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Appy Pie Unveils Free ChatGPT Plugin for Effortless App Creation

Prnewswire | June 02, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Appy Pie Unveils Free ChatGPT Plugin for Effortless App Creation

Appy Pie, a leading no-code app development platform, has announced the launch of its GPT-4 powered ChatGPT plugin that'll help users create fully functional Android and iOS apps with conversational AI in easy steps. The ChatGPT plugin is currently available to all ChatGPT Plus users for free.

Appy Pie's app builder plugin for ChatGPT is powered by GPT-4, which enables the platform to generate customized apps based on the user's requirements.

Once the plugin is installed by the users, all they need to do is describe their app ideas and specifications on GPT-4, following which, the plugin will instantly convert the text inputs into a fully-functional mobile application. Once the app is created, users can access the Appy Pie App Builder platform where they can further customize, test and launch their apps.

"We are excited to launch our plugin for ChatGPT. Our mission is to democratize app development and make it accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to build an app, regardless of their coding skills. Our plugin for ChatGPT is a major step towards making this a reality, and we look forward to seeing the amazing apps that our users will create," said Abhinav Girdhar, Founder and CEO of Appy Pie. "We are taking a big step towards achieving our goal by making app development as simple as describing your app idea."

The ChatGPT plugin is designed to streamline the app development process and make it accessible to everyone. By facilitating instant app creation, the Appy Pie plugin will significantly reduce app development time and will be particularly useful for users with little to no technical skills.

About Appy Pie

Appy Pie, a Trademark of Appy Pie LLP, is a no-code development platform that helps transform business ideas into reality without technical knowledge. It is an all-inclusive suite of the best no-code tools like an app builder, website builder, workflow automation platform, graphic design software, chatbot builder, help desk software, and live chat software. Appy Pie's App Maker has been recognized as one of the highest-rated app builders globally (G2) for its unique features, ease of use, and affordability, and is considered one of the most comprehensive no-code application development software for businesses of all sizes (Capterra). Appy Pie is also the fastest-growing cloud-based DIY Mobile App Builder in the world (GetApp).


Altair RapidMiner is unrivaled in its ability to eliminate the organizational friction between people, the technical friction between tools, and the financial friction between aspiration and reality. Our solutions empower your employees, regardless of their skill level, to master the analytics lifecycle, from data ingestion and modeling to operationalization and reporting. Our platform delivers the tools you need to go from idea to insight. The result is a data analytics ecosystem that meets you where you are, and evolves with you, wherever you go in the future.


Altair RapidMiner is unrivaled in its ability to eliminate the organizational friction between people, the technical friction between tools, and the financial friction between aspiration and reality. Our solutions empower your employees, regardless of their skill level, to master the analytics lifecycle, from data ingestion and modeling to operationalization and reporting. Our platform delivers the tools you need to go from idea to insight. The result is a data analytics ecosystem that meets you where you are, and evolves with you, wherever you go in the future.

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Adobe's Creative Cloud Revolution: AI Magic in Photoshop and More

