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C3 Generative AI Now Available on AWS Marketplace

C3 Generative AI Now Available on AWS Marketplace

C3 AI (NYSE: AI), the Enterprise AI application software company, announced today that C3 Generative AI is now available on the AWS Marketplace.

Adding C3 Generative AI to the AWS Marketplace accelerates the procurement and onboarding process, enabling customers to rapidly access C3 AI and AWS’s combined Generative AI expertise in just a few clicks.

“We enjoy a robust partnership with AWS, its strength demonstrated by the large number and success of our mutual customers,” said C3 AI CEO Thomas M. Siebel. “There is tremendous interest in C3 Generative AI on AWS. C3 Generative AI provides a natural language search interface that helps diverse users in the most complex organizations quickly and easily use LLMs and GPT to access enterprise data and AI insights.”

C3 Generative AI is distinguished from other GPT/LLM solutions in the market in that – leveraging the underlying capabilities of the C3 AI Platform – it 1) allows enterprises access to all enterprise and open source data – ERP, CRM, SCADA, text, PDFs, Excel, PowerPoint, sensor data, open source, etc.; 2) provides traceable, deterministic, consistent answers; 3) enforces corporate information access controls and security protocols; 4) has no risk of LLM-caused data or IP exfiltration; and 5) is hallucination-free.

C3 AI and AWS have been working together to help customers use AI to build more efficient processes, saving time, money, and resources. AWS & C3 AI have many joint customers including Engie, Georgia-Pacific, Koch Industries, Baker Hughes, LyondellBasell, the U.S. Air Force, and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

Customers can view and purchase all C3 AI products on the AWS Marketplace.

About, Inc.

C3 AI is the Enterprise AI application software company. C3 AI delivers a family of fully integrated products including the C3 AI Platform, an end-to-end platform for developing, deploying, and operating enterprise AI applications, C3 AI applications, a portfolio of industry-specific SaaS enterprise AI applications that enable the digital transformation of organizations globally, and C3 Generative AI, a suite of large AI transformer models for the enterprise.



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