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New Upgrades for PDFelement 4.0 Will Revolutionize PDF Management and Improve User Experiences

Prnewswire | May 23, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

New Upgrades for PDFelement 4.0 Will Revolutionize PDF

PDFelement, an award-winning Wondershare PDF software used mainly by business professionals, is thrilled to announce the release of its highly anticipated version 4.0. PDFelement brings simultaneous updates for both iOS and Android platforms, delivering an enhanced user experience and an improved functionality.

Below are some key updates for the iOS and Android platforms.

iOS Platform Updates:

  • A 50% increase in document loading speed for quick access.
  • An enhanced file management capabilities for better organization and navigation.
  • An addition of multiple sharing options, including email and instant screenshot sharing, for streamlined collaboration and workflows.

Android Platform Updates:

  • Introduction of Liquid Mode for a more immersive reading experience.
  • A new Phone Library feature providing access to a collection of 100 free books.
  • Improvements for sharing options, including screenshot and text sharing.
  • A brand-new support for reading and storing documents from popular cloud platforms like Google Drive.

PDFelement enables businesses to efficiently handle their PDF documents and has been widely recognized and awarded for its exceptional software capabilities. Whether it's creating, editing, annotating, or converting PDF files, PDFelement offers a comprehensive suite of tools that empower professionals to work with PDF documents seamlessly.

Gary, the Product Manager of PDFelement, expresses excitement about the updates, stating, "We are thrilled to bring these updates to our iOS and Android users. Our aim is to provide a seamless and efficient PDF management experience tailored to each platform's unique needs. With these updates, we are confident that our users will enjoy elevated productivity and convenience."

Compatibility and Price

Wondershare PDFelement is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and pricing starts at $6.99 per month. For free trials and downloads, please visit our official website or follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more about PDFelement.

About Wondershare

Wondershare is globally recognized as a software company that is committed to delivering innovative solutions for personal and professional use. As a leader in creativity and productivity products, Wondershare has received prestigious awards from organizations such as The Shorty Awards, G2, and GetApp. At Wondershare, the mission is to empower individuals to pursue their passions and build a more creative world. With over 100 million users across 150 countries, users can access a wide range of software solutions for video editing, PDF editing, data recovery, diagram and graphics, and more. Together, Wondershare strives to provide high-quality, user-friendly software that enables individuals and businesses to bring their creative ideas to life.


When the Falcon 10X brakes, it'll be thanks in part to her! An embedded software development engineer at Safran, Agathe is working on implementing software functionalities on the landing gear of Dassault Aviation's brand-new business jet. Development, bench testing, mutual support and training opportunities - find out more about Agathe's day-to-day work in this video!


When the Falcon 10X brakes, it'll be thanks in part to her! An embedded software development engineer at Safran, Agathe is working on implementing software functionalities on the landing gear of Dassault Aviation's brand-new business jet. Development, bench testing, mutual support and training opportunities - find out more about Agathe's day-to-day work in this video!

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FICO Awarded 9 New Patents Used in FICO Platform and Fraud Solutions that Utilize Sophisticated AI to Improve Decision Accuracy

Businesswire | July 17, 2023

Global analytics software firm FICO has been granted 9 patents, 3 foreign and 6 U.S., related to digital decisioning in the areas of fraud, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning technology. FICO’s extensive industry expertise in building AI and machine learning models provides value to enterprises that adopt FICO® Platform and other FICO solutions. “Patents are a product of industry inspired innovation, and we continue to develop tremendous IP in AI, machine learning, and decision management,” said Scott Zoldi, chief analytics officer at FICO. “FICO solutions deliver real-time decisions for businesses worldwide. The power of better decisions and hyper-personalized customer experiences, as exemplified by FICO Platform, is being driven by new AI technologies responding to ever-changing industry demands.” FICO’s new patents include “Soft Segmentation Based Rules Optimization for Zero Detection Loss False Positive Reduction” – which covers rules-based financial crime detection for detecting money laundering and fraud while reducing false positive detections. The techniques include the use of topic models to determine semantic structures underlying transactions and the derivation of behavior archetypes based on those structures, with the result being the reduction of false positives while preserving the same true positive detection set. “Mobile Attribute Time-Series Profiling Analytics” – which claims a means to assess the likelihood that a transaction is abnormal based on a behavioral pattern of a mobile device. The behaviors associated with the device improve fraud detection for transactions that do not occur on the mobile device. This patent has been validated in the UK, France, and Germany and used in FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager, FICO® Fraud Predictor with Merchant Profiles, and FICO® Platform. “Latent Feature Dimensionality Bounds for Robust Machine Learning on High Dimensional Datasets” – which describes a method to identify the number of optimal hidden nodes in a neural network model, leading to the development of more robust and stable machine learning models at the core of responsible AI. This patent is used in FICO® Platform. “Assessing the Presence of Selective Omission via Collaborative Counterfactual Interventions” – which addresses a critical challenge in operationalizing models in open data environments, where lenders and users of models need to understand the likelihood that the customer is omitting key data that impact outcomes. This patent is used in FICO’s Open Banking Analytic models. “Workflow Templates for Configuration Packages” – which claims a process to allow a decision service to generate decision data based on user-generated input, a collection of configurations, and a decision flow template, leading to a configured software solution. This patent is used in FICO® Strategy Director. “Meaningfully Explaining Black-Box Machine Learning Models” – which covers a means for providing insights into the efficacy and understandability of black-box machine learning models. This patent is used in FICO® Platform - Analytics Workbench™. “Efficient Parallelized Computation of Global Behavioral Profiles in Real-time Transaction Scoring Systems” – which describes a computer-implemented, real-time transaction scoring system for rank-ordering transactions associated with suspicious activity, such as financial crime or a cybersecurity threat. This patent is used in FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager, FICO® Fraud Predictor with Merchant Profiles, and FICO® Platform. To date, FICO’s patent portfolio consists of 218 active patents, with an additional 71 patent applications filed and pending approval. About FICO FICO powers decisions that help people and businesses around the world prosper. Founded in 1956, the company is a pioneer in the use of predictive analytics and data science to improve operational decisions. FICO holds more than 200 US and foreign patents on technologies that increase profitability, customer satisfaction and growth for businesses in financial services, insurance, telecommunications, health care, retail and many other industries. Using FICO solutions, businesses in nearly 120 countries do everything from protecting 2.6 billion payment cards from fraud, to improving financial inclusion, to increasing supply chain resiliency. The FICO® Score, used by 90% of top US lenders, is the standard measure of consumer credit risk in the US and other countries, improving risk management, credit access and transparency.

