Algolia launches new AI models in spring 2022 to boost businesses' user engagement

Algolia | June 07, 2022

In its Recommend Spring Release 2022, Algolia, the leading API-First Search & Discovery platform, introduced new AI (artificial intelligence) models and features. Algolia Recommend and Algolia Search, which process over 30 billion search requests every week, allow any modern business with an online presence to enhance their end-discovery user's journey by quickly linking them with the most relevant, actionable recommendations.

Algolia Recommend introduces powerful AI models that are powered by behavioral insights and are privacy-aware with this latest release. Customers can quickly put their most relevant and up-to-date material in motion for end-users thanks to Algolia's lightning-fast indexing capabilities. With its no-code/low-code tools, Algolia Recommend can be created and deployed in as little as four days. If developers want to fine-tune their implementation even further, they can dig behind the hood.

"As shoppers we have an expectation that there will be recommendations on category pages, PDPs (product detail pages), and checkout pages. It speeds up our discovery of the most relevant products, and for the brands themselves, it increases average order value, conversion rates, and repeat visitors. We're focused on having the best quality recommendations and making it easy for our customers to implement across their web properties. Algolia Recommend Spring Release 2022 helps organizations anticipate their users' wants and needs, and recommends the right content to reach them within milliseconds."

Bernadette Nixon, chief executive officer, Algolia

According to a recent Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact research, Algolia's ranking algorithm boosted the relevance of search results by 40 percent to 50 percent, particularly among mobile customers.

"IDC expects the intelligent knowledge discovery software market to grow to $11.3 billion in revenue in 2025 with a CAGR of 26.4% over the next four years," said Hayley Sutherland, senior research analyst, Conversational AI and Intelligent Knowledge Discovery at IDC. "In this space, Algolia's Search and Discovery Platform, and particularly its Algolia Recommend Spring Release 2022, has the potential to play a significant role in unlocking previously 'hidden' data and making content available for organizational decision making."


US e-commerce sales surpassed $300 billion in the year 2014, paving way for many radical changes in the e-commerce space in 2015. In the last couple of years, brick and mortar stores have witnessed a decline in sales, pushing them to either go online to retain customers or suffer the consequences of running at a loss. Deciding to go online alone does not guarantee success-having the right tools and understanding the business of e-commerce is extremely important to have successful revenue generation.


US e-commerce sales surpassed $300 billion in the year 2014, paving way for many radical changes in the e-commerce space in 2015. In the last couple of years, brick and mortar stores have witnessed a decline in sales, pushing them to either go online to retain customers or suffer the consequences of running at a loss. Deciding to go online alone does not guarantee success-having the right tools and understanding the business of e-commerce is extremely important to have successful revenue generation.

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Nextech AR Launches Groundbreaking AI Powered SaaS Software Platform “Toggle3D” For Rapidly Growing CAD-3D Model Market

Nextech AR | September 23, 2022

Nextech AR Solutions Corp. , a Metaverse Company and leading provider of augmented reality (“AR”) experience technologies and 3D model services is pleased to announce it has launched its groundbreaking Toggle3D, a new AI powered SaaS platform that enables the creation, design, configuration and deployment of 3D models at scale. The Company sees this launch as a major milestone on its way to becoming the dominant 3D model platform and looks forward to Toggle3D becoming a new high margin engine of growth. Toggle3D is a standalone web application which enables product designers, 3D artists, marketing professionals and eCommerce site owners to create, customize and publish high-quality 3D models and experiences without any technical or 3D design knowledge required. The Company believes that Toggle3D is the first platform of its kind, and this break-through SaaS product is a potential game changer for the manufacturing and design industry, as it provides a viable solution to convert large CAD files into lightweight 3D models at affordable prices and at scale. CAD is a function of product engineering. Industrial designers, working for product manufacturers, use CAD software like AutoCAD, and SolidWorks to design many of the products in the modern world. The Toggle3D platform leveraged AI so those raw CAD files can be converted to photo realistic, fully textured 3D models at scale. Toggle3D technology creates optimized 3D meshes that are suitable for 3D and AR applications. The use of CAD files is ubiquitous across manufacturing verticals including; automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, civil and construction, electrical & electronics, pharmaceutical, healthcare, consumer goods and others. According to BIS Research, the CAD market, quantified by the amount spent on the creation of CAD files, is $11 billion dollars by 2023.1...the Company sees substantial use cases. Toggle3D uses Nextech AR’s patent pending technology AI (enabling the conversion of CAD files into 3D models at scale) as well as the Company’s ARitize Configurator product. Creators can easily transform their CAD files into 3D models, or bring their existing 3D models into the platform. Within the platform, creators will be able to conduct 3 types of projects which are all templatized for a fantastic user experience: 3D Product Configurators, Virtual Photography, and Product Demos being rolled out over the next few weeks. To rapidly gain early adopters, Toggle3D will be available both through a free trial and pro SaaS license. A free license will give users just enough functionality to try out the platform and experiment