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Phrasee Introduces AI Content Engine, Powering Superior, On-brand Content Generation for the World’s Leading Brands

Businesswire | June 08, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Phrasee Introduces AI Content Engine, Powering Superior

Phrasee, the complete AI content platform for enterprise marketers, today introduced its industry-leading content generation capabilities to complement its AI-powered optimization solution that helps marketers achieve better results.

Unlike other generative AI tools, Phrasee’s Content Engine combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with its proprietary controlled natural language generation (NLG). This unique combination means marketers can now generate on-brand, high-performing content for any marketing use case, all delivered via custom, no-code workflows.

While many tools are racing to jump on the generative AI bandwagon, Phrasee has been perfecting the art of AI content generation for eight years, evolving its platform to fine-tune AI content to a brand's tone of voice and drive increased engagement via optimization. The Phrasee AI Content Engine uses deep learning that is trained on a unique data set of thousands of experiments and billions of marketing data points, resulting in a higher-quality creative output​ that is proven to perform.

“We live in a world where anyone can create content on demand through LLMs and a simple, chat-based interface, but just because it’s created, doesn’t mean it’s good,” said Parry Malm, Phrasee CEO and co-founder. “Good content engages the target audience, builds brand recognition, and most importantly, drives results. We envision a future where the world’s top brands drive awesome marketing results through AI. And the Phrasee platform is doing exactly that today for our customers around the world.”

Phrasee is the only platform that provides the full range of AI content capabilities – generation, optimization, personalization, and performance insights. Content created through Phrasee is crafted with industry-leading brand controls and performance optimized through deep learning and automated experimentation.

Phrasee helps enterprise marketers achieve better results by:

Creating content at scale

Phrasee empowers marketing teams with unlimited creativity, generating high-quality, data-backed, on-brand content, at scale, across the digital customer journey: emails, product descriptions, ads, social posts, articles/blogs, push and SMS messaging, and web/app copy.

Maximizing customer engagement and revenue

Phrasee optimizes and personalizes content to increase engagement, conversions, and customer lifetime value with performance that doesn’t degrade over time. Granular performance data helps marketers track the actual impact AI content is driving for the business and key KPIs.

Automating experimentation

Phrasee makes it easy to test, learn, and iterate on marketing messages to deliver even better performance from digital campaigns. Easily experiment with content and ensure a brand’s best-performing messages reach the most people. The self-serve UI makes testing and optimization at scale a reality with multi-step workflows and out-of-the-box integrations.

Providing deeper customer insights that eliminate guesswork

Phrasee’s language insight reports analyze content experiments to reveal the words, emojis, and tones a brand’s audiences respond to most (and least) and how they evolve. Marketers can apply these learnings across their marketing efforts to ensure their messaging always resonates.

“Our suite of new generative AI capabilities provides enterprise marketers with an exclusive combination of AI-powered tools that not only generate on-brand, high-quality content but add the ability to optimize and personalize that content to drive increased engagement and revenue. This is what good content looks like,” said Matt Simmonds, chief product and technology officer at Phrasee. “No other platform can provide this mix of solutions, and we are just getting started. Stay tuned for the release of more unique tools designed specifically to help enterprises embrace generative AI with confidence and achieve measurable results.”

Contact us for a demo.

Meet us at Salesforce Connections June 7-8

Meet the Phrasee team at Salesforce Connections in Chicago at the McCormick Place West Building from June 7-8 and learn how generative AI is helping marketers increase loyalty, engagement, and ROI through the power of AI-optimized marketing messages. Phrasee is an Explorer-level sponsor at this year’s Salesforce Connections, two of the biggest days in marketing, commerce, and customer-first innovation.

Today, at 9:30 a.m. CDT, Home Chef will be taking the stage with Phrasee for the session, “How Generative AI is Maximizing Customer Engagement,” at the Lincoln Park Theater. Attendees will learn first-hand from Home Chef’s Lauren MacArtney, senior lifecycle marketing manager, and Natalie Mesgleski, lifecycle marketing associate, how AI-optimized content can boost click-through rates and drive greater ROI using Phrasee and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. They will be joined by Lindsey Nelson, Salesforce retail industry advisor, and Jasper Pye, Phrasee vice president of product.

For more information about attending, check out Phrasee’s website.