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Continental and Google Cloud Partner for Generative AI in Cars

Continental | September 05, 2023

Continental and Google Cloud have announced a partnership at IAA Mobility 2023 to integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) into cars, aiming to create a more intuitive user experience for drivers. The collaboration will incorporate Google Cloud's capabilities directly into vehicle computers, allowing drivers to interact with their cars in a natural dialogue. Continental showcased the integration of its Smart Cockpit High-Performance Computer (HPC) solution with a demonstration vehicle. The solutions are expected to serve a broad market, with sales of high-performance vehicle computers projected to reach the mid-tens of billions of euros over the next decade. Google Cloud’s AI-powered system enables drivers to converse with their vehicles, asking about hotels and tourist attractions while traveling and even asking follow-up questions without repeating the entire context. The system can access specific vehicle information like the operating manual, providing details such as the location of the USB port or the required tire pressure when the car is fully loaded. The collaboration aims to combine Google Cloud's expertise in software, AI, and cloud computing with Continental's deep understanding of the automotive industry to create a new generation of digital automotive solutions that enhance convenience and safety for drivers and passengers. This partnership also expands the functions for instrumentation, entertainment, and driver assistance that are pre-integrated in Continental’s Smart Cockpit HPC, reducing development time, effort, complexity, and costs for automotive manufacturers. The Smart Cockpit HPC meets customer needs for typical cockpit designs with driver and center displays while combining user experience and system performance. The AI for cars technology faces challenges such as ensuring the AI system's safety and reliability, protecting user data privacy and security, and complying with different regions' regulatory standards. These challenges require rigorous testing, validation, monitoring, and tracking of the AI system's performance, implementing strong data privacy and security measures, and adapting the technology to meet each region's specific requirements. Companies need to carefully consider these issues and take appropriate measures to mitigate potential risks.

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The Future of AI Is Inside Neos: Assembly Software Launches NeosAI, Revolutionizing the Legal Industry

Businesswire | July 11, 2023

Assembly Software, the visionary creators behind the acclaimed case management solution Neos, proudly unveils NeosAI, the legal industry's first native-built AI technology that is seamlessly integrated within the Neos case management platform. This groundbreaking achievement sets a new standard for legal software innovation. NeosAI represents a paradigm shift, empowering law firms to harness AI-powered intelligence effortlessly without disrupting their established workflows. Unlike its competitors, NeosAI autonomously operates inside of Neos, eliminating the need for cumbersome data transfers to external systems, complicated third-party integrations, or duplicated data entry. You never leave the Neos workflow, thereby enhancing your NeosAI user experience. The robust Microsoft ecosystem and OpenAI technology power NeosAI, harnessing cutting-edge technology at the epicenter of the AI world. Numerous companies currently emphasize specialized point solutions or utilize AI solely for a particular aspect of legal technology, such as demand letters. NeosAI goes far beyond this limited capability, allowing a firm to generate case, communication and contract content while saving time, driving productivity, efficiency and profitability. All of this is realized through the NeosAI engine that categorizes, transcribes, generates, and compiles pertinent case files for both settlement and trial matters. "NeosAI goes beyond effortlessly generating content from Neos templates for multiple legal scenarios and recognizing and assigning data to relevant cases. It revolutionizes the way law firms operate, liberating employees from mundane tasks and enabling them to maximize their unique talents for unparalleled client engagement," says Rick Cirigliano, Chief Product Officer at Assembly. Neos has consistently led the pack in the case management software industry. The introduction of NeosAI solidifies its position as the ultimate choice for law firms embracing technology to surge ahead of their competition. While the beta release of NeosAI just scratches the surface of its immense potential, Assembly promises that Neos will soon achieve groundbreaking advancements for law firms, supported by a multi-generational product release strategy that extends into the foreseeable future. NeosAI will soon allow firms to leverage the full potential of AI at every stage of a case. "The beta release of NeosAI is just the beginning; it is the catalyst that will propel firms into a future where efficiency is optimized to unprecedented levels. We believe technology should act as an enabler, empowering law firms to achieve the best outcomes for their clients without compromising quality," says Daniel Farrar, CEO of Assembly. Assembly Software is a visionary technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the legal industry. It blends decades of history and industry experience with next-generation, customer-focused innovation, bringing together two of the legal profession’s pioneering case management brands, Needles and Trialworks, both of which have contributed to Neos, Assembly's reimagined cloud-based solution. With its premier case management solution, Neos, and the game-changing NeosAI, Assembly Software empowers law firms to exceed expectations and maximize their potential through innovative software solutions. About Assembly Software Assembly Software blends decades of history and industry experience with next-generation, customer-focused innovation. It brings together two of the legal professions pioneering case management brands, Needles and Trialworks, both of which have contributed to Neos, Assembly's reimagined cloud-based solution. Neos has evolved and will continue to disrupt and transform the legal sector to meet the changing needs of modern law firms.

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