CodeLogic launches first-of-its-kind Continuous Software Intelligence platform

CodeLogic | July 18, 2022 | Read time : 03:00 min

CodeLogic, the Continuous Software Intelligence company, today launched the first and only developer toolkit that scans post-compile binaries, runtime app behaviour, and database connections to provide a complete and up-to-the-second picture of infrastructure-wide software connections and dependencies. CodeLogic addresses the unrelenting complexity that, according to Stack Overflow, results in the #1 cause of developer unhappiness: lack of productivity. It frees developers from managing break/fix cycles, training new team members, chasing down vulnerabilities for security audits, evaluating technical debt, and other non-coding activities.

With CodeLogic Continuous Software Intelligence, developers can stop breaking software and code fearlessly.  

“Enterprise-scale software systems are unwieldy in complexity and often defy human understanding. As a result, developers are increasingly frustrated and unproductive. According to Stack Overflow, this is the top contributor to developer unhappiness. The solution is to allow developers to see in advance the impacts that code changes will produce and to ameliorate those changes without breaking code. The CodeLogic CSI platform provides exactly that—total and up-to-date visibility across the entire software and database structure.”

Brian Pierce, CEO of CodeLogic

Every day, software developers make code changes knowing there is a high probability that the code changes they push and commit will break something. Not just the build but break the application further downstream. This pervasive problem slows dev teams, impairs productivity, and, ultimately, makes innovation more difficult. Traditional Software Intelligence (SI) and application scanning tools rely on the static scanning of source code and fail to address this issue.

The CodeLogic CSI platform makes sense of the complex and helps developers end break/fix cycles. It exposes all software connections and interdependencies—from code to methods to APIs to databases—by performing post-compile scans of binary code and scanning runtime environments. With CodeLogic, development teams have unparalleled visibility into software structures not present in the source code itself, including inserted third-party libraries, stored procedure calls, and database connections.

The CodeLogic CSI platform helps dev teams in the following ways:

Stop breaking software. By capturing all code and data dependencies in a searchable graph database, CodeLogic empowers developers to write code with the ability to see other parts of the system that are connected and analyze what is likely to break.

Combat code complexity. CodeLogic CSI helps developers visualize highly complex and interconnected software applications that have become increasingly fragile, too big to comprehend fully and impossible to document accurately. An automated “impact score” for methods, classes, and overall application health ensures that complexity becomes manageable. 

Inform development strategy. With CodeLogic, teams can accurately anticipate and scope planned projects by fully understanding downstream impacts to reconsider proposed plans and roadmaps before investing weeks of effort.

Identify potential vulnerabilities. With increasing security threats, organizations must now maintain accurate maps of REST endpoints and be prepared to respond to zero-day events instantly. CodeLogic CSI allows these activities to be automatically performed in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Empower dev teams. Both internal stakeholders and external service providers can collaborate and maintain scalable applications more effectively. CodeLogic CSI provides continuous scanning and a single-source-of-truth that serves as “living documentation” to keep dev teams on the same page.

“Combining binary scanning and runtime analysis defines a major evolution of developer-focused technologies that can dig deeply, widely, and continuously into the true structure of software. We scan the code and all connected data sources,” Pierce said. “No other solution can store and reference the relationships and dependencies between various software elements and traverse different languages, frameworks, data models and underlying infrastructures. Our mission is to empower developers to write, modify and change code fearlessly by knowing the cause-and-effect of every deployment.”

About CodeLogic
CodeLogic provides Continuous Software Intelligence for understanding the totality of software structures, from API and code to data. It delivers technology leaders and software developers insights into the true state and complexity of growing software systems and the impact of change that hinders innovation and causes failure. Unlike static and application-level analysis tools, CodeLogic is the first and only searchable system of record that combines binary and runtime scans for code and database dependencies on a dynamic, real-time basis. With CodeLogic, technical leads can predictably understand and inform rewrite/refactor decisions knowing the impact of every code change so builds never break.


Amazon DevOps Guru is a powerful tool that helps organizations unlock the full potential of AI in DevOps. With automated monitoring, troubleshooting and remediation capabilities, DevOps Guru helps to detect abnormalities and potential issues, quickly identify the source of any issue, and automatically suggest remediation steps. This helps to streamline the process of deploying applications and services, reduce the time and effort required, and guarantee that the application or service is running optimally.


Amazon DevOps Guru is a powerful tool that helps organizations unlock the full potential of AI in DevOps. With automated monitoring, troubleshooting and remediation capabilities, DevOps Guru helps to detect abnormalities and potential issues, quickly identify the source of any issue, and automatically suggest remediation steps. This helps to streamline the process of deploying applications and services, reduce the time and effort required, and guarantee that the application or service is running optimally.

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