About Phrasee

Phrasee believes in a future where enterprise marketers drive unprecedented results using AI. Phrasee’s AI-powered platform generates the best-performing content at scale and with enterprise-grade controls across digital channels to realize those results and enable customers to compete effectively in this always-on, digital world. Its platform creates, optimizes, and analyzes on-brand marketing content in real-time, proven to drive more clicks, conversions, and revenue across your email marketing, push notifications, SMS marketing, and more.

Phrasee boosts customer engagement and increases lifetime value for the world’s leading brands, including Sephora, Sainsbury’s, Currys, Pet Supplies Plus, Novo Nordisk, and Williams Sonoma, all while maintaining their unique brand standards and voice.


When the Falcon 10X brakes, it'll be thanks in part to her! An embedded software development engineer at Safran, Agathe is working on implementing software functionalities on the landing gear of Dassault Aviation's brand-new business jet. Development, bench testing, mutual support and training opportunities - find out more about Agathe's day-to-day work in this video!


When the Falcon 10X brakes, it'll be thanks in part to her! An embedded software development engineer at Safran, Agathe is working on implementing software functionalities on the landing gear of Dassault Aviation's brand-new business jet. Development, bench testing, mutual support and training opportunities - find out more about Agathe's day-to-day work in this video!

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Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), a leading digital experience platform, announced AI Generated Review Response enabling businesses to deliver a more engaging customer experience. This new capability within Yext Reviews enables businesses to use AI with their own data to automatically generate individualized review experiences across owned and third-party channels. In today's digital landscape, customer engagement with reviews has become vital to a business’ success. Customers make major buying decisions based on reviews — and search engines use them as a critical input to rank results. A recent poll of Yext customers showed that businesses that respond to more than 50 percent of their reviews saw a nearly a half of a star improvement in their ratings over businesses that don’t. However, responding to reviews is difficult and resource intensive. AI Generated Review Response makes it easier with a single system that enables businesses to scale small teams and respond to customer reviews across any digital channel. New AI Generated Review Response enables businesses to automatically generate contextually appropriate and brand-based responses by analyzing tone and sentiment of posts. By leveraging Yext Content along with generative models, companies can deliver responses using their unique business data and voice to address specific, real-world reviews across any digital channel, including mobile, web, chat platforms, and social media. For example, suppose a franchise owner sees a surge of reviews for their Minneapolis locations following a promotional launch. In that case, Reviews can automatically generate responses that are localized for the region and specific store locations but also entirely personalized for each customer. “With Yext, businesses have the platform to elevate engagement and deliver brand-building experiences,” said Marc Ferrentino, president and chief operating officer, Yext. “Engaging with customers allows them to take those experiences to the next level. It is a massive competitive advantage to provide one-of-a-kind review experiences at scale for every customer which is now possible with Yext Reviews.” About Yext Yext (NYSE: YEXT) helps organizations build digital experiences across any channel on our open and composable platform. The Yext Digital Experience Platform collects and organizes content to deliver AI-led experiences for any organization’s customers, employees, or partners. For more than 15 years, thousands of companies worldwide have trusted Yext to create seamless customer experiences at scale across search engines, websites, mobile apps, and hundreds of other digital touchpoints. Learn more at

