DataRobot Unveils New AI Platform, Ushering in the Era of Value-Driven AI

DataRobot | March 17, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

DataRobot Unveils New AI Platform, Ushering in the Era of Value-Driven AI

DataRobot today announced the release of DataRobot AI Platform 9.0, along with deeper partner integrations, AI Accelerators, and redesigned service offerings, all centered on helping organizations derive measurable value from their AI investments.

“AI has the potential to enhance every aspect of business transactions and human interactions to improve how we live and work,” said Debanjan Saha, CEO of DataRobot. “Since our founding, we have been 100% focused on helping enterprises realize measurable value from AI by offering an AI lifecycle platform designed to solve business problems, and the applied AI expertise to help customers envision what’s possible – and achieve it.”

The DataRobot AI Platform allows customers to leverage Value-Driven AI, a unique and collaborative approach that improves how organizations run, grow and optimize their business. With the new and expanded platform capabilities announced today, DataRobot is enhancing the key features and functionalities trusted by global organizations and relied on by nearly half of the Fortune 50.

“DataRobot’s rich machine learning blueprints, feature engineering methods and explainability features amongst others make it a cornerstone in BMW Group’s AI Platform to scale AI adoption,” said Marc Neumann, Head of AI Platform BMW Group. “We use DataRobot for rapid exploration and development of AI models while adhering to the code of ethics for safe and trustworthy AI.”

The breakthrough innovations inside the DataRobot AI Platform include capabilities that facilitate:

  • Rapid experimentation and value identification using Workbench, DataRobot’s brand new collaborative experimentation experience. Workbench, equipped with integrated managed Notebooks, supports users with both code-first and no-code approaches and the full spectrum of data science capabilities.
  • Reduced enterprise risk and barriers to production through well-architected guard rails — from bias mitigation, centralized model monitoring, to automated model compliance documentation of both DataRobot and non-DataRobot models.
  • Tremendous value, right from the outset with AI Accelerators and new AI services packages that provide customers with years of DataRobot’s AI expertise to jumpstart AI projects and results.

“Before DataRobot, our process was very manual – we had success in pockets but our scale was limited,” said Luke Bunge, Data Science Project Manager at Polaris Inc. “Polaris is growing rapidly, and DataRobot is key to allowing us to scale and expand ML across business units, making our existing team much more productive and driving the most possible value with AI. The DataRobot AI Platform significantly accelerates our speed of experimentation and makes it easier for the team to consistently iterate, find insights and share them with business stakeholders, and maintain value while in production.”

With the latest release, DataRobot AI Platform Single-Tenant SaaS is now available on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, ensuring customers with stringent security and compliance requirements get all the benefits of a managed DataRobot service. For on-premises and private cloud customers, DataRobot now supports Red Hat OpenShift for faster installations and deployments that integrate with existing enterprise IT investments.

DataRobot also unveiled a newly announced partnership with SAP, designed to help businesses make the most of their existing investments. The SAP partnership will help enterprises to leverage business data from SAP HANA Cloud and other third-party data sources to build custom machine learning models in DataRobot and embed them into SAP application stack.

“To succeed with AI, enterprises need a solution that will work within their existing infrastructure and investments,” said Ritu Jyoti, group vice president, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation Research at IDC. “With its platform and integration enhancements that make it easy for customers to deploy in their preferred environment, DataRobot has demonstrated leadership within a crowded market. Their compliance and governance is also uniquely positioned to drive value for customers today.”

Looking at the next generation of AI technology, DataRobot is innovating with the generative AI technology from the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to modernize both the code-first notebook experience for experimentation through assisted code generation, and the collaboration experience between the data scientist and business stakeholder with an automated and interactive insight interpretation.

About DataRobot

DataRobot is the leader in Value-Driven AI, a unique and collaborative approach to AI that combines an open platform, deep expertise and broad use-case experience to improve how organizations run, grow and optimize their business. The DataRobot AI Platform is the only complete AI lifecycle platform that interoperates with an organization’s existing investments in data, applications and business processes, and can be deployed on any cloud environment. Global organizations, including 40% of the Fortune 50, rely on DataRobot to drive greater impact and value from AI.


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Onward’s mission is to develop bold and practical ideas to boost economic opportunity, build national resilience, and strengthen communities across all parts of the United Kingdom. Our vision is to address the needs of the whole country: young and old, urban and rural, for all communities across the UK – particularly places that have too often felt neglected or ignored by Westminster. We believe in an optimistic conservatism that is truly national – one that recognises the value of markets, supported by a streamlined state that is active not absent. We are unapologetic about standing up to vested interests, putting power closer to people, and supporting the hardworking and aspirational.

