Cogito Announces Innovations in Real-time Conversation Intelligence for Contact Centers

Cogito Corp | January 27, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Cogito Announces Innovations in Real-time Conversation Intelligence for Contact Centers

Cogito, a company that helps businesses with real-time coaching and guidance, has announced new products that will make real-time conversation intelligence in call centers better. The new products are made to help agents in the call center answer customer questions more quickly and effectively.

Topic-based machine learning models, real-time transcription with emotion AI markup, self-service admin for easy topic generation, and secure redaction of personally identifiable information (PII) during calls are some of the new features. With these new features, contact centers will have a level of intelligence that has never been seen before. This will help them understand customer conversations better and respond quickly to changing customer needs.

Joshua Feast, CEO and Co-Founder of Cogito, said, “Contact center agents and their leaders take the brunt of the service experience, with customer interactions becoming increasingly complex." He added, "We view seamless, integrated conversational AI and emotion AI capabilities as necessary to support today’s workforce." Additionally, he said, "With over a decade of advanced R&D, we differentiate based on our ability to go beyond traditional speech analytics." He further commented, "Our unique combination of behavior insights and real-time natural language processing has culminated into a powerful agent assist and coaching platform that we continue to add to and expand upon." Finally, he said, "The conversation AI solutions announced today are another step forward for the company and our ability to deeply assist an industry that needs human-centered support and guidance.”

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The solutions can pick up on more than 200 voice and behavior cues in speech and give real-time advice on how to respond to important topics of conversation. With self-service admin portals and the ability to change conversation themes by line of business, team, or skill group, they also make it easy for operations leaders and supervisors to manage and help their staff.

About Cogito

Cogito is a software company based in Boston that focuses on AI for emotions and conversations to help contact centers and front-line teams get coaching and advice in real time. Their technology analyzes how people talk to each other to give live guidance during calls and real-time feedback on how customers feel. This helps agents improve their effectiveness, empathy, and performance. Many well-known brands, including five of the Fortune 25 companies, use Cogito's technology to improve their connection with customers and elevate their team members' well-being. Cogito is venture-backed by companies such as OpenView Ventures, Romulus Capital, and Salesforce Ventures. They are committed to producing innovative technology, driving customer success, and helping people live more productive lives.


The main purpose of test automation is to identify software errors and repair them before a project moves on to another phase or reaches the end-user. A successful test automation process takes less time and produces software that behaves and delivers functionality as intended.


The main purpose of test automation is to identify software errors and repair them before a project moves on to another phase or reaches the end-user. A successful test automation process takes less time and produces software that behaves and delivers functionality as intended.

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