Mapbox Launches 3D Live Navigation to Boost UX of Next-gen Connected Vehicles

Mapbox | January 05, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Mapbox Launches 3D Live Navigation to Boost UX of Next-gen Connected Vehicles

Mapbox, the leading maps and location platform, recently introduced Mapbox 3D Live Navigation, which combines 3D lane models, real-time sensor data, sign data, environmental models, 3D landmark buildings, dynamic lighting conditions, and weather data to make navigation more accurate and natural, thus offering drivers a visually stunning and comprehensive navigation experience.

Mapbox 3D Live Navigation integrates feedback data generated from millions of vehicles on the road and aerial images to create a comprehensive map with 3D lanes and appropriate signpost information. It then utilizes the car sensors' info to show its route and other vehicles' precise locations, making it much easier to get around at complex intersections and highways with multiple lanes. Using real-time sensor data, it also shows Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) hazard warnings on the map, thus making sure that the driver is always aware of what's happening around his vehicle.

Alerts for weather are integrated, and scene lighting, sun, and shadow angles are accurate to the time of day with actual local conditions, delivering visual orientation cues reflecting the real world. These advanced rendering features are combined with a carefully chosen level of detail to provide drivers with instant legibility and decreased visual context switching, providing an information-rich visual experience while eliminating distractions. In addition, road weather alerts offer drivers up-to-the-minute information on changing conditions, helping them to adjust routes and make more precise preparations.

Mapbox's high-resolution 3D models for significant landmarks and buildings help improve map orientation and view more details, which makes it easier to find entrances, parking spots, and charging stations. Mapbox 3D Live Navigation also makes EV charging easier by combining high-precision EV charge point data with parking-aisle-level navigation, making it easier for drivers to get to charging stations without having to go through a lot of trouble.

About Mapbox

Mapbox is a real-time location platform for new-generation location-aware businesses, delivering services to customers in logistics, automotive, social, travel, e-commerce, manufacturing, farming, and other industries on a global scale. Mapbox is the only platform that offers businesses a complete set of tools to power the navigation of people, packages, and vehicles worldwide.


Think coders don’t qualify as “creatives?” Think again. Passion projects like The Batting Lab show how data scientists and programmers tap into their creative thinking to bring AI innovation to people’s lives in unexpected ways.


Think coders don’t qualify as “creatives?” Think again. Passion projects like The Batting Lab show how data scientists and programmers tap into their creative thinking to bring AI innovation to people’s lives in unexpected ways.

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Mobilize.Net, a leading provider of code comprehension and migration tools, has announced that its WebMAP web forms now support.NET 7. With the new version of WebMAP, customers can switch from ASP.NET Web Forms to modern frameworks like Angular, React, and Blazor for better performance, security, scalability, and functionality. ASP.NET Web Forms, released in 2002, has limitations that limit scalability and security. Organizations can upgrade their old You can migrate your ASPX files to the most recent version of.NET by upgrading to.NET 7. Customers can now upgrade their ASP.NET Web Forms to more modern frameworks like Angular, React, and Blazor, which offer better performance, scalability, security, and functionality. This is possible with the new version of WebMAP. Technical Product Manager at Mobilize.Net, John Browne, said, "ASP.NET Web Forms was released almost 21 years ago, and it lacks the features and community that customers require." "WebMAP Web Forms provides the jumpstart organizations require to migrate their old ASPX code to the latest version of.NET," he added. (Source – Cision PRNewswire) Customers can upgrade their old ASP.NET Web Forms to a newer version that has better performance, scalability, security, and functionality thanks to the progress of modern frameworks. WebMAP makes this process seamless, allowing organizations to migrate their applications with minimal disruption. About Mobilize.Net Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), a technology solutions company, has acquired the Application Migration Business Unit of the software company Mobilize.Net, which is based in Bellevue, Washington. Mobilize.Net is the world leader in giving legacy Windows and Java applications automated modernization tools and services. The company's products, including BlackDiamond Studio, SnowConvert, WebMAP, and VBUC, help developers modernize billions of lines of code efficiently, while ensuring functional equivalence. Mobilize.Net is known for its high-fidelity source code understanding and transformation, which helps migrations finish on time and on budget. It has done this for thousands of projects.

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AI Tools in Picsart Help Create New Objects and Scenes in Images

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Picsart, a digital creation platform, has released two new artificial intelligence (AI) features that generate new objects and scenes in images. The new AI features allow users to create and produce stunning visuals using the power of AI technology without needing any technical knowledge. By utilizing these new AI features, users can experiment with different visuals and designs, transforming an image in a matter of seconds. The first, called AI Background, allows users to insert an object or product image into a newly generated scene in a realistic manner. The second feature is called "AI Replace," and it lets users replace a part of an image with a new object of their choice. These tools are intended to enhance the creative process for a wide range of users, including everyday consumers and marketers. Particularly, these features benefit marketers by providing them with the ability to create engaging visuals quickly and easily, helping them to effectively promote their products. With AI features like AI Background and AI Replace, users can change their photos in ways that have never been possible before. "The new AI Background will serve as an incredibly helpful tool for marketers to place their products in various scenes, while the AI Replace tool brings even more possibilities for endless creativity. "We’ve already seen generative AI tools serve various types of users on our platform, including both everyday consumers and marketers." "We know these latest tools will serve the same wide range of creators." Picsart’s VP of Product, Lusine Harutyunyan Picsart has a history of incorporating AI into its platform and released its first generative AI tools last month, including the AI Image Generator, which has already created over 25 million images. Users can access all of Picsart's generative AI tools by downloading the Picsart app. "According to InsightSLICE, the global digital content creation market size is expected to reach USD 38.2 billion at a CAGR of 12% by 2030." The rapid pace of digital content creation using platforms like Picsart is fueling the growth of the market exponentially, leveraging AI like never before. Particularly, the generative design AI algorithms help the user come up with design options based on certain design parameters that the user sets. These options can then be reviewed and refined by a human designer. It is a novel innovation utilizing different types of generative design algorithms such as evolutionary algorithms, neural networks, and swarm intelligence. These algorithms work by generating and evaluating a large number of design options, using machine learning techniques to improve the quality of the designs over time. However, it is important for designers to consider the capabilities and limitations of the AI design algorithms and utilize them in an ethical manner. About Picart Picsart is the largest digital creation platform. AI-powered tools let users design, edit, draw, and share photos and videos. Picsart's open-source content collection includes photos, stickers, backgrounds, and templates. Picsart is used for personal and professional design by consumers, marketers, and businesses. Picsart offers APIs and an SDK to businesses for mobile and web image editing and processing. SoftBank, Sequoia Capital, DCM Ventures, Insight Partners, and others back Miami-based Picsart.

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