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PRWeb | May 19, 2023

CENTRL, a leading provider of third party risk and diligence solutions for the financial services industry, today announced the launch of CentrlGPT, a first of its kind generative AI solution to transform the risk and diligence process. CentrlGPT leverages OpenAI’s platform to provide users with the intelligence and the power of Large Language Models. Strategically designed to empower risk and diligence analysts, the CentrlGPT platform will undergo multiple upcoming releases, including response automation, reporting and analytics, to further enhance its sophistication and serve as a valuable copilot in mitigating risk. “We’re excited to launch CentrlGPT, a new generative AI platform leveraging Large Language Models to provide organizations with enhanced risk insights during their review process,” said Shailesh Alawani, VP of Product Management at CENTRL. “We believe that this technology is especially well suited to transform the diligence process. We plan to make ongoing investments in this technology to empower assessors and responders, in scaling their risk processes and bringing consistency to their approach. We believe that CentrlGPT represents a significant step forward for risk management, and we are excited to work with our clients to help take diligence automation to the next level. ”Today, CENTRL is announcing the launch of Smart Evaluation (SE) powered by CentrlGPT. Smart Evaluation is designed to help risk analysts by automatically evaluating incoming questionnaires and documents and flagging high risk items for review. The SE engine is trained on large amounts of domain specific data and uses the model to evaluate questionnaire responses in real-time. The model then raises flags and provides supporting rationale. Due diligence teams will save valuable time by reducing manual reviews of all questions and documents and focus instead on high risk items and take action. Additionally, users can interact with the model by providing input and entering notes which the model uses to further train its algorithm and refine its approach. “Risk Management solutions have historically struggled to deal with text, forcing users to sift through pages of material to identify risks. With CentrlGPT, you can finally tackle these challenges head-on. By harnessing the latest advancements in AI, CentrlGPT automates the entire review process, providing a more consistent approach to policy enforcement and freeing up valuable time for risk management professionals. We're confident that our solution will be a game-changer for organizations looking to take their risk management processes to the next level,” stated Joe Maguire, CENTRL’s Lead Product Manager. About CENTRL CENTRL is a leading third party risk and diligence platform for financial institutions worldwide. Its solutions deliver significant efficiency improvements and enhanced risk oversight to diligence teams across banking, investment management and other verticals. The CENTRL platform offers the most advanced and comprehensive features including deep workflow automation, analytics, reporting, collaboration, and content management. The CENTRL platform is used by some of the largest banks and investors across the Americas, Europe and APAC.

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Gradient AI Introduces WriteSpeed: The Out-of-the-Box AI Solution for Workers’ Compensation Underwriting

Businesswire | May 10, 2023

Gradient AI, a leading enterprise software provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in the insurance industry, today announced the launch of WriteSpeed, a turnkey solution that allows workers’ compensation insurers to rapidly leverage AI-enabled underwriting, accelerating time to value. WriteSpeed leverages Gradient AI’s vast industry data lake to deliver a pre-trained AI model that workers’ compensation underwriters can put to work immediately using the easy-to-use WriteSpeed solution web portal. With WriteSpeed, insurers can assess the risk of policy submissions without requiring internal IT resources or customization. The pre-trained model has been trained on millions of policies and delivers significant value in evaluating policy risk, enabling insurers to make informed underwriting decisions and accurately price policies. Integrating AI into underwriting is often challenging because of the massive amounts of formatted data that AI models require, which insurers often lack. As a result, data preparation can be time-consuming, error-prone, and potentially require third-party experts. Even after data preparation is complete, additional time is needed to train AI models. With WriteSpeed, insurers can bypass these steps and immediately benefit from AI-enabled underwriting. Insurers can also gain additional value when they are ready, by adding their own data to further enhance the accuracy of Gradient AI’s pre-trained model. “I think WriteSpeed is a great solution. I really like its simplicity and ease-of-use. It enables insurers to start leveraging AI in their underwriting from day one with very little effort,” commented Stu Thompson, CEO of The Builders Group, a self-insured workers’ compensation fund exclusive to the construction trades, and a Gradient AI underwriting and claims management client. By providing deep insights into underwriting risks, WriteSpeed empowers insurers to price policies more accurately, quote policies they might have declined, and decline policies they might have quoted, all from day one. As a result, insurers can achieve greater operational efficiency and add an entirely new level of insight to their underwriting process. WriteSpeed facilitates rapid return on investment (ROI) without imposing any demands on internal IT resources. WriteSpeed also puts insurers on an accelerated path to a powerful, fully integrated AI implementation. Its scalability enables insurers to easily move from the web portal to full integration with their insurance operating system, allowing AI to be embedded directly into their operations. “WriteSpeed is a game changer for businesses looking to leverage the power of AI in their underwriting operations, without the typical data-related hurdles, roadblocks, and delays,” said Stan Smith, founder and CEO of Gradient AI. “With our pre-trained models learning from one of the industry's largest data lakes, insurers can reap immediate benefits. This helps make AI in underwriting more accessible to businesses that want to get started but may not have the data resources readily available.” About Gradient AI Gradient AI is a leading provider of proven artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the insurance industry. Its solutions improve loss ratios and profitability by predicting underwriting and claim risks with greater accuracy, as well as reducing quote turnaround times and claim expenses through intelligent automation. Unlike other solutions that use a limited claims and underwriting dataset, Gradient's software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform leverages a vast dataset comprising tens of millions of policies and claims. It also incorporates numerous other features including economic, health, geographic and demographic information. Customers include some of the most recognized insurance carriers, MGAs, TPAs, risk pools, PEOs and large self-insurers across all major lines of insurance. By using Gradient AI's solutions, insurers of all types achieve a better return on risk. To learn more about Gradient, please visit:

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Rocketium Launches New Agile CreativeOps Platform With Novel AI Features

Accesswire | May 30, 2023

Rocketium, a platform that specializes in improving in-app and website conversions through video and display banner automation, has unveiled its latest breakthrough: an innovative and agile CreativeOps platform. This cutting-edge platform marks a significant milestone in the realm of creative operations, as it seamlessly integrates with robust generative AI features, the latest in automation capabilities, and advanced creative analytics. As a company that specializes in the field of creative technology solutions, Rocketium has combined these components into a solution to empower global teams when it comes to enhancing their design processes and making astute decisions that yield substantial business impact. At the core of Rocketium's new CreativeOps platform lies its generative AI technology, which revolutionizes the way creative content is generated and produced. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, the platform generates high-quality visuals, videos, and other creative assets with remarkable efficiency. This AI-driven capability enables teams to streamline their creative workflows, eliminating repetitive tasks and freeing up valuable time for more strategic endeavors. Rocketium's new platform offers automation features that provide users with a range of automated tools and processes. These features automate various aspects of the design process, such as asset organization, version control, and collaboration, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving overall productivity. The automation capabilities allow teams to work swiftly, resulting in faster turnaround times and increased agility in responding to market demands. Creative analytics is another pivotal component integrated into Rocketium's platform, enabling teams to make data-driven design decisions. The use of advanced analytics and reporting functionalities allows the platform to provide valuable insights into the performance and impact of creative assets. Teams can measure key metrics, such as engagement, conversions, and brand reach, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of their designs. Armed with these insights, teams can optimize their creative strategies, refine their approach, and ultimately achieve more substantial business outcomes. The comprehensive nature of Rocketium's CreativeOps platform ensures that global teams can leverage its features and benefits across multiple dimensions. Whether collaborating remotely or across different time zones, the platform facilitates seamless communication and coordination, fostering effective teamwork. The platform's intuitive user interface and user-friendly tools ensure ease of use, making it accessible to professionals across various skill levels. Sandeep Shekhawat, who works with Rocketium as a tech advisor, says that the CreativeOps platform will help the company as it continues to grow and scale. The company's tech has already earned the trust of over 100 brands including Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 companies.. Professionals from a wide range of industries, including marketers, designers, e-commerce managers, and product managers, rely on Rocketium's platform to take their ideas to market more quickly. The company works with large enterprises, eCommerce marketplaces, and retail omnichannel companies with teams spread across countries. "The team at Rocketium is dedicated to assisting brands and businesses in scaling and enhancing their visual content and driving improved conversion rates," says Shekhawat. "The launch of this agile CreativeOps platform means that the landscape of design decision-making undergoes a remarkable transformation. Through the integration of generative AI features, automation capabilities, and creative analytics, the platform equips global teams with the tools they need to make informed and impactful design choices." Shekhawat adds that Rocketium's growth strategy involves expanding its operations in the US to target enterprise customers with complex content creation workflows and pipelines. "They are specifically focused on creating advertising campaign content and digital display content in retail for campaigns and price displays," Shekhawat reveals. Shekhawat, an expert in the areas of electronic price displays, digital transformation, and IoT-based Smart Retail, has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, developing platforms that help these massive corporations deliver content in a reliable, efficient manner, with the ability to update content over the air in real-time, while using low power. "Enhancing in-store experience with video displays using automated and personalized content creation will be a game changer for big name retailers," Shekhawat affirms. "Creating compelling content to showcase product features, provide helpful information, or entertain customers while they shop will help retailers have the edge in the low margin retail business." With Rocketium's agile CreativeOps platform, users can harness the power of this innovative solution, and businesses can unlock new levels of creativity, efficiency, and effectiveness. About Rocketium Rocketium, established in 2015, is an agile CreativeOps platform that helps enterprises and Fortune 500 companies take their communications to market in cost- and time-efficient ways. The company utilizes creative automation, seamless collaboration, automated compliance, and creative analytics with the goal of helping enterprises maximize their existing teams, processes, and tools.

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