer set-up errors such as outdated API keys or permission issues before they become a larger problem. The suite of tools also includes Scopes to control and customize what data is shared by each customer's integration, adhering to their data privacy preferences. Merge Co-Founder and CEO, Shensi Ding, commented, "It's significantly harder and more time-consuming to maintain customer integrations than to build them. That's why we built Integrations Management. It eliminates the need to build any in-house tooling or consider separate third party monitoring platforms. Merge is the only Product Integrations Platform that comes with this entire suite of features." "Integrations Management provides a seamless experience whenever our customers set up an integration," notes Daniel Marashlian, Co-Founder and CTO of Drata. "Combining the power of the Merge Dashboard and automatic alerts, it now takes my team an hour or less instead of five hours to identify potential data issues, reducing that time spent by 80% and saving us on operational costs." Gil Feig, Merge's Co-Founder and CTO, personally experienced the challenges of maintaining customer integrations, "After building an integration, we would start seeing issues come up with the previous ones we'd built. When starting Merge, I wanted to make sure Integrations Management was a key part of our product. We also did a lot of customer research and heard similar stories about the difficulties of what happens after building an integration." SaaS companies can use Integrations Management today for free by signing up for Merge. Read more about Integrations Management on the Merge blog. About Merge Merge is a Product Integrations Platform that offers a suite of Unified APIs and tools for integration management. Developers quickly add multiple integrations with Unified APIs and give their customers access to over 180 accounting, CRM, file storage, HR, marketing, recruiting, and ticketing integrations. Merge is backed by $75 million in funding from Accel, NEA, and Addition. Merge was founded in 2020 by Shensi Ding and Gil Feig and is proudly built in San Francisco and New York City.

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Sendbird Adds AI-Powered SmartAssistant to Salesforce Connector for Fast and Personalized Support Interactions

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Sendbird, the communications API platform powering 4,000 apps and 300 Million monthly users, today announced that its enterprise Salesforce Connector has entered General Availability (GA), delivering efficiency-driving enhancements for customer service teams. This release adds a host of new features, including the Sendbird SmartAssistant, a first-of-its-kind, conversational AI solution. As part of Sendbird's leading communications platform, Salesforce Connector empowers any business to extend Salesforce Service Cloud capabilities to deliver an exceptional live chat support experience to customers. Now, with Sendbird SmartAssistant, a customizable, no-code generative AI chatbot is readily available to integrate into companies' support workflows. Conversations become richer and more rewarding directly within an organization's mobile app. Salesforce Connector provides superior chat capabilities, such as rich media attachments, image moderation, webhooks, and a customizable end-user experience that can be tailored to companies' specific needs. With integration of the AI chatbot, SmartAssistant, Sendbird now provides even more high-quality responses to support queries. Whether it's answering frequently asked questions or troubleshooting product issues, SmartAssistant for Salesforce Connector ensures helpful and human-like responses throughout the customer support journey. Sendbird's cutting-edge generative AI solution enables users to leverage high-value first-party data for support interactions. Users can now easily create AI knowledge chatbots without the need for OpenAI credentials. This can provide personalized and human-like chatbot conversations to quickly meet customer needs while improving agent efficiency. The new integration builds upon and extends Salesforce Connector's Summarize feature. What was tested conceptually through the beta period is now an essential, valuable part of the Salesforce Connector tool. Summarize is powered by ChatGPT and enables agents to get a comprehensive summary of an entire support chat conversation with a customer in an instant; agents no longer need to read the conversation from the very start to provide the best, immediate support for their users. In addition to SmartAssistant and Summarize, Sendbird also incorporated new Moderation capabilities. Organizations can moderate message content and users from the convenience of a single dashboard. With the supported filters and moderation methods, they can determine the level of suitability of language, images, and other content for their applications using Salesforce Connector. Users also benefit from Auto-Translation, in which Salesforce Connector translates received messages into an agent's preferred language within the case chat. "Salesforce Connector changes the game for customer support," said Sendbird CEO and Co-founder John S. Kim. "Agents have all the tools and answers they need right at their fingertips to solve even the most complex problems with ease. And with SmartAssistant, agents can help more customers than ever before with new levels of personalization and efficiency." With Sendbird Salesforce Connector, organizations get an out-of-the-box solution with seamless, near-instant integration compared to other chat solutions that can take weeks. This translates to faster time to value. Additionally, as a cloud-based solution, the tool is persistently updated with no interruption to the user experience and no management demands on teams. About Sendbird Sendbird, a member company of Born2Global Centre, believes conversations are at the heart of building relationships and getting things done. The company's global conversations platform powers over 7 billion mobile messages and interactions monthly. Industry leaders like Carousell, Traveloka, RedDoorz, Tiket, Rakuten, Viki, AirAsia, TADA, RuangGuru, Ralali, Reddit, and Paytm build with Sendbird chat, voice, video, and livestream APIs to create a differentiated user experience that improves customer retention, conversion, and satisfaction.

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Nylas’ New Generative AI Research Highlights How Developers Are Harnessing Tools Like ChatGPT, Bard, and Copilot

Businesswire | August 01, 2023

Nylas, the state-of-the-art communications platform giving developers universal access to email, calendar, and contacts providers through a single API integration, today released its new report focused on how developers and business leaders are thinking about, implementing, and working with Generative AI. The report, A Developer’s Guide to Generative AI reveals how developers up to CTOs are assessing how and when to use Generative AI throughout their daily workflows. Among its key findings, the report revealed that while 81% of developers say Generative AI will enhance their productivity, 62% believe that it will ultimately make it more difficult to find employment. The report looks beyond the Generative AI hype and provides a window into how developers are feeling the impact of this disruptive technology. Some of the key findings include: 90% of developers expect to increase their usage of Generative AI over the next year. 2 out of 3 developers believe Generative AI is the future of work, despite 62% also saying that it will make it more challenging to find a job. 74% of developers would like to see their companies invest more in educating employees on how to prompt and effectively use Generative AI. 2 out of 3 developers plan to use AI to help them build email integrations over other communication channels. 79% believe that there are significant security and privacy concerns associated with Generative AI that need to be addressed. “There’s no denying that Generative AI has captured the attention of the classroom up to the boardroom, and everywhere in between, but the trajectory and potential of this technology will ultimately be shaped by those at the forefront of building interconnected, digital ecosystems: software developers,” said Gleb Polyakov, Co-Founder & CEO of Nylas. “That is why it was so important for us to speak directly with developers and technical teams to get a glimpse into their excitement and apprehension around Generative AI. We believe that through our report, individuals and teams can better assess how to deploy AI in a responsible, ethical, and productive way in order to get the most out of their services and teams.” Over the last year, Large Language Models (LLMs) have rapidly become integrated into projects, workflows, and the daily lives of developers and the general population. The report also found that more than half (52%) of respondents said that they are using Generative AI tools daily. Earlier this year, ChatGPT became the fastest-growing app of all time, reaching 100 million monthly users in record time. While other LLMs such as Google Bard and Github Copilot have shown that they are able to successfully generate, autocomplete, and test code. About Nylas Hundreds of thousands of developers around the world use Nylas to increase velocity and seamlessly build customizable email and scheduling capabilities through state-of-the-art APIs. Nylas is the only platform giving developers universal access to email, calendar, and contacts providers through a single integration. Companies like Upwork, Rippling, Wix, Dialpad, and more turn to Nylas to quickly and securely launch critical features, enabling them to spend less time on their infrastructure and more time building software with limitless potential.

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