Lucid Software Broadens Enterprise Offerings With Enhanced Slack Apps for Lucidspark and Lucidchart

Lucid Software | August 05, 2022 | Read time : 03:00 min

Lucid Software
Lucid Software, a leading provider of visual collaboration software, today announced the ability for enterprise organizations to streamline their Lucid Slack app deployment by making both Lucidspark and Lucidchart for Slack available across the entire organization.

Slack is the collaboration hub that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done. These org-wide apps for Slack will enable customers to deploy Lucid products across their entire organization, regardless of the number of Slack workspaces. This makes it easy for users to quickly access Lucid Slack apps from wherever they're working, enabling more efficient collaboration and communication on Lucid documents right within Slack.

"Enterprise teams today are working across an ever-growing number of workstreams and applications, often hindering communication and innovation. "Our goal at Lucid is to work where teams work, and this org-wide deployment for Lucid Slack apps brings visual collaboration right to teams' existing workflows and therefore streamlining collaboration so teams can build the future even faster."

Dan Lawyer, chief product officer at Lucid

The Lucidspark and Lucidchart Slack apps make it easy for users to quickly share Lucid docs, set permissions, create new documents using Slack shortcuts, and push updates back to Lucid products right from Slack. By making the Lucid apps available across an entire organization's Slack workspaces, users can leverage these features to innovate, collaborate and align more effectively.

The enhanced apps for Slack build on Lucid's integrations with enterprise tech industry leaders, including Google, Atlassian and Microsoft. These integrations with the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite make it possible for teams to maximize the value of their tech stack while simultaneously improving engagement and creativity.

About Lucid Software
Lucid Software Inc. offers a leading Visual Collaboration Suite that helps teams see and build the future from idea to reality. With its products—Lucidchart, Lucidspark and Lucidscale—teams can align around a shared vision, clarify complexity, and collaborate visually, no matter where they're located. Top businesses use Lucid's products all around the world, including customers such as Google, GE and NBC Universal. Lucid's partners include industry leaders such as Google, Atlassian and Microsoft. Since the company's founding, it has received numerous awards for its products, business and workplace culture.


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Ezoic | December 02, 2022

After a year of anticipation, Ezoic, the AI technology platform for digital publishers, launches its new AI text-to-video tool, Flickify, and makes it available to publishers worldwide. With Flickify, publishers can now access video content capabilities previously only afforded to those with the ability to either invest many hours of their own time on video production or outsource it. Flickify allows growing sites with existing content to immediately gain exposure to new streams of ad revenue and search engine traffic from places like Google Images, Google Video and Humix video sharing network. Flickify requires no video editing skills, video equipment or special training. The cloud-based platform uses AI technology to generate high-quality videos from written content. Publishers can simply sign into Ezoic.com, choose the Flickify tool on the dashboard and create up to five videos a month at no cost. Videos can be completely AI generated or customized by adding clips taken from the Flickify stock library of millions of images or by uploading your own images and video files. The tool even features AI narration and an eclectic offering of background music. “Publishers know they need videos to build audiences and increase site revenue, and our beta customers using Flickify have seen the exponential traffic and revenue growth with our tool. Flickify is the perfect complement to Humix, our massive video sharing network, which delivers an immediate audience via access to sites all over the world looking for video content.” -Ezoic CMO Tyler Bishop Publishers creating videos with Flickify can start getting views and earning revenue from their videos immediately by sharing them on Humix. This worldwide video sharing platform has no subscriber or view requirements and serves as an alternative to sites like YouTube, which requires at least 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 public watch hours/year, and an Adsense account. Stephen Hockman, founder of SEO Chatter says, “What I like most about Flickify is you can instantly start making money from videos you create by adding them to your website and running ads on them. Plus, you can boost revenue by sharing your Flickify videos on Humix where they play on other publishers’ websites, allowing you to tap into other publishers’ audiences and increase video reach and ad revenue without having to acquire that traffic yourself.”

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QMetry Launches True Codeless Test Automation for Agile Teams

QMetry | November 09, 2022

QMetry, a leading AI enabled continuous testing platform company has announced the launch of its all new codeless test automation platform - QMetry Automation Studio (QAS). It is true codeless test automation for agile development teams that offers faster, customizable, extensible, and simple test automation. “We built this in record time to address the gap for a true codeless test automation that enables testers, developers, and business analysts to deliver test automation with no coding skills required. We expect that QAS will help increase ROI (return on investment) by 30 %, and reduce test maintenance costs by up to 50 % for digital enterprises.” QMetry CEO, Makarand Teje QMetry Automation Studio offers cross-platform support across web, mobile, and web services / APIs. It offers efficient test execution across many device clouds. It has seamless integrations with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, GitLab, and Bamboo. It has built-in test data management enabled through data parameterization. QAS offers real time reporting, and AI enabled features like self-healing, smart wait, and auto correction. It will be integrate with QMetry Test Management to provide better project control, collaboration, and intelligent reporting. For a limited time, 5 user license for the first year is offered free and is available to download here. Beyond 5 users, the annual license per user is priced at USD 1200, with no strings attached. About QMetry QMetry is the #1 AI-enabled digital quality platform delivering continuous testing and empowering enterprises to build, manage, and deploy quality software faster with confidence. We are trusted by 1200+ global customers, including 25+ Fortune 500 companies across major industry verticals like Hitech, BFSI, healthcare, retail, media, Government and others.