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Prophecy, the low-code data transformation platform, today announced two new product offerings: Prophecy Generative AI Platform and Prophecy Data Copilot. The new Prophecy Generative AI Platform provides a simple way for organizations to power generative AI applications using privately-owned, enterprise data. This new offering leverages Prophecy's flagship product, the low-code data transformation platform. In addition, Prophecy is also announcing the launch of the Prophecy Data Copilot, an AI assistant that automatically creates data pipelines based on natural language prompts, and improves pipeline quality with greater test coverage. “We are seeing tremendous results from building applications that combine enterprise data with off-the-shelf LLM models. Our belief is that for the vast majority of enterprise use cases, the era of hiring machine learning engineers who train proprietary models, or specialized LLMs is over,” shared Prophecy Co-Founder and CEO, Raj Bains. “Now all you will need is a private knowledge warehouse that provides private context along with questions and the LLMs give very relevant answers. With Prophecy’s new platform release, a data or application engineer can build an application like a support-bot on private data in a week”. Generative AI technology is becoming mainstream, with nearly all businesses looking to adopt and implement this technology into their existing workflows. But today's generative AI applications are trained against public data, limiting their usefulness when it comes to answering questions that are specific to an organization. The Prophecy Generative AI Platform democratizes AI for technical and non-technical teams by: Putting the power of generative AI against enterprise data in the hands of every user in every organization Speeding up the development of generative AI applications against enterprise data Supporting nearly unlimited use cases by leveraging the full breadth of enterprise data “We see generative AI based copilots making low-code the default way to build applications and data pipelines in enterprises,” shared Prophecy Co-Founder, Maciej Szpakowski. “We already see a 30-40% productivity boost from low-code adoption in our customer base, that coupled with another 30-40% from copilots will make starting with code financially untenable for the majority of enterprise use cases. The future of enterprise development is definitely copilot powered low-code, and we’re excited to see our customers get this boost as they adopt Prophecy Data Copilot.” Prophecy Data Copilot assists and automates numerous data-related tasks. Data Copilot: Democratizes the creation and delivery of data products. Data products are underpinned by data transformations. With Copilot, users can describe transformations using natural language. Copilot then converts these natural language prompts into Prophecy visual components and transformation logic, along with corresponding code. Improves efficiency and quality of pipeline creation. Copilot suggests data tests, enabling greater test coverage and increasing confidence in data. Copilot also suggests what transformations to use next, minimizing errors when joining, filtering, and aggregating data. Prevents data misuse. Copilot automatically generates descriptions for data pipelines and datasets. This includes, for example, an explanation of how a column was computed. “Generative AI and LLMs have become mainstream practically overnight and the hype is warranted,” shared SanjMo Principal, Sanjeev Mohan. “However, today’s applications, such as ChatGPT, artificially constrain the usefulness to data that is available in the public domain. The next frontier is applying this power technology to privately-held, enterprise data, something I didn’t think would happen till years from now. These new solutions from Prophecy will enable teams to use their data to move the needle in significant ways.” With the launch and platform updates, Prophecy further democratizes data transformation, boosting productivity and empowering non-technical users to access and leverage data in their everyday workflows. To learn more about Prophecy Data Copilot and Prophecy Generative AI Platform please visit the Prophecy blog. About Prophecy Prophecy is a low-code data transformation platform that offers an easy-to-use visual interface to build, deploy and manage data pipelines with software-engineering best practices. Prophecy is trusted by enterprises, including multiple companies in the Fortune 50 where hundreds of engineers run thousands of ETL workloads every day. Prophecy is backed by some of the top VCs, including Insight Partners and SignalFire. Learn how Prophecy can help your data engineering in the cloud at

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Google Announces Bard AI Integration for its Apps’ User Experiences

Google | September 20, 2023

Google announces Bard chatbots’ integration into popular apps for an enhanced user experience. Bard overcomes regulatory hurdles for global launch and introduces extensions for Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube. Users can use Bard for summarizing emails, finding routes, and fact-checking; privacy controls are emphasized amid competition with ChatGPT. Google is set to integrate its Bard chatbot into popular applications such as Gmail, YouTube, and more, as part of Alphabet's efforts to enhance user experiences. This move follows OpenAI's release of ChatGPT, which prompted Google to develop Bard in response. Earlier this year, Google overcame regulatory hurdles to launch Bard worldwide, despite concerns about data security from European regulators. To gain public support, Google is now introducing Bard extensions, enabling it to function as a plug-in within Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, and other platforms. Users will be able to leverage Bard to summarize lengthy emails, find quick routes on Google Maps, and extract bullet points from dense documents. To address concerns about accuracy, a fact-checking feature will be included to verify Bard's responses in real time. Generative AI relies on data scraping from extensive databases to provide human-like responses. Google assures users that Bard will access private data only with consent and will not use it for targeted advertising or training Bard. Private content will remain inaccessible to Google employees, and users will have control over their privacy settings. Google remarked in a blog post, You’re always in control of your privacy settings when deciding how you want to use these extensions, and you can turn them off at any time. [Source - Voanews] This development comes after Microsoft incorporated ChatGPT into Bing earlier this year but failed to challenge Google's search engine dominance. Google aims to capitalize on ChatGPT's declining user base and position Bard as a strong competitor in the generative AI landscape. While Bard's integration into Google's ecosystem offers convenience, it may face competition with established AI models like ChatGPT. Some users might still have reservations about privacy and data usage, despite Google's assurances. Additionally, Bard's success in challenging ChatGPT's dominance remains to be seen, as generative AI popularity fluctuates. Google's integration of Bard into popular apps enhances the user experience, making tasks like summarizing emails and finding routes more convenient. Bard's global launch and extensions for Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube offer versatility. The fact-checking feature ensures accuracy, and Google emphasizes privacy controls, addressing concerns about data security.

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