Forsta Launches Digital Diaries Mobile App, Enabling a Seamless Customer Journey and Ethnography Capture Across Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet Devices

Forsta | July 06, 2022 | Read time : 3 min

Forsta, an industry-leading global provider of market research and customer experience (CX) technology, today announced the launch of its Digital Diaries mobile ethnography app, designed to obtain actionable, qualitative insights at scale. Available on iOS and Android devices, the new mobile app is complementary to Forsta’s existing desktop customer journey and ethnography solution. It is available to users of the Forsta HX (Human Experience) platform, which gathers and analyzes data, and helps insights professionals translate the findings into shareable actions to inform decision-making and drive growth.

“Digital Diaries enables the type of deep consumer understanding that can only come with one-on-one interactions with customers sharing their feedback in a way that feels natural to the way they live their lives—on their phones and using text messages, social media and other forms of digital communication. “Digital Diaries, Digital Communities, and our other state-of-the-art, qualitative tools are yet another reason why the Forsta HX Platform is the most powerful, innovative and comprehensive insights technology solution for the CX and market research industries."

Brian Bhuta, Chief Product Officer at Forsta

Companies can utilize Forsta’s Digital Diaries app to follow along on an individual customer’s journey—for instance, an in-store shopping experience—and gain insights into their choices each step of the way. Insights professionals can recreate in-person focus groups on-the-go, gathering even greater detail via enhanced capabilities such as real-time group discussions, digital polls and photo and video uploading. Brands can concept-test new developments, such as a package redesign or in-store displays, inclusive of important context unattainable by other means.

“Forsta Digital Diaries provides us with the most user-friendly software on the market that enables us to conduct qualitative, digital research via participants’ smartphones, with emphasis on uncovering behavior and needs from a distance,” said Emil Buch Jacobsen, Consultant at strategic innovation agency IS IT A BIRD.

For consumers and research participants, Forsta’s Digital Diaries now enables a seamless experience across laptop, smartphone and tablet devices, regardless of WiFi connection. This encourages more detailed, accurate descriptions of activities, thoughts and other qualitative feedback to be shared in real-time and delivered when convenient to the customer.

CX program leaders, community managers and researchers can respond to customers’ feedback with real-time follow-up questions or prompts, and generate data visualizations such as heat maps and word clouds.

About Forsta
Forsta powers an Experience and Research Technology Platform that gathers and analyzes data, and translates the findings into shareable actions to inform decision-making and drive growth. Forsta’s technology, combined with its team of expert consultants, helps organizations better understand the full Human Experiences (HX) of their audiences. Forsta is recognized as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Voice of the Customer.


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KX, the global pioneer in vector and time-series data management, has announced the native availability of kdb Insights and kdb Insights Enterprise on Google Cloud Marketplace. Representing a significant milestone in KX's partnership with Google Cloud, customers can now accelerate AI, machine learning, IoT automation, and generative AI-powered applications on Google Cloud. With native support for Python, SQL, and the ability to process time series and vector data in real-time, KX's technology gives data scientists, data engineers, and application developers the ability to combine real-time, historical, and vector embeddings for smarter, faster business decision making. When combined with Google Cloud's speed, scale, security, and AI capabilities, customers will benefit from faster deployment, efficiency, and global availability to deliver lower total cost of ownership and ease of operation. Jonny Press, CTO at Data Intellect: "There's rapidly growing demand for real-time analytics and vector processing in the cloud, as customers look to take advantage of the transformational opportunities being afforded by AI. We're delighted to be working with KX on helping customers generate maximum business value from running the industry-leading time series and vector database technology on Google Cloud." Ashok Reddy, CEO, KX: " Combining our real time analytics and our vector database with the elasticity and scalability of Google Cloud infrastructure will help enterprises rapidly accelerate their journey towards more real time and effective business decision making. We look forward to developing our partnership with Google Cloud, allowing customers to accelerate their data analytics, vector search, and generative AI workloads." "As a part of their digital transformation strategies, many enterprises are seeking comprehensive solutions to capture, analyze, and visualize real-time and historical data," says Dai Vu, Managing Director, Cloud Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud. "We're happy to welcome KX's solution to Google Cloud Marketplace to help customers across a range of industries to better derive insights and improve business outcomes." KX's solution enriches traditional data warehouses and lakehouse stores for a more complete, real-time view of the business. Integrating seamlessly with Google Cloud's ability to migrate, build, and optimize apps across hybrid environments, KX gives current and prospective customers an unrivalled choice in data management. kdb Insights and kdb Insights Enterprise are available on Google Cloud Marketplace now. About KX Our mission is to accelerate the speed of data and AI-driven business innovation, enabling customers to transform into real-time, intelligent enterprises. Built for the most demanding data environments, KX is trusted by the world's top investment banks, life and health sciences, semiconductor, telecommunications, and manufacturing companies.Time series and vector data management are at the heart of our products, independently benchmarked as the fastest on the market. They help our customers process data at unmatched speed and scale and empower developers, data scientists, and data engineers to build high-performance data-driven applications and turbo-charge their favorite analytics tools in the cloud, on-premise, or at the edge.

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IBM and Salesforce Unite for Enterprise Generative AI Products

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• IBM and Salesforce partner to offer generative AI solutions for enterprises using Salesforce products and IBM consulting services. • IBM's Data Classifier tool and Watsonx AI platform will enhance Salesforce's AI capabilities and data mapping for customers. • Both companies will continue to invest in their own generative AI research and development while providing a comprehensive suite of products and services to customers. IBM and Salesforce have formed strategic collaboration aimed at bolstering generative AI solutions for enterprise customers. This newly unveiled partnership encompasses various aspects of the CRM value chain, with a particular focus on integrating Salesforce products into IBM's consulting services. IBM plans to leverage its Garage digital transformation methodology to facilitate the adoption of Salesforce AI technologies like Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Additionally, customers will gain access to IBM's Data Classifier tool, designed to simplify data mapping using industry-specific AI models on data generated through Salesforce. This collaboration will also enhance Salesforce's AI capabilities with IBM's Watsonx AI and data platform. Matt Candy, Global Managing Partner for Generative AI at IBM Consulting, emphasized the aim of simplifying and streamlining the deployment of generative AI for enterprises to boost employee productivity and enhance the customer experience. Arun Chandrasekaran, Distinguished Vice President and Analyst at Gartner Research, noted that this partnership aligns with IBM's strategy of expanding its market share beyond its own products. IBM recognizes the growing importance of generative AI and aims to assist other vendors in delivering AI solutions in a responsible and trustworthy manner. This includes developing tools for model explainability, monitoring, and bias protection. Despite the collaboration, both IBM and Salesforce will continue to invest in their respective in-house generative AI research and development efforts. The partnership is more about providing a comprehensive suite of products and services to customers than outsourcing core development work. The joint offerings resulting from this partnership are already available to customers. AI for CRM faces challenges, including the potential for low-quality or inaccurate outputs that require human verification, difficulty in understanding and using AI responsibly, leading to transparency and explainability issues, and the potential for ethical and social challenges such as bias, privacy, and inequality. Additionally, AI-powered automation may result in job losses in some industries. However, it enriches the CRM value chain to a great extent

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Workera AI, an industry-leading AI skills development platform, today announced a pioneering initiative to integrate generative AI into its technology as widely as possible. Workera is the first company in the world to unite generative AI with upskilling in this way, coining Skills AI as a new area of innovation within skills development. “The need to stay at the forefront of skills is more important than ever,” said Kian Katanforoosh, Founder and CEO of Workera. “Executives and managers are now expected to be excellent at unlocking their team’s potential, but it can be a struggle to keep people one step ahead of cutting-edge technological developments. Upskilling solutions must offer an end-to-end service powered by highly-accurate skills data, incorporating learning content that takes into account what the user already knows and needs to improve on – and helps them do it fast.” “With Skills AI, team leaders now have a tool to manage talent effectively,” continued Katanforoosh “We’ve harnessed large language models to pioneer a new generation of upskilling opportunities. Skills AI encompasses assessments, measurements and insights alongside learning plans that feature a mixture of AI-generated lessons and high-quality online content designed to meet learners exactly where they are. This helps a leader to excel at nurturing their team's potential on an individual basis, in just a few clicks.” Skills AI integrates generative AI into the heart of the Workera AI platform, leveraging this cutting-edge technology in different ways to make the user experience as unique as the learner who’s using it. Unique learning plans means each user’s journey is hyper-personalized – ensuring they focus only on the specific skill domains, competency levels and learning content relevant to their needs. This unique learning journey is enabled thanks to the constant data gathered from initial and ongoing assessments of the user’s competencies. Skills AI is then trained with these precise skill measurements, producing hyper-accurate learning journeys and making Workera AI the most precise skills development platform in the world. Psychometrics are at the core of Workera AI’s unique offering to enterprises. Skills AI supercharges the impact of psychometrics by generating measurable learning journeys specifically designed for each user. “Skills AI is the result of merging the expertise of a psychometrician and a world-class mentor,” explains Katanforoosh. “Psychometricians excel at precise measurements, which are necessary for a mentor to give meaningful guidance. At the same time, a good mentor knows how to weigh signals from different assessment, learning, and actual project activities in order to track progress. By combining these strengths alongside generative AI, we've created a powerful tool that delivers reliable measurements and impactful guidance.” Following this initial announcement, Skills AI has opened its waitlist for Beta release. The new functionality will continue to roll out throughout 2023. To learn more, visit About Workera AI Workera AI transforms enterprises by using breakthrough artificial intelligence technology to help develop and retain a cutting-edge workforce. Our skills development platform accelerates upskilling and measures skills progress through verified skill signals, skill benchmarking and unique personalized learning. To learn more, visit

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