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Digital.ai Introduces New Version of Its AI-Powered DevOps Platform That Empowers Large Organizations to Innovate Through Global Economic Shifts

Digital.ai | October 21, 2022

Digital.ai today unveiled the Banff release of its AI-Powered DevOps Platform, featuring expanded intelligence, automation and collaboration, to further help companies accelerate digital transformation. The new version makes it possible for public sector and enterprise organizations to accelerate delivery while managing risk, all with a focus on driving maximum value from software investments. At the heart of the AI-Powered DevOps Platform is its Intelligence capabilities which aggregate customer data spanning the entire software development and delivery lifecycle, automatically creating an industry-leading DevOps data lake. This data lake creates a single source of truth for an organization's software investments across the full lifecycle from planning and into production. Customers gain real-time insights, historical trend analysis and predictability in augmented analytic dashboards. This contextual data allows organizations to observe top level trends across the enterprise and quickly drill down to the team and individual levels to drive successful business outcomes. This release includes further expansion of Digital.ai’s machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, allowing customers to move past historical trends to predictive, actionable insights. "We are investing significantly in AI and machine learning across all domains of IT, and a good example of this commitment is our partnership with Digital.ai,” said the CIO of Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations at one of the country's largest financial services companies. “By using Digital.ai's AI-driven Change Risk Prediction module we've been able to reduce business impact caused by change activity, increase the success of change releases and accelerate delivery of low-risk changes -- ultimately freeing our developers to be more productive. We've been encouraged by these results and we plan to deploy additional Digital.ai features, such as Incident Topic Clustering and Change Impact Detection.” Both private and public sector organizations are under increased pressure to manage overall costs and optimize existing software investments in an uncertain economic climate. At the same time, the need to develop and deliver secure, high-quality, innovative software releases at scale remains a business imperative. This situation is fueling global demand for software delivery platforms like Digital.ai’s AI-Powered DevOps Platform. Digital.ai solutions are currently being used by more than a thousand organizations worldwide including more than 50% of the Fortune 500 and the company’s technology protects 5+ billion app endpoints. “Software strategy now underpins every business strategy and business leaders need to navigate global economic uncertainty with agility, automation and security. “We are truly excited to be delivering to our customers our latest release that removes the mystery and complexities in mapping software investments to topline business goals and priorities. Digital.ai believes that the future of enterprise DevOps is being able to turn data into actionable, predictive insights.” Stephen Elop, CEO of Digital.ai Digital.ai solutions can be easily integrated into existing processes, applications and infrastructure to optimize existing investments while propelling innovation and bringing greater visibility and insight across the entire software architecture and ecosystem. Harness the Deflationary Force of Software by Delivering Better Releases New enhancements include: Improved Software Delivery Insights Model Monitoring dashboard: The updated model monitoring dashboard features key improvements for change risk prediction, making it easier to track the model’s performance of retraining and validation in production. Deployment intelligence: Users can now capture all manual deployment tasks defined in a release and view the deployment metrics and impact on applications and environment. Continuous Testing analytics: Organizations can now provide details of test execution and test by applications to get an understanding of the volume of testing and its results by various device types. A More Comprehensive DevOps Ecosystem A single identity across the platform: Digital.ai has enhanced identity protection and created a unified experience across all its products, docs, support and community, allowing users to seamlessly move between apps across Digital.ai with Digital.ai Identity. Beyond creating a new low friction experience, Digital.ai Identity brings key capabilities which modern enterprises require for their software development and delivery solutions, including enhanced shared service configurations, integration with common enterprise identity services and audit information. Hoylu whiteboarding integration: Users can unlock the power of whiteboard-based collaboration with Hoylu’s visual and iterative approach for better agile planning. By combining whiteboarding techniques with scaled Agile practices, this integration provides distributed teams with new ways to collaborate and further understand risk and dependencies. Digital.ai Community: Digital.ai Community provides an additional avenue of support so users and their teams can get more value out of Digital.ai products and processes. Digital.ai Community is designed for social, peer-to-peer engagement, and makes it easy for users to find answers, share product wisdom and get inspiration from other members of the Digital.ai Community. Enhanced and expanded Cloud native deployments: A new integration of Argo Rollouts helps customers deploy strategies such as blue/green, canary, canary analysis, experimentation and progressive delivery features to Kubernetes®. Argo Rollouts helps developers manage the entire application release and deployment process – removing bottlenecks and risks of change failure and delivering a better user experience. More Secure and Higher Quality Applications Recorder for Testing: New enhancements to the recorder for test editor enable non-experts to easily record software experiences and generate tests. Automation and low code approaches of Continuous Testing help address the global shortage of QA professionals. Expanded Accessibility Testing: Now Android™ environment developers can similarly take advantage of the robust level of accessibility monitoring offered for iOS, so they can increase compliance with global accessibility standards. The new Android™ Inspector feature identifies onscreen elements in Android™ applications and gives users information about different accessibility properties such as visual filters and Voiceover. Application Security: New innovation reduces attack surface, allowing for faster reporting and more datasets – so organizations can secure a wider range of applications, including mobile, web and desktop apps made for more OS versions. About Digital.ai Digital.ai is an industry-leading technology company dedicated to helping Global 5000 enterprises achieve digital transformation goals. The company's AI-powered DevOps platform unifies, secures and generates predictive insights across the software lifecycle. Digital.ai empowers organizations to scale software development teams, and continuously deliver software with greater quality and security while uncovering new market opportunities and enhancing business value through smarter software investments.

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