Adobe | September 15, 2023

Adobe has introduced a groundbreaking AI-powered Creative Cloud release, integrating generative AI capabilities into its suite of creative applications, including Photoshop and Illustrator. The company has also launched Adobe Express Premium and the Firefly web application, along with AI enhancements in Premiere Pro and After Effects. These additions aim to enhance creativity and empower users to explore new creative avenues. Since the beta launch of generative AI features in Illustrator and Adobe Express, users have generated over two billion creations using Firefly-powered technology. These capabilities are now accessible to both free and paid Creative Cloud members. Starting immediately, Creative Cloud paid plans include the Firefly web application, which serves as a creative playground for AI-assisted expression, and Express Premium, a comprehensive creativity app featuring new generative AI Text to Image and Text Effects functions. These features streamline asset import, editing, and synchronization across applications, facilitating quick content creation for social media and scaling brand content creation. Ashley Still, Senior Vice President of Digital Media at Adobe, emphasized that AI innovation empowers creators and signifies a new era of creativity with AI integration across Creative Cloud applications. Adobe has also introduced Generative credits, a credit-based model for generative AI across its offerings. These credits allow customers to transform text-based prompts into images and vector creations in Photoshop, Illustrator, Express, and Firefly. Generative credits are now included with Firefly, Express Premium, and Creative Cloud paid plans. The latest AI-powered Creative Cloud releases feature generative AI capabilities in Photoshop and Illustrator, offering functions like generative fill, generative expand, and generative recolor. Premiere Pro boasts new AI features such as automatic filler word detection, noise removal from voice recordings, and improved editing speed. After Effects introduces a 3D workspace for seamless integration of 3D models and an AI-enhanced Roto Brush for precise object removal from footage. The Firefly web application provides creative generative AI modules for generating images, applying styles or textures to text, recoloring artwork, and supporting text prompts in over 100 languages. Adobe Express Premium now offers Text to Image and Text Effects features for easy access to and editing of creative assets from Photoshop and Illustrator, along with PDF import and enhancement capabilities. To support this new AI-driven ecosystem, Adobe has revised its pricing structure, with price increases scheduled for specific Creative Cloud plans in select regions starting on November 1, 2023. Free Creative Cloud users will also receive monthly Generative Credits, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan for $4.99 per month once their initial allocation is depleted. The integration of AI in Adobe's Creative Cloud may lead to concerns about overreliance on automation, potentially reducing the human touch in creative work. Some users might also worry about increased subscription costs due to the introduction of generative credits. On the flip side, AI integration opens up new creative possibilities, making it easier for designers to experiment and innovate. It streamlines workflows, enhances productivity, and provides access to powerful AI tools, ultimately empowering users to achieve more in their creative endeavors.

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Profitero Launches Industry’s First Chat-Based AI Assistant Integrated with Commerce Analytics

Businesswire | August 07, 2023

Global commerce acceleration company Profitero today announced the launch of “Ask Profitero,” a chat-based assistant that combines generative AI and commerce analytics so brands can quickly democratize digital shelf optimization at scale. Today, brands often struggle to activate their valuable retail performance data due to the need for extensive analytical skills and resources. Using the latest conversational models, Ask Profitero converts detailed reports into simple, actionable insights accessible to anyone through their AI assistant. Omnichannel commerce teams can use the solution to query their closed instance of Profitero's commerce intelligence offering, including digital shelf analytics for 1,000 global retailers, Amazon market share data, and predictive content optimization insights. “Given the overwhelming amount of product and retailer data available, we must optimize how we analyze, visualize and make decisions,” said Todd Hassenfelt, Global Digital Commerce Director, Strategy & Execution at Colgate-Palmolive. “Profitero’s incredibly clever, well engineered application of generative AI helps brands of any size quickly discover actionable insights without being burdened by complex reports, all while balancing the needs of data privacy. This tool has the potential to help digital leaders elevate their companies' understanding of commerce performance to assist in unlocking investment for successful strategies.” Ask Profitero performs two primary capabilities – quickly curating actionable insights from digital shelf and market share data as well as producing AI generated content for retailer websites from Profitero’s trusted predictive analytics suite, all within the brand’s private environment. For example, a sales manager can use Ask Profitero to easily understand all products losing market share and identify the root causes, such as issues with product availability, search or negative reviews, while at the same time isolating the factors causing competitors to gain share. A marketer can swiftly identify top searched-for keywords in their category and in minutes, generate optimized titles to boost organic search rank and conversion. Innovation teams can rapidly synthesize consumer reviews to surface new product ideas. “AI is only as smart as the data you feed it. At Profitero, we have the advantage of being able to build an incredibly smart and reliable solution because we’re starting with our best in class analytics from more than 1,000 retailers in more than 50 countries,” said Bryan Wiener, Profitero’s CEO. “Combining our data quality and scale with AI’s ability to simplify complex data will drive transformative growth for brands.” About Profitero Profitero is the leading global commerce acceleration company offering a flexible suite of intelligence-driven solutions so that brands can grow profitably. Their integrated digital shelf analytics, shelf-intelligent activation and advisory services empower brands to optimize product availability, discoverability, and maximize conversions across 1000+ retailers in 50 countries. Profitero’s Open Commerce Ecosystem makes it possible for retailers, agencies and tech providers to combine digital shelf data insights with their own solutions, eliminating data gaps and unlocking incremental value for brands. To learn more, visit

