LTI Strengthens Strategic Collaboration with Microsoft

LTI | August 03, 2022 | Read time : 02:50 min

Larsen & Toubro Infotech , a global technology consulting and digital solutions company, has announced the expansion of its collaboration with Microsoft to focus on developing high-value cloud solutions for enterprises. As a part of this multi-year collaboration, LTI has launched a dedicated Microsoft business unit that develops and offers end-to-end digital transformation solutions.

Through this association, LTI will also train 12,000 professionals from its existing workforce on various Microsoft technologies by 2024. The main objective of this effort is to enable skill development of LTI employees that are a part of the Microsoft unit and enhance their competencies across technologies like cloud, data, IoT and security.

“LTI has a long-standing relationship with Microsoft as a strategic partner, service provider, and customer. Our reaffirmed partnership with Microsoft will enable us to innovate and offer 170+ distinct services to our joint customers. Additionally, we will also focus on the training and upskilling of our talent pool that is a part of the dedicated Microsoft business unit, to empower them to meet changing business and market requirements.”

Nachiket Deshpande, Chief Operating Officer, LTI

Siddharth Bohra, Chief Business Officer & Head of Cloud Business Unit, LTI, said, “Enterprises across the globe are increasingly embracing cloud, and LTI has made impressive strides in developing a multi-dimensional capability on Azure to meet this demand. As part of this collaboration, LTI and Microsoft will jointly innovate, develop, and sell solutions to assist enterprises in acceleration of their digital transformation journeys.”

Julie Sanford, Vice President, Partner GTM, Programs & Experiences, Microsoft, said, “Through their new Microsoft Business Unit, LTI will be able to help customers implement cloud strategies and drive business transformation across industries and geographies. We look forward to working with LTI as they build new capabilities and deliver innovative solutions on the Microsoft Cloud.”

Through this association, LTI will attain the Solution Partner designation across all the Microsoft Solution Areas. LTI also has the following advanced specializations on Azure:

- SAP on Azure: Validating the capability of implementing SAP solutions on Azure.

- Analytics on Azure: Demonstrating the expertise in delivering analytics solutions in Microsoft Azure.

- Windows Server and SQL Server: Expertise in migrating production workloads to Microsoft Azure.

- Modernization of Web Applications: Validating expertise in migrating and deploying production web application workloads, applying DevOps, and managing app services in Microsoft Azure.

- Kubernetes on Azure: validating capabilities in deploying and managing production workloads in the cloud using containers and managing hosted Kubernetes environments in Azure.

- Low Code Application Development: Expertise in building solutions using Power Apps.

- The Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure: Validating expertise in analyzing existing workloads and performing ETL operations to migrate data to cloud-based data warehouses.

- Cloud Security: Validates a means for your company to showcase capabilities to implement comprehensive security solutions across Azure, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

- Threat Protection: provides a means for your company to showcase proven, verifiable expertise in deploying Microsoft Threat Protection or Microsoft Cloud App Security workloads.

- AI and Machine Learning in Microsoft Azure: Validates capabilities on enabling customer adoption of Al and implementing Azure solutions for Al-powered apps.

LTI is an Azure Expert MSP Partner which demonstrates deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in implementing specialized workloads such as Migration and Modernization, SAP on Azure, Data Analytics, Internet of things (IoT), Security, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

About LTI
LTI is a global technology consulting and digital solutions Company helping more than 495 clients succeed in a converging world. With operations in 33 countries, we go the extra mile for our clients and accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited, our unique heritage gives us unrivalled real-world expertise to solve the most complex challenges of enterprises across all industries. Each day, our team of more than 46,000 LTItes enable our clients to improve the effectiveness of their business and technology operations and deliver value to their customers, employees, and shareholders.


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Discover the magic of advanced AI with 'The Magical AI: Unveiling the Mystery of ChatGPT.' Through a mix of narration, animation, and expert interviews, this video explores the fascinating world of ChatGPT, a powerful AI language model developed by OpenAI. Learn how it works, how it's changing the way we interact with technology, and the ethical and societal implications of AI like ChatGPT. Perfect for tech enthusiasts, curious consumers, and anyone interested in the cutting-edge technology that is shaping our world.

