Dataiku Enhances Its Partner Network to Accelerate Everyday AI

Dataiku | November 15, 2022 | Read time : 02:50 min

Dataiku Enhances Its Partner Network to Accelerate Everyday AI
Dataiku, the platform for Everyday AI, today announced it has enhanced the Dataiku Partner Network to help partners build joint offerings and go-to-market capabilities for co-sales, service delivery, and resell routes to market to serve companies on their AI journey better. Members of this Partner Network will work with Dataiku to build a world-class partner ecosystem that delivers high-value AI and ML offerings at scale.

Today, the Dataiku Partner Network has a global reach across over 50 countries with 3,000 (and growing) Dataiku certifications. The network includes over 325 cloud, ISV, systems integrator, and resell partners, including today's leading AI innovators – AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, Deloitte, Capgemini, Slalom, and many others.

"Dataiku is committed to helping enterprises derive more value from their data. "We're building a network of market-leading aligned organizations that bring the power of AI and ML to customers and prospects to make a powerful impact on the bottom line. Whether a technology, resell, or services partner, the expanded Dataiku Partner Network is designed to help our partners and their customers achieve the extraordinary."

David Tharp, SVP of Ecosystems and Alliances at Dataiku

The Dataiku Partner Network was created to build a legion of AI partners of all types, including technology partners who are now able to offer an AI platform that works seamlessly with their own platform; resell partners looking to expand their product portfolio with a leading AI platform that their customers need; and services partners who can support their client's adoption of the Dataiku platform to use their data across a broader set of users than was ever before available.

Members of the enhanced Dataiku Partner Network will enjoy benefits such as:

  • New partner tiering model with badges to showcase expertise and achievements
  • Early insights into important Dataiku product and company announcements
  • Exclusive access to Dataiku training, sales enablement, and events
  • Richer onboarding support to accelerate business goals
  • Spur demand generation with marketing assets, programs, and campaigns

About Dataiku
Dataiku is the platform for Everyday AI that allows companies to leverage one central solution to design, deploy, govern, and manage AI and analytics applications. Since its founding in 2013, the company has been the leader in democratizing data and empowering organization-wide collaboration. Today, more than 500 companies worldwide use Dataiku to integrate and streamline their use of data, analytics, and AI, driving diverse use cases from fraud detection and customer churn prevention, to predictive maintenance and supply chain optimization.


The future of AI is hybrid. As generative AI adoption grows at record-setting speeds1 and drives higher demand for compute,2 AI processing must be distributed between the cloud and devices for AI to scale and reach its full potential – just like traditional computing evolved from mainframes and thin clients to today’s mix of cloud and edge devices. A hybrid AI architecture distributes and coordinates AI workloads among cloud and edge devices, rather than processing in the cloud alone. The cloud and edge devices, such as smartphones, vehicles, PCs, and IoT devices, work together to deliver more powerful, efficient, and highly optimized AI.


The future of AI is hybrid. As generative AI adoption grows at record-setting speeds1 and drives higher demand for compute,2 AI processing must be distributed between the cloud and devices for AI to scale and reach its full potential – just like traditional computing evolved from mainframes and thin clients to today’s mix of cloud and edge devices. A hybrid AI architecture distributes and coordinates AI workloads among cloud and edge devices, rather than processing in the cloud alone. The cloud and edge devices, such as smartphones, vehicles, PCs, and IoT devices, work together to deliver more powerful, efficient, and highly optimized AI.

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Appy Pie Revolutionizes Chatbot Technology with Integration of Advanced LLMs including ChatGPT-4, StableLM Alpha, LLaMA, and Dolly

Prnewswire | May 09, 2023

Appy Pie Chatbot Builder, a leading no-code platform, has announced the integration of several state-of-the-art language models, including OpenAI's ChatGPT-4, Stability AI's StableLM Alpha, Meta's LLaMA, and Databricks' Dolly, into its AI Chatbot Builder. This integration provides businesses with access to advanced natural language processing capabilities, empowering them to create more sophisticated chatbots that can understand and respond to customer inquiries in real-time. The integration of these cutting-edge language models into Appy Pie's AI Chatbot Builder is a significant development, as it allows businesses to create chatbots capable of understanding and responding to complex questions and requests. ChatGPT-4, StableLM Alpha, LLaMA, and Dolly are among the most advanced language models available, capable of understanding natural language queries and generating accurate and informative responses. With this integration, businesses can create chatbots that offer more human-like interactions with customers, enhancing the overall customer experience. The chatbots created with Appy Pie Chatbot Builder can be integrated with popular messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack, making it easy for businesses to connect with customers on their preferred platforms. "Integrating advanced language models like ChatGPT-4, StableLM Alpha, LLaMA, and Dolly into our AI Chatbot Builder is a game-changer in the field of natural language processing," said Abhinav Girdhar, Founder, and CEO of Appy Pie. "This integration enables businesses to create chatbots that understand and respond to customer inquiries more accurately, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty." The integration of these advanced language models into Appy Pie's AI Chatbot Builder is available now, and businesses can sign up for a free trial to experience the platform's features. With this integration, Appy Pie continues to lead the way in no-code app development, providing businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to succeed in today's digital economy. Appy Pie's Chatbot Builder streamlines chatbot creation while providing users with the flexibility to tailor their chatbots to reflect their brand's persona. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface offers a choice of pre-built templates or the option to design custom chatbots with personalized images and GIFs. Furthermore, businesses can leverage third-party services, such as email marketing tools and payment gateways, to enrich the chatbot experience. About Appy Pie Appy Pie, a Trademark of Appy Pie LLP, is a no-code development platform that helps transform business ideas into reality without technical knowledge. It is an all-inclusive suite of the best no-code tools like an app builder, website builder, workflow automation platform, graphic design software, chatbot builder, help desk software, and live chat software. Appy Pie's App Maker has been recognized as one of the highest-rated app builders globally (G2) for its unique features, ease of use, and affordability, and is considered one of the most comprehensive no-code application development software for businesses of all sizes (Capterra). Appy Pie is also the fastest-growing cloud-based DIY Mobile App Builder in the world (GetApp).

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Algolia Launches AI-powered Algolia NeuralSearch™ – The World’s Fastest, Hyper-Scalable, and Cost-Effective Vector and Keyword Search API

Businesswire | May 03, 2023

Algolia today launched Algolia NeuralSearch™, a next-generation vector and keyword search in a single API with powerful, end-to-end AI processing every query. Algolia NeuralSearch understands natural language and delivers highly accurate and relevant results in milliseconds. This technology is a breakthrough in search and discovery that promises to revolutionize the way individuals engage with content online or in apps. Algolia NeuralSearch delivers superior conversions and increased revenue at enterprise scale for huge production workloads. It uses advanced Large Language Models (LLM) – the same technology underpinning ChatGPT and generative AI – and goes a step further with Algolia’s Neural Hashing™ for hyper-scale and constantly learns from user interactions for better results. Guillermo Romero, Director Enterprise Architecture at Best Buy Canada said: “Algolia's NeuralSearch technology will help us better understand customer intent to improve our search relevance across our extensive, rich product catalog. We're excited to partner with Algolia to integrate this next generation vector and keyword search technology and create a better search and discovery experience for our customers.” Bernadette Nixon, chief executive officer, Algolia noted: "Algolia is committed to advancing AI-powered Search, and we believe Algolia NeuralSearch does just that. Algolia NeuralSearch, a first-of-its-kind hybrid search product, provides users with a smarter and more intuitive way to discover the most relevant content they want, when they need it, irrespective of the type of query presented. Importantly, we make it easy to achieve live production quickly—specifically, we provide the set-up, scaling, and management of all search capabilities and services—all of which helps accelerate and power discovery. Moreover, Algolia NeuralSearch is backward compatible, which means there is zero engineering required for customers to become AI-enabled.” Frasers Group, which encompasses an array of fashion apparel brands serving unique audiences, was among the first Algolia customers to use Algolia NeuralSearch in a real world environment. Kyle Sanders, Head of Digital Optimisation, Frasers Group, said: “We tested Algolia NeuralSearch with two of our brands (Missguided and Isawitfirst), and were thrilled to see above ~65 percent drop in zero search results and up to 17 percent uplift in conversion rates. These results, despite only sending a portion of our query traffic to Algolia NeuralSearch over a four-week period, exceeded our expectations. Notably, our existing search implementation seamlessly evolved to further improve our customers’ discovery journey and improve their experience on our website—all without having to make any changes to a single line of code. We are excited to see what the future holds with Algolia NeuralSearch.” Algolia NeuralSearch analyzes the relationships between words and concepts, generating vector representations that capture their meaning in an abstract and contextual manner. Because vector-based understanding and retrieval is combined with Algolia’s award-winning full-text keyword engine, it works for exact matching too. Algolia NeuralSearch uniquely addresses an industry-wide problem with vector search: the inherent limitation to scale and the high burden of costs associated with using specialized computers. To solve this problem, Algolia pioneered Neural Hashing, which compresses these search vectors from 2,000 decimal long numbers into static length expressions making computing them very fast and significantly more economical. Prior to Algolia’s proprietary breakthrough, vector-based search has been too computationally expensive to run in production. Hayley Sutherland, Research Manager, IDC noted: “By adding Neural Hashing of vectors to its existing keyword-based search within a single index, leveraging a single API, Algolia has the potential to disrupt AI-powered search with significantly better precision and recall, in a manner that requires less manual work to set up and update, while incurring fewer storage and processing costs.” Algolia is the only company that incorporates AI across three primary functions—query understanding, query retrieval, and ranking of results. Query understanding – Algolia’s advanced natural language understanding (NLU) and AI-driven vector search provide free-form natural language expression understanding and AI-powered query categorization that prepares and structures a query for analysis. Moreover, Adaptive Learning based on user feedback fine-tunes intent understanding. Retrieval – The most relevant results are then retrieved and ranked from most to least relevant. The retrieval process merges the Neural Hashing results in parallel with keywords using the same index for easy retrieval and ranking. This approach solves the ‘null results’ problem and significantly improves click positions and click-through rates. No other search platform in the search and discovery space offers this powerful capability. Ranking – Finally, the best results are pushed to the top by Algolia’s AI-powered Re-ranking, which takes into account the many signals attached to the search query, (including the exact keyword matching score, the contextual personalization profile, the observed popularity of items, the semantic matching score, etc.) and learns to reach maximum relevance. Most organizations only have the resources to optimize their search for a few popular queries. However, this leaves a significant amount of potential revenue on the table. “Industry-wide, retailers are leaving a significant amount of potential revenue on the table because it’s challenging to capture revenue from ‘long tail’ search queries (such as ‘stunning fall outfit for mother of the bride’), which could potentially represent up to 55% of all search queries today,” added Nixon. “These low volume searches could collectively amount to millions of queries corresponding to billions of dollars in unfulfilled sales of less popular or searched for products. Algolia NeuralSearch optimizes for all queries, popular or infrequently searched for, while using specific keywords or natural free-form expression—truly putting search on autopilot at a price point that is 90% less than other vector-based search options.” Hayley Sutherland added: “This evolution from search to discovery through methods like vector search is significant for the ecommerce and retail industries due to its implications for product discovery use cases. In the retail world, long-tail searches—that is, less commonly used search terms that may not find exact keyword matches and return null results when queried — represent lost revenue when they return null results to users, forcing those potential customers to abandon searches and take their business elsewhere. Vector search has become popular in recent years due to its ability to provide customers with similar or related products when an exact match is not found, allowing customers to find relevant results using free-form natural language and helping to ensure their revenue does not go to competitors.” Additionally, as the index changes, new products are added, new content is uploaded, or as terms take on new meaning, the AI-powered Algolia NeuralSearch product will learn and adjust automatically. It doesn’t require any additional headcount or manual operations. It will automatically match keywords or concepts—possibly a mix of both—depending on the query or search phrase. This truly puts search on autopilot. Rachel Maxwell, Digital Merchandising Manager at Everlane said: “When we implemented Algolia NeuralSearch, the overall results have been amazing and have included a 9 percent increase in clickthrough rates and a 9 percent increase in the conversion rate. We’re also finding our merchandisers are spending less time on manual tasks such as creating synonyms to optimize search results, and more time on more strategic work.” Algolia NeuralSearch is available now; more information here. About Algolia Algolia is the world’s only end-to-end AI search and discovery platform. Our engineers invented a breakthrough use of AI to create exponentially better search & discovery. Our proprietary NeuralSearch tech combines vector-based natural language processing & keyword matching in a single API. Algolia powers 1.5 Trillion search requests a year or more than 30 Billion a week enabling more than 17,000 customers (including Under Armour, Stripe, Petsmart, Walgreens, Procter & Gamble, Sony, NBC (Universal), British Telecom and Citibank) in 150+ countries to build blazing fast and relevant search and discovery experiences for their in-app users and/or online visitors (using any web, mobile or voice device) – by surfacing the desired content instantly and at scale. To learn more, visit

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Seekr Launches Updated Website, Streamlining User Experience With Simple & Customizable News Discovery

Prnewswire | May 12, 2023

Seekr, a leading artificial intelligence company specializing in transparent content evaluation, today released a new user interface – streamlining the user experience and creating a transparent and uniform way to filter information. Misinformation has exploded online, making it increasingly difficult to distinguish falsehoods from facts while deepening divisions in politics and broader culture. In fact, 53% of Americans are worried about unknowingly spreading misinformation while only 7% have a "great deal" of trust in the media. "Content moderation is not uniform, resulting in a patchwork system where each major technology company creates their own standards and conventions," said Seekr founder and chief executive Pat Condo. "At Seekr, we are restoring trust in the media by using AI to fight AI-generated fake and misleading content. These new functionality updates will only improve the user experience and help protect consumers from an ever-increasing tide of misinformation." With new technologies dramatically exacerbating the spread of problematic content, Seekr is continuously evaluating its algorithms and interface to improve the user experience and ensure consumers have the necessary tools to make informed decisions about information consumed online. Specifically, Seekr's latest updates include: Seekr Score Interface & Usability Reliability By Level: The Seekr score is sorted into five easily recognizable levels of reliability from very low to high – helping to offer perspective at a glance. Scoring Precision & Rigor: The proprietary Seekr Score to rate articles has now been expanded to a 100-point scale to add further specificity for users to see the differences in reliability. Color Combined With Clear Text: Score levels from very low to very high are also signified by color – from orange to teal – which is now visible on the scored search results for quick scanning and processing. Customizable News Search & Discovery Filters: In order to further enhance the user experience and ensure user choice, freedom, and accessibility, filters have been positioned front and center to allow for the quick customization of the search experience. News Search: The Seekr search bar now defaults to a news search, with filters built into this feature that enhance speed, ease, and user control. Coverage Comparison: The top news stories surrounding the same coverage from different news websites are featured in groupings of three to offer differing perspectives and further comparison capabilities. For more information on Seekr and to experience the new features, visit About Seekr Technologies Inc. Seekr is a privately held artificial intelligence company that specializes in transparent content evaluation and objective ratings. Its AI technology is designed to rate all content, both authentic content created by humans, and synthetic, machine-generated content. Seekr empowers user choice and control by streamlining access to reliable information. The centerpiece of Seekr's technology is an independent search engine that is powered by proprietary AI and employs natural language processing (NLP) to generate a Seekr Score and Political Lean Indicator. Seekr is committed to building a web that people can trust by giving everyone access to technology that makes it easy to find reliable content in context.

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