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Digitate’s New Generative AI Capability Unlocks Innovation and Delivers Greater Agility Across Enterprises

Businesswire | August 03, 2023

Digitate, a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise software for IT and business operations, today strengthened its AI offerings with the launch of new generative AI capabilities, empowering organizations to accelerate their automation agenda with a context-aware knowledge accelerator and maximize user experience using an integrated AI-powered assistant. ignio™ - Digitate's flagship AIOps product – has long been at the forefront of combining AI and automation to propel enterprises toward autonomous operations. By leveraging large language models (LLMs) to extract information from various sources, it creates a comprehensive enterprise context, gaining a deep understanding of each organization's unique environment, challenges, and objectives. This context-aware approach allows ignio™ to optimize automation through situation and technology-specific actions, delivering tailored and efficient solutions that fuel enterprise agility, resiliency, and innovation. "At Digitate, our mission is to empower enterprises with state-of-the-art technologies to help them deliver on their business commitments. With the introduction of the Knowledge Accelerator and AI Assist, we are proud to lead the industry toward a new era of autonomous operations and exceptional user experiences,” said Akhilesh Tripathi, CEO of Digitate. “These cutting-edge features powered by Generative AI exemplify our commitment to driving innovation and value for our customers." Elevating Automation Knowledge and Technology Models with the Knowledge Accelerator ignio™ has been using Natural Language Processing and Text Mining tools for context and knowledge creation from structured and unstructured data sources. Using the power of generative AI, ignio™ can now boost the Knowledge Accelerator to capture enterprise context, technology models, and generate last-mile automation such as resource provisioning, service configurations, and patch management. This allows ignio™ to easily adapt to technological changes and accelerate the automation of lifecycle-specific service operations on-the-fly. By offering bespoke, context-aware technologies, ignio™ ensures that each organization benefits from optimal performance and efficiency. The Knowledge Accelerator marks a new era in automation knowledge generation, enabling enterprises to achieve unmatched operational excellence on their autonomous journey. Achieving Enhanced User Experience with the AI Assist Digitate has been delivering enhanced user experience with explainable intelligence, customized reporting, and notifications, among others. Now, Digitate is taking user experience to the next level with its new AI Assist, an intelligent conversation engine designed to offer plain language explanations of diagnosis and resolutions, as well as insights for continuous improvements generated by ignio™. The AI Assist embodies a seamless human-machine interaction paradigm, leveraging generative AI’s ability to understand language, capture context, and learn from feedback. As a result, it presents analytics insights in a much simpler and intuitive way, leading to faster incident resolutions and proactive problem management. Through the AI Assist, ignio™ becomes an invaluable ally to users, guiding them through intricate processes, helping them sift through countless analytics insights and make data-driven decisions with confidence and ease. The AI Assist marks a significant leap forward in collaboration between humans and AI, enhancing productivity and streamlining operations for enterprises. About Digitate Digitate is a leading software provider bringing agility, assurance, and resiliency to IT and business operations. Digitate’s flagship product, ignio™, is an award-winning AIOps solution that reimagines the enterprise business landscape with its distinctive closed-loop approach. It combines context, insights, and intelligent automation to resolve and prevent issues autonomously. Our customers span multiple industries and include global enterprises that are leaders and innovators. To stay up to date on ignio™ news and learn how our clients across the globe have benefited from our innovative solutions, visit us at and follow Digitate on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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