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Globenewswire | April 17, 2023

Evergent, the customer management and monetization leader for digital subscription businesses, today announced the launch of its new Evergent Captivate Product Suite, a collection of tools purpose-built for subscriber churn management. Backed by artificial intelligence, the new product suite helps Evergent’s global customer base of digital media, entertainment, and telecommunications companies to analyze, predict and prevent churn among their audiences. Subscription businesses today must be able to respond to both forms of customer loss: voluntary, or active, churn in which the customer consciously cancels the service and involuntary, or passive, churn, in which the system cancels the service when unable to collect payment. According to recent data from the global research firm, PYMNTS, about 24% of the recurring payments fail due to credit card failures and of that, about 88% of payments are recoverable by retrying the payments at the right time. The Evergent Captivate Product Suite is designed to address both forms of churn. The new offering from Evergent provides companies with precise, easy-to-use solutions to improve customer retention and increase the overall customer lifetime value (LTV). The Evergent Captivate Product Suite for subscriber churn management includes the following tools: Captivate Flow: An end-to-end analytical tool designed to follow customer behavior, deter cancellations, and reduce voluntary churn Captivate Smart: An AI-based solution to detect and resolve potential payment failures before they occur, reducing failures by up to 30% Captivate Proact: Analytical AI tool to predict churn and lead users to proactive solutions Captivate Essential: A collection of essential subscriber management functions, ranging from loyalty points to segmented offers to pause & resume functions “The economic landscape for global consumers has changed forever, and subscriptions now command a substantial part of the monthly budget,” said Vijay Sajja, founder and CEO of Evergent. “Companies providing subscription services are competing for wallet share, and customer retention is key for long-term survival. Captivate allows these businesses to better understand their customers, helping to predict potential churn and design the right programs and approaches to prevent it.” ABOUT EVERGENT Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Evergent delivers customer relationship management tools for global digital media, entertainment and telecommunications providers. With customers in 180+ countries ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Evergent creates flexible, user-friendly solutions that enable each customer to streamline their CRM processes and maximize monetization efforts. For more information, visit

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Vonage Announces AI Acceleration Suite to Simplify and Democratize Intelligent App Development

Prnewswire | March 28, 2023

Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, has launched the Vonage AI Acceleration Suite, a portfolio of AI-capable, low-code/no-code programmable components that speed and simplify the development of applications that deliver smarter solutions to drive business productivity and better experiences and engagements. Integrating Vonage Communications APIs for voice, video, SMS and messaging, the AI Acceleration Suite allows businesses and developers to rapidly deploy rich, omnichannel customer journeys that use the power of AI and customer data to incorporate intelligence and automation into their customer experience applications. The need for new, intelligent applications is accelerating as organizations look to enhance digital engagement for every stakeholder (customer, agent, and employee) to address each unique use case. This, coupled with an overwhelming demand for developers in an increasingly competitive landscape, has resulted in the rise of a new community of non-developers or "citizen developers," who are looking to create applications easily and quickly - or turbo charge existing applications with real-time communications and seamless digital experiences. "To meet evolving customer needs - and demand - for better ways to connect across channels of choice, enterprises today are looking for solutions that speed and simplify the development of intelligent, AI-powered customer experience applications," said Savinay Berry, EVP, Product & Engineering for Vonage. "Vonage AI Acceleration Suite enables businesses to create better outcomes and enhance productivity with AI processing and programmable solutions that are essential for developers and non-developers alike to meet this growing demand for simpler and faster methods of application development to create a better overall customer journey." The Vonage AI Acceleration Suite includes: AI Studio: Originally launched in September 2022, the award-winning AI Studio is a low-code/no-code solution that enables smart customer conversations in multiple languages, incorporating natural-language understanding (NLU) and machine learning (ML) capabilities using AI. Recent updates to AI Studio have expanded the scale of conversation building, with the ability to integrate with any web chat UI and to send and receive media images, video, files and more. Additional updates include a native Salesforce integration providing management of Salesforce records, while facilitating a 360-degree view of customers' history and preferences, an Audience API & UI where AI Studio integrates with additional CRM platforms in a frictionless manner, as well as live agent routing. Proactive Connect: Announced in March 2023, Vonage Proactive Connect enables two-way, one-to-one, personalized omnichannel conversations at scale. With a low-code dashboard interface, this highly-scalable API for bulk two-way communications across SMS, MMS, social messaging and voice channels, enables personalized customer engagement supported by auto-responses, or connected through AI Studio conversation flows, or connection to live contact center agents, creating better engagement for enhanced customer journeys. Meetings API: Also announced in March 2023, Vonage Meetings API delivers global, customizable video conferencing capabilities - including screen share, whiteboarding, chat, reactions, recording and more - in a low-code/no-code solution - enhancing interactions by integrating visual engagement directly into the user experience and workflows without the need for developer expertise. "Consumers today are looking for seamless, simple and sensational communications experiences within their preferred applications and channels, but creating these from the ground up is costly, time-consuming and challenging – especially for businesses that don't have large teams of developers and AI experts to rely on," said Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO, Aragon Research. "With the capabilities enabled by the AI Acceleration Suite of products across omnichannel messaging, video conferencing, and more, Vonage is up for the challenge." Lead management software company Interaktiv had a rapidly growing call center that required the use of bots and AI-powered virtual assistants to enable agents to make calls, and send personalized email and text messages across their social messaging application in real time. With the Vonage AI Acceleration Suite, Interaktiv leveraged the low-code/no-code components needed to provide a user-friendly interface through which anyone on their team can create useful apps and bots to help drive customer engagement. "At Interaktiv, low-code/no-code solutions like Vonage AI Studio has enabled us to create bots to manage interactions with our customers on social messaging platforms, using a simple visual development approach instead of more complex route that can require thousands of lines of code," said Ernesto Orozco, CEO at Interaktiv. "With Vonage AI Acceleration Suite, onboarding of AI Studio was simple - my team did not need a lot of training time and could follow the documentation available online to experiment and scale up the conversation flow design, decreasing time to market and reducing costs." Vonage AI Acceleration Suite solutions can be used together, or flexibly in different combinations, or individually according to application need. In addition, developers extend use cases and build specialized applications on top of AI Acceleration Suite solutions with open access to Vonage communications APIs for voice, video, SMS and messaging. Aragon Research does not endorse vendors, or their products or services that are referenced in its research publications, and does not advise users to select those vendors that are rated the highest. Aragon Research publications consist of the opinions of Aragon Research and Advisory Services organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Aragon Research provides its research publications and the information contained in them "AS IS," without warranty of any kind. About Vonage Vonage, a global cloud communications leader, helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Vonage's Communications Platform is fully programmable and allows for the integration of Video, Voice, Chat, Messaging, AI and Verification into existing products, workflows and systems. The Vonage conversational commerce application enables businesses to create AI-powered omnichannel experiences that boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. Vonage's fully programmable unified communications, contact center and conversational commerce applications are built from the Vonage platform and enable companies to transform how they communicate and operate from the office or remotely - providing the flexibility required to create meaningful engagements.

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SnapLogic Unveils SnapLabs for Exclusive Access to Cutting Edge Integration Solutions

Businesswire | May 18, 2023

SnapLogic, a leader in intelligent integration and enterprise automation, today announced the launch of SnapLabs, a dedicated environment for the SnapLogic community to experience unreleased products and features. SnapLabs will enable users to gain early access to cutting-edge solutions and influence the company’s roadmap by providing valuable feedback on product offerings before they are publicly released. SnapLabs will host multiple new product releases and features on an ongoing basis. SnapLabs’ debut product is SnapGPT, the industry’s first Generative AI solution that allows anyone to integrate data and applications in any language. Announced earlier this year, this groundbreaking addition to the SnapLogic platform leverages AI to quickly integrate and automate business processes using natural language prompts, enabling users to streamline data integration, application integration, and API Management. Built on six years of AI and ML research, SnapGPT empowers users to create integration processes more efficiently and effectively than ever before. "SnapLogic is committed to delivering cutting edge innovation through best-in-class products, services, and technology,” said Jeremiah Stone, Chief Technology Officer, SnapLogic. “From pioneering the industry first generative AI solution to the launch of this new SnapLabs testing environment, we are dedicated to developing solutions that truly meet the needs of our customers and the industry to transform the future of integration.” Available today, users can access SnapGPT within the SnapLabs environment to build integration pipelines, test pipelines using synthetic data, and create descriptions to speed up development processes. With exclusive access to upcoming product features, users are able to test future product capabilities, view demonstrations, and provide feedback during the SnapLabs Corner monthly webinar series. “I am impressed with SnapGPT’s ability to translate natural language text to quickly build out accurate, end-to-end pipeline templates, which can even improve on the rapid pace of development that SnapLogic already provides,” said Del Hines, Expert IT Solution Architect at Acxiom. “I believe SnapGPT will be helpful to SnapLogic developers of all skill levels, and especially helpful for those with limited experience in the platform. We are excited about gaining early access to innovative products like SnapGPT on the SnapLabs environment.” For more information about SnapLabs and the upcoming release of SnapGPT, visit About SnapLogic SnapLogic powers the automated enterprise. The company’s self-service, AI-powered integration platform helps organizations connect applications and data sources, automate common workflows and business processes, and deliver exceptional experiences for customers, partners, and employees. Thousands of enterprises around the world rely on the SnapLogic platform to integrate, automate, and transform their business. Learn more at

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