CodeLogic launches first-of-its-kind Continuous Software Intelligence platform

CodeLogic | July 18, 2022 | Read time : 03:00 min

CodeLogic, the Continuous Software Intelligence company, today launched the first and only developer toolkit that scans post-compile binaries, runtime app behaviour, and database connections to provide a complete and up-to-the-second picture of infrastructure-wide software connections and dependencies. CodeLogic addresses the unrelenting complexity that, according to Stack Overflow, results in the #1 cause of developer unhappiness: lack of productivity. It frees developers from managing break/fix cycles, training new team members, chasing down vulnerabilities for security audits, evaluating technical debt, and other non-coding activities.

With CodeLogic Continuous Software Intelligence, developers can stop breaking software and code fearlessly.  

“Enterprise-scale software systems are unwieldy in complexity and often defy human understanding. As a result, developers are increasingly frustrated and unproductive. According to Stack Overflow, this is the top contributor to developer unhappiness. The solution is to allow developers to see in advance the impacts that code changes will produce and to ameliorate those changes without breaking code. The CodeLogic CSI platform provides exactly that—total and up-to-date visibility across the entire software and database structure.”

Brian Pierce, CEO of CodeLogic

Every day, software developers make code changes knowing there is a high probability that the code changes they push and commit will break something. Not just the build but break the application further downstream. This pervasive problem slows dev teams, impairs productivity, and, ultimately, makes innovation more difficult. Traditional Software Intelligence (SI) and application scanning tools rely on the static scanning of source code and fail to address this issue.

The CodeLogic CSI platform makes sense of the complex and helps developers end break/fix cycles. It exposes all software connections and interdependencies—from code to methods to APIs to databases—by performing post-compile scans of binary code and scanning runtime environments. With CodeLogic, development teams have unparalleled visibility into software structures not present in the source code itself, including inserted third-party libraries, stored procedure calls, and database connections.

The CodeLogic CSI platform helps dev teams in the following ways:

Stop breaking software. By capturing all code and data dependencies in a searchable graph database, CodeLogic empowers developers to write code with the ability to see other parts of the system that are connected and analyze what is likely to break.

Combat code complexity. CodeLogic CSI helps developers visualize highly complex and interconnected software applications that have become increasingly fragile, too big to comprehend fully and impossible to document accurately. An automated “impact score” for methods, classes, and overall application health ensures that complexity becomes manageable. 

Inform development strategy. With CodeLogic, teams can accurately anticipate and scope planned projects by fully understanding downstream impacts to reconsider proposed plans and roadmaps before investing weeks of effort.

Identify potential vulnerabilities. With increasing security threats, organizations must now maintain accurate maps of REST endpoints and be prepared to respond to zero-day events instantly. CodeLogic CSI allows these activities to be automatically performed in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Empower dev teams. Both internal stakeholders and external service providers can collaborate and maintain scalable applications more effectively. CodeLogic CSI provides continuous scanning and a single-source-of-truth that serves as “living documentation” to keep dev teams on the same page.

“Combining binary scanning and runtime analysis defines a major evolution of developer-focused technologies that can dig deeply, widely, and continuously into the true structure of software. We scan the code and all connected data sources,” Pierce said. “No other solution can store and reference the relationships and dependencies between various software elements and traverse different languages, frameworks, data models and underlying infrastructures. Our mission is to empower developers to write, modify and change code fearlessly by knowing the cause-and-effect of every deployment.”

About CodeLogic
CodeLogic provides Continuous Software Intelligence for understanding the totality of software structures, from API and code to data. It delivers technology leaders and software developers insights into the true state and complexity of growing software systems and the impact of change that hinders innovation and causes failure. Unlike static and application-level analysis tools, CodeLogic is the first and only searchable system of record that combines binary and runtime scans for code and database dependencies on a dynamic, real-time basis. With CodeLogic, technical leads can predictably understand and inform rewrite/refactor decisions knowing the impact of every code change so builds never break.


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AvePoint Partners with Microsoft to Launch Microsoft Syntex, the Next Generation of Content Management and AI

AvePoint | October 17, 2022

AvePoint, the most advanced SaaS and data management platform provider, today announced it is one of the select featured partners for the launch of Microsoft Syntex, which uses advancements in cloud computing and artificial intelligence to transform how content is created, processed and discovered in Microsoft 365, helping businesses to empower their people and automate workflows at scale. Announced earlier today during Microsoft Ignite 2022, Microsoft Syntex is adding new capabilities to use advanced AI and machine teaching to amplify human expertise, automate content processing and transform content into knowledge. Backup and Restore: Microsoft Syntex now offers the ability to backup and restore SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive. When combined with AvePoint’s award-winning data protection solution for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure Active Directory and Virtual Machines, organizations can have a complete, end-to-end backup solution that enables them to own their service level agreements, protect their most critical data and maintain flexibility in where data is stored. Information Management: The new release of Microsoft Syntex enables organizations to archive entire site collections within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, allowing organizations to index the content for eDiscovery and compliance purposes. When combined with AvePoint’s holistic information lifecycle management solution across Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Exchange Online, social media and file systems, this enhancement provides organizations with command and control of their records from creation and classification to retention and disposal in one centralized SaaS platform. Content Management: Microsoft Syntex now gives IT administrators visibility into sharing links and sensitive files in SharePoint sites, with the ability to then initiate reviews by those responsible for the sites that are housing these files. This new capability, when combined with AvePoint's formal recertification and renewal capabilities for all Microsoft 365 workspace types, means organizations will have the best of formal and informal access review capabilities to both satisfy audit and compliance teams, and still offer on-demand review of potentially risky sharing activity. “We’re excited about the interoperability between AvePoint products and Syntex to enhance, connect and manage information in SharePoint and OneDrive. “By partnering with Microsoft on the next generation of Syntex, organizations can rest assured they will have a holistic solution for collaborating with confidence across their entire Microsoft 365 environment, and we are excited about the ability to orchestrate and extend these rich new content management features in Microsoft 365.” John Peluso, Chief Product Officer, AvePoint As a launch partner for Microsoft Syntex, AvePoint continues its tradition for the last two decades of working closely with Microsoft to produce best-in-class solutions enabling global organizations to thrive with the latest Microsoft technology. About AvePoint Collaborate with Confidence. AvePoint provides the most advanced platform for SaaS and data management to optimize SaaS operations and secure collaboration. More than 9 million cloud users rely on our solutions. Our SaaS solutions are also available to managed service providers via more than 100 cloud marketplaces, so they can better support and manage their small and mid-sized business customers. Founded in 2001, AvePoint is a five-time Global Microsoft Partner of the Year and headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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AB Tasty acquires AI-driven personalization provider Epoq to usher in new era of experience optimization

AB Tasty | October 10, 2022

AB Tasty, the fast-growing global experience optimization company, announced today that it has acquired Epoq, an AI-driven recommendation and smart search solution. The acquisition accelerates both companies' shared vision of empowering digital teams to deliver relevant and engaging shopping experiences along the consumer journey with a best-in-class experience optimization platform. "The Epoq team is the perfect addition to AB Tasty, bringing expertise, insights and sophisticated products. We are excited to unlock more value for our customers, who will now have unparalleled recommendation and search capabilities at their fingertips," said Alix de Sagazan, AB Tasty CEO and co-founder. Since 2003, the Ettlingen, Germany-based Epoq has created customized e-commerce solutions for every part of the customer journey from product research, selection, buying intent to customer loyalty. Their decades-long expertise comes at an advantageous time in the context of digital acceleration and soaring demands for unique experiences. "Joining forces with AB Tasty makes us more formidable players in the market," said Thorsten Mühling, Epoq CEO and co-founder. "This is a great opportunity for Epoq to add more value along the consumer journey — not just in Germany, but on a global scale." Epoq's AI-powered recommendation engine enables brands to showcase the most relevant products or content by analyzing shoppers' click-and-buy behavior via a robust library of algorithms. With search, businesses can provide consumers with a targeted buying journey, ensuring they find a direct way to the product. In today's tech stack, when recommendation and search engines are developed separately, they aren't able to communicate with each other. Epoq connects the two solutions in a knowledge center, where each action feeds the other to enhance the results. Epoq complements AB Tasty's client-side and server-side experimentation and personalization solutions. AB Tasty enables marketing, product and tech teams to easily validate their ideas and optimize conversions on digital channels. Together, they create a 1:1 personalized experience for consumers — and help brands deliver "wow" user experiences. "The pandemic triggered an e-commerce boom, with half of transactions coming from search requests and a third of that from recommendations," said Remi Aubert, AB Tasty CEO and co-founder. "People using e-commerce site search expect the same level of precision as they do from Google. With Epoq, we are easing our clients' lives, accelerating the delivery of tailored experiences and driving profitability." This acquisition makes AB Tasty the first company in its class to offer a consolidated approach in experience optimization with experimentation, personalization, recommendation and intelligent search. The deal will also strengthen AB Tasty's customer base and product portfolio. With Epoq joining AB Tasty's global ecosystem, the company now boasts over 1,100 clients and 320 employees, with 13 offices in key markets such as France, Germany, UK, US and APAC. The announcement comes after AB Tasty's $40 million Series C fundraising. In the past two years, AB Tasty has grown 200% internationally and has added brands such as Kering, McDonald's and Ulta Beauty to its roster, joining L'Oreal, Disneyland Paris and LVMH. Meanwhile, server-side solution Flagship was named a leader in "The Forrester New Wave™: Feature Management And Experimentation." About AB Tasty AB Tasty is a global leader in experimentation, personalization and feature management solutions — enabling companies to validate ideas while maximizing impact, minimizing risk and accelerating time to market. Enterprises use AB Tasty and Flagship solutions to align marketing, product and engineering teams and ensure efficiency, reduced costs and optimal end-user experiences. Founded in 2013 in Paris, AB Tasty is built for businesses looking to use controlled experimentation to implement only the best ideas. To learn more, visit About Epoq Epoq internet services GmbH provides a software suite for digital commerce personalization. With modular, customized services based on AI, Epoq creates unique shopping experiences along the customer journey. Consumers receive orientation, advice and inspiration when shopping online. After purchasing, they receive shopping news in real time, encouraging them to return to the online store. Consumers also receive personalized emails to stay in touch with the stores.

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AI TECH,GENERAL AI,SOFTWARE Enhances Hybrid AI Platform and Expands Scope of Intelligent Process Automation at Scale | November 10, 2022 today announced a new version of its natural language (NL) platform featuring powerful enhancements. Combining machine learning (ML) and symbolic knowledge representation (hybrid AI), the updated platform further facilitates the design, development and deployment of language models, and accelerates production of innovative enterprise applications, through accurate language understanding at scale. Upgrades to the award-winning platform include: Knowledge Models Fortified: Built in and ready-to-use pre-trained, rules-based models now contain expanded industry, role and use-case concepts and relationships to quickly improve the accuracy of natural language (NL) projects. Other model enhancements include updated environmental, social, governance (ESG) classification and sentiment, as well as personally identifiable information (PII) extraction. New Solutions for Pharma & Life Science: Additional knowledge models now support solutions for drug discovery, clinical trial insights, key opinion leader identification and scientific publication insight analysis. A new preclinical report analysis solution dramatically speeds up the quality control check process of reports prior to their submission to regulatory bodies. AI-driven Robotic Process Automation (RPA): The only NL, hybrid platform that integrates with UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere, supercharges bots with unique NL capabilities only possible by merging different AI techniques. This expands the scope of intelligent process automation across tasks requiring accurate understanding of documents for email automation, contract analytics, claims, underwriting automation and customer service support. Expanded Deployment Options: The Platform now supports on-premise deployments of NL workflows for organizations that want complete control over data or demand it be kept on premise for security and compliance purposes. New Operational Monitoring Dashboard: Delivers improved visibility to operational metrics (i.e., CPU, memory, model performance) associated with language operations (LangOps). "We continue to enhance core product capabilities and introduce innovations for enterprises to successfully implement and scale natural language-based projects. "This new release of our platform simplifies the adoption of AI in different industries and use cases. It also accelerates intelligent automation by applying RPA to complex processes, driving much greater cost effectiveness. not only brings ground-breaking advancements to market, we ensure they're made for real-world use and can be put to use easily and immediately." Luca Scagliarini, chief product officer at has long led the NL technologies marketplace in accuracy and capabilities with hundreds of proven deployments. Leveraging its pioneering vision towards a hybrid AI approach, uniquely automates complex language-intensive processes to reveal meaningful data, actionable insights and improve decision making. Supporting Quotes: " is a great choice for customers looking to build customized text analytics applications using hybrid AI (the combination of knowledge/symbolic and machine learning techniques), or customers looking to leverage knowledge-based AI for out of the box accuracy, model explainability (a key in highly regulated industries), or who are not ready to invest in the full ModelOps cycle." The Forrester Wave™: Text Analytics for both People-Oriented and Document-Oriented Platforms "We've selected for its ability to read, organize and extract relevant data so our team can be more efficient both in terms of managing repetitive tasks as well as better serving our policyholders." AEGIS "We are excited to work with, whose state-of-the-art artificial intelligence offerings will make it easier for our members and customers around the world to find and access AP's expansive offering of text, photo and video content." The Associated Press "We identified as a critical partner to improve discoverability of our core frameworks, standards, learning assets and research, and transform our approach to content classification and delivery. With their help, we look forward to creating better digital experiences for our members, the IT professionals we serve, and the lifelong learners who seek or hold our certifications." ISACA About is a leading company in AI-based natural language software. Organizations in insurance, banking and finance, publishing, media and defense all rely on to turn language into data, analyze and understand complex documents, accelerate intelligent process automation and improve decision making.'s purpose-built natural language platform pairs simple and powerful tools with a proven hybrid AI approach that combines symbolic and machine learning to solve real-world problems and enhance business operations at speed and scale. With offices in Europe and North America, serves global businesses such as AXA XL, Zurich Insurance Group, Generali, The Associated Press, Bloomberg INDG, BNP Paribas, Rabobank, Gannett and EBSCO.

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