BlackBerry Jarvis 2.0 Is Released to Address the Expanding Global Embedded Cybersecurity Landscape

BlackBerry Limited today announced the availability of BlackBerry Jarvis 2.0, the company's premier software composition analysis tool.

BlackBerry Jarvis 2.0 introduces a SaaS version of the original Jarvis capabilities, providing developers and integrators with a more user-friendly, focused feature set centred on the three most important areas that those developing mission-critical applications must validate to ensure the quality of their multi-tiered software supply chain: Open-source Software (OSS), Common Vulnerabilities, and Exposurability.

BlackBerry Jarvis 2.0, designed to address the increasing complexity and growing cybersecurity threats among multi-tiered software supply chains in the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries, enables OEMs to inspect the provenance of their code and every single software asset that comes into their overall supply chains to ensure their products are both secure and updated with the most reliant software.

With over 150,000 publicly reported vulnerabilities as of mid-July 2021, creating software for a contemporary automobile is significantly easier said than done. Hundreds of third-party software modules may be included in a complicated piece of software for a vehicle entertainment system. Failure to examine and update each piece of software leaves vulnerabilities accessible for hackers to exploit.

BlackBerry Jarvis 2.0 addresses the requirement to discover and remediate vulnerabilities by recognising them and then offering meaningful actionable insights in minutes - something that would otherwise need human scanning, which would require a huge number of experts and an inordinate amount of time.

"A number of cybersecurity legislative developments and standards, such as UNECE WP.29 and SBOM, are on the horizon, which will allow authorities to charge penalties or shut down operations totally for noncompliance." "As a result, the moment has come for OEMs to get control of their whole code base," stated Adam Boulton, Chief Technology Officer, BlackBerry Technology Solutions. "Don't stand by and watch as a bad actor exploits a vulnerability that could have far-reaching implications." With the release of BlackBerry Jarvis 2.0, embedded software developers and integrators now have an easy-to-use and dependable software composition analysis tool to assist them in meeting their cybersecurity objectives with efficiency and confidence.

"Securing embedded devices at the firmware layer is becoming an essential aspect of device security management as software supply chains get more complicated and cyberattacks become more sophisticated. BlackBerry has transformed years of knowledge and experience in embedded device security into an excellent, feature-rich tool for software binary analysis with Jarvis 2.0."

- Hiten Shah, Senior Analyst, Frost & Sullivan's TechVision

About BlackBerry
BlackBerry is a global provider of sophisticated security software and services to businesses and governments. The company protects over 500 million endpoints, including 195 million cars. The company, based in Waterloo, Ontario, uses AI and machine learning to create new solutions in the fields of cybersecurity, safety, and data privacy, and is a leader in endpoint security, endpoint management, encryption, and embedded systems. BlackBerry's aim is simple: to ensure a connected future you can rely on.



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