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CoreView Launches Business Operations in Australia, Helping Customers Get Microsoft 365 Under Control Worldwide

CoreView | July 11, 2022 | Read time : 2:3 min

CoreView, the global leader in Microsoft 365 Management, today announced the expansion of its business operations in Australia, aimed at strengthening the company’s partnerships with clients in the Asia-Pacific market and responding to increasing demand in the region. This announcement comes in conjunction with the hiring of Chris Lawley as Regional Manager — an expert in SaaS platforms and technology, currently based in Sydney.

This expansion comes on the heels of a period of rapid growth for the company, as CoreView has grown by nearly 229 percent in the last 3 years — taking its mission to manage the chaos of Microsoft 365 to a variety of new partners and regions. In tandem with this growth, CoreView has continued to help customers better manage Microsoft 365 — including adding advanced capabilities for managing Microsoft Teams, Teams Voice, and hybrid environments.

“I am beyond excited to help introduce and expand CoreView’s presence in Australia and the wider APAC region,” said Lawley. “There is such a clear need for a data- and insights-driven management solution like CoreView, particularly given how heavily regulated security and compliance are in this market. As such, I have no doubt that CoreView will provide a number of benefits to our current and future partners here, helping uplevel IT management in the Microsoft 365 space.”

Already working with resellers in North America, Europe and the Middle East, CoreView also recently signed strategic deals with Data3 and rhipe — a Crayon Company — leaders in cloud solutions and technology in Asia-Pacific — with a healthy pipeline of additional relationships and deals lined up. As the premier Microsoft 365 management solution, CoreView’s goal is to empower partners with the data, insights, and actionable processes necessary to support operational improvements and enable real transformation for customers.

About CoreView
CoreView stops the chaos and gets Microsoft 365 under control. The CoreView Microsoft 365 Management Platform helps IT teams get the full value from Microsoft 365, gain full oversight of their environment, and move at full speed. More than 10 million users and the world’s largest organizations rely on CoreView to craft perfect privileges, eliminate wasted licenses, drive adoption, and automate repetitive tasks. A Microsoft Gold Partner, CoreView is Co-Sell Prioritized and available on the Azure Marketplace.


When the Falcon 10X brakes, it'll be thanks in part to her! An embedded software development engineer at Safran, Agathe is working on implementing software functionalities on the landing gear of Dassault Aviation's brand-new business jet. Development, bench testing, mutual support and training opportunities - find out more about Agathe's day-to-day work in this video!


When the Falcon 10X brakes, it'll be thanks in part to her! An embedded software development engineer at Safran, Agathe is working on implementing software functionalities on the landing gear of Dassault Aviation's brand-new business jet. Development, bench testing, mutual support and training opportunities - find out more about Agathe's day-to-day work in this video!

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Stack Overflow Announces OverflowAI at WeAreDevelopers

Businesswire | July 28, 2023

Stack Overflow today from the keynote stage of WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Berlin, showcased early previews of six new capabilities and features of its new OverflowAI offerings. Powering solutions from within both the public platform and its market-leading SaaS product, Stack Overflow for Teams, these AI/ML solutions will offer users a series of new capabilities that will ensure they get to solutions faster within their workflow. For several months, Stack Overflow has been outlining its vision for community and AI coming together as the inevitable next phase of growth in GenAI’s trajectory. Today that vision comes closer to reality as the developer community was given previews of how they will directly play a crucial role in how AI accelerates and evolves. There is no shortage of how developers can leverage AI, however, there is one core deterrent in its adoption - trust in the accuracy of AI-generated content. Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey of 90,000 coders recently found that 77% of developers are favorable of AI tools, but only 42% trust the accuracy of those tools. Although there are currently more than a dozen new features, functions and capabilities in various stages of development across both Stack Overflow for Teams and the public platform, shared on the keynote stage was what users can request access to today, with limited Alphas beginning in late August 2023. Within Stack Overflow for Teams, the company’s SaaS platform for developers and technologists: OverflowAI Enterprise Knowledge Ingestion: With OverflowAI, Stack Overflow for Teams users will be able to curate and build a knowledge base in minutes by leveraging existing, accurate and trusted content. AI/ML will create the first drafts of a tagging structure and recommend questions and answers, freeing up developers to focus on adding value by curating and refining the content to validate accuracy. OverflowAI Enhanced Search: Stack Overflow for Teams customers will be able to quickly find the most relevant answers and proactive learning paths, leveraging trustworthy sources such as Stack Overflow for Teams, Stack Overflow’s public platform, and other places a customer stores knowledge such as Confluence and GitHub, with more sources to be added over time. OverflowAI Visual Studio Code Extension: Developers spend a majority of their time in an IDE and Stack Overflow is not going to break that workflow. Stack Overflow for Visual Studio Code extension will pull in validated content from both the public platform and a user’s private Stack Overflow for Teams instance to provide developers with a personalized summary of how to solve problems efficiently and effectively. OverflowAI Slack Integration: Stack Overflow’s new StackPlusOne chatbot gathers generated solutions to the most technical challenges instantly - while you are in Slack. This new GenAI integration will provide answers to questions using all Stack Overflow community-validated sources, all while keeping a company’s data private. On Stack Overflow’s public platform: OverflowAI Search: Public platform users will be able to receive instant, trustworthy, and accurate solutions to problems using search and question asking powered by GenAI. Our goal is that responses generated can be attributed and cited, using the highly trusted knowledge from the more than 58 million questions and answers on Stack Overflow, with the ability to query the knowledge base further for more personalized and relevant results and follow up questions. AI Community Discussions: Developers now have new dedicated resources for unbiased, technical resources and responses from experts. A dedicated GenAI Stack Exchange will serve as a place for a community that is centered around knowledge sharing for writing prompts for GenAI tools and AI/ML more broadly. Additionally, Stack Overflow’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) Collective will include a new feature called Discussions that will provide a focused space to debate technical approaches, explore implementation strategies and share different perspectives, so that users can make more informed technical decisions. “For the last fifteen years, developers have come to Stack Overflow to get a solution to a specific problem. With the rise of Generative AI, Stack Overflow’s foundation of trusted and accurate data will be central to how technology solutions are built,” said Prashanth Chandrasekar, Chief Executive Officer at Stack Overflow. “There is no doubt that with widespread access to GenAI tools that code will be created more quickly, and the volume is likely to explode with code completion tools and the need for trust in their output will only increase for developers. Our goal with OverflowAI is to ensure developers are not only contributing to the foundation of what GenAI is today, they are also an integral part of building its future. Developers and technologists should take pride and ownership in knowing that community is the future of AI.” About Stack Overflow Across both its public and private platforms, Stack Overflow is empowering developer communities to discover the information, answers, and learning opportunities they need – when they need them. Millions of the world's developers and technologists visit Stack Overflow to ask questions, learn, and share technical knowledge, making it one of the most popular websites in the world. Stack Overflow’s market-leading knowledge sharing and collaboration platform, Stack Overflow for Teams, helps more than 15,000 organizations distribute knowledge, increase efficiency, and innovate faster. Founded in 2008, Stack Exchange, Inc., the owner of Stack Overflow, is headquartered in New York, NY. Stack Overflow is a registered trademark of Stack Exchange, Inc.

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Microsoft's New Copilot: Enriching Windows Users with Advanced AI

Microsoft | September 22, 2023

Microsoft debuts Copilot, an advanced AI assistant for Windows PCs, enhancing tasks from text generation to organization, set to launch on September 26, 2023. Copilot integrates into Windows 11, Microsoft 365, Edge, and Bing, boosting productivity with real-time context while safeguarding user privacy. Concerns include data security and AI reliance, highlighting the necessity for a balanced approach to AI adoption. Microsoft has introduced a groundbreaking addition to its technology ecosystem with the launch of Copilot, a highly capable AI assistant designed to enhance the computing experience for Windows PC users. This advanced AI assistant offers a multifaceted approach to aiding users in their daily tasks, ranging from generating text and curating music playlists for concentration to facilitating window organization and assisting with creative pursuits involving photos and videos. What sets Copilot apart is its seamless integration of various AI tools that Microsoft has already deployed across different applications, offering users a unified and intuitive experience. Notably, Microsoft has leveraged OpenAI's ChatGPT technology to power Copilot, harnessing its robust capabilities to elevate user interactions. Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft Consumer Chief Marketing Officer, reportedly commented, We are entering a new era of AI, one that is fundamentally changing how we relate to and benefit from technology. [Source – Yahoo News UK] Copilot's potential impact on the computing landscape is considerable. Its integration into Windows 11, Microsoft 365, Edge, and Bing represents a significant step toward a holistic AI companion that adapts to users' needs in real time, drawing insights from web context, work-related data, and current PC activities. This contextual awareness not only enhances productivity but also underscores Microsoft's commitment to user privacy and security. Copilot can be effortlessly summoned through app integration or via a right-click, making it an accessible and invaluable tool for users seeking to navigate the ever-evolving digital realm. However, it is essential to acknowledge that the proliferation of AI assistants like Copilot raises legitimate concerns. One prominent issue pertains to privacy and data security. While Microsoft emphasizes its commitment to safeguarding user information, the integration of AI assistants into various aspects of daily life necessitates stringent measures to protect sensitive data. Moreover, there is the challenge of potential over-reliance on AI, potentially leading to a decreased reliance on human problem-solving skills and creativity. Striking the right balance between AI assistance and human agency is a crucial consideration in the adoption of such technologies. In summary, Microsoft's Copilot represents a noteworthy advancement in the realm of AI-powered assistance for computing tasks. Its ability to unify various AI tools into a single, user-friendly experience holds immense promise for enhancing productivity and user engagement. However, as with any technological innovation, careful consideration of privacy, data security, and the potential implications of over-reliance on AI remains imperative in the quest for a seamless digital future.

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Workera AI Announces Pioneering Skills AI Initiative to Harness the Power of Generative AI for Upskilling

Businesswire | July 03, 2023

Workera AI, an industry-leading AI skills development platform, today announced a pioneering initiative to integrate generative AI into its technology as widely as possible. Workera is the first company in the world to unite generative AI with upskilling in this way, coining Skills AI as a new area of innovation within skills development. “The need to stay at the forefront of skills is more important than ever,” said Kian Katanforoosh, Founder and CEO of Workera. “Executives and managers are now expected to be excellent at unlocking their team’s potential, but it can be a struggle to keep people one step ahead of cutting-edge technological developments. Upskilling solutions must offer an end-to-end service powered by highly-accurate skills data, incorporating learning content that takes into account what the user already knows and needs to improve on – and helps them do it fast.” “With Skills AI, team leaders now have a tool to manage talent effectively,” continued Katanforoosh “We’ve harnessed large language models to pioneer a new generation of upskilling opportunities. Skills AI encompasses assessments, measurements and insights alongside learning plans that feature a mixture of AI-generated lessons and high-quality online content designed to meet learners exactly where they are. This helps a leader to excel at nurturing their team's potential on an individual basis, in just a few clicks.” Skills AI integrates generative AI into the heart of the Workera AI platform, leveraging this cutting-edge technology in different ways to make the user experience as unique as the learner who’s using it. Unique learning plans means each user’s journey is hyper-personalized – ensuring they focus only on the specific skill domains, competency levels and learning content relevant to their needs. This unique learning journey is enabled thanks to the constant data gathered from initial and ongoing assessments of the user’s competencies. Skills AI is then trained with these precise skill measurements, producing hyper-accurate learning journeys and making Workera AI the most precise skills development platform in the world. Psychometrics are at the core of Workera AI’s unique offering to enterprises. Skills AI supercharges the impact of psychometrics by generating measurable learning journeys specifically designed for each user. “Skills AI is the result of merging the expertise of a psychometrician and a world-class mentor,” explains Katanforoosh. “Psychometricians excel at precise measurements, which are necessary for a mentor to give meaningful guidance. At the same time, a good mentor knows how to weigh signals from different assessment, learning, and actual project activities in order to track progress. By combining these strengths alongside generative AI, we've created a powerful tool that delivers reliable measurements and impactful guidance.” Following this initial announcement, Skills AI has opened its waitlist for Beta release. The new functionality will continue to roll out throughout 2023. To learn more, visit About Workera AI Workera AI transforms enterprises by using breakthrough artificial intelligence technology to help develop and retain a cutting-edge workforce. Our skills development platform accelerates upskilling and measures skills progress through verified skill signals, skill benchmarking and unique personalized learning. To learn more, visit

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