Mendix and Atos expand global partnership to drive efficient, digital decarbonization across every industry with enterprise low-code

Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in enterprise application development, and Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, today announced that they have signed an expanded partnership agreement to empower Atos to leverage the Mendix low-code platform to drive hyper-automation and decarbonization in enterprises. This partnership with Mendix enhances the longstanding, trusted partnership between Atos and Siemens, cementing Atos’ commitment to providing world-class, low-code solutions for global businesses.

At launch, the agreement will give Atos the license to sell Mendix low-code platform in multiple regions where Atos has a joint business collaboration with Siemens, including APAC, EMEA, and the Americas. The offering will become available in more and more countries after the initial launch.

Speeding up digitalization in manufacturing, retail, public sector, telecommunications, and financial services

While enterprises continue to undergo rapid transformation as they digitalize business processes and operations, increasing economic sectors and industries are adopting IT solutions that streamline efficiency, optimize resources, and increase revenue.

Atos will leverage the Mendix low-code platform to offer the broadest range of application modernization services and to fortify its industrial expertise and capabilities. Through this partnership, Atos will enable organizations to maximize the potential of low-code applications to support new user needs for fast and modern services across the manufacturing, retail, public sector, telecommunications, and financial services industries. With the help of the Mendix low-code platform, Atos customers can now launch complex, business-oriented digital initiatives without prohibitive investment in extensive technological capabilities and expertise.

Accelerating digital decarbonization

The agreement will also support Atos’ mission to push boundaries of scientific and technological excellence to ensure that its business partners, clients, and the greater society can thrive and function sustainably in a digitally secure information environment.

The Mendix platform integrates with existing components to take a circular economy approach to software development. By enabling organizations to upgrade their services one application at a time, it reduces the need for infrastructure overhauls, effectively enabling organizations to do more with less. The Mendix platform is cloud native and allows for containerized applications. This enables organizations to deploy anywhere and scale their apps to any size without redesign.

With the Mendix low-code platform, Atos can support its customers to develop low-emissions applications and thereby contribute to lowering their carbon footprints.

According to the ‘Exponential Climate Action Roadmap’ laid out by the World Economic Forum, digital technologies could help reduce global carbon emissions by up to 15% – or one-third of the 50% reduction required by 2030 – through digital solutions in energy, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and traffic management. Through the new agreement, Atos and Mendix will provide those industries with solutions that immediately support their needs for decarbonization.

Atos is already building industry specific solutions based on the Mendix platform to monitor, report, and track real-time energy consumption and carbon emission across 1,800 locations globally.

Using low-code to propel legacy systems into a digital-first economy 

“We are pleased to build on Siemens’ long-standing relationship with Atos and create high-value services that will further support hyper-automation and decarbonization in enterprises. With a strong background in application modernization, Atos has the expertise to establish a clear roadmap to modernize legacy applications and systems. This is crucial for enterprises seeking to rebuild or replace their legacy systems. Our low-code platform and Atos’ expertise are perfectly suited to accelerating that transformation,” said Tim Srock, CEO, Mendix. “Through this partnership with Mendix, Atos will help organizations streamline processes, reducing the total cost and time required to change or improve their application development systems.”

“As we operate within today’s fast-paced digital landscape, this partnership will allow us to capitalize on the Mendix low-code platform to offer unique services that rapidly adapt and respond to our clients’ market changes and opportunities, across all the industries we serve. We are confident this extension to our existing partnership with Siemens will bolster our joint commitment to create innovative solutions for enterprises looking to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.”

Rakesh Khanna, Head of Digital at Atos

While enterprises continue to undergo rapid transformation as they digitalize business processes and operations, increasing economic sectors and industries are seeking IT solutions to streamline efficiency, optimize resources, and increase revenue. With the help of the Mendix low-code platform, organizations can now launch complex, business-oriented digital initiatives without prohibitive investing in extensive technological capabilities and expertise.

About Mendix
In a digital-first world, customers want their every need anticipated, employees want better tools to do their jobs, and enterprises know that sweeping digital transformation is the key to survival and success. Mendix, a Siemens business, is quickly becoming the engine of the enterprise digital landscape. Its industry-leading low-code platform and comprehensive ecosystem integrates the most advanced technology to support solutions that boost engagement, streamline operations, and relieve IT logjams. Built on the pillars of abstraction, automation, cloud, and collaboration, Mendix dramatically increases developer productivity and empowers a legion of not-so-technical, ‘citizen’ developers to create apps guided by their particular domain expertise, facilitated by Mendix’s engineered-in collaborative capabilities and intuitive visual interface.

About Atos
Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with 109,000 employees and annual revenue of c. € 11 billion. European number one in cybersecurity, cloud and high performance computing, the Group provides tailored end-to-end solutions for all industries in 71 countries. A pioneer in decarbonization services and products, Atos is committed to a secure and decarbonized digital for its clients. Atos is a SE (Societas Europaea), listed on Euronext Paris and included in the CAC 40 ESG and Next 20 Paris Stock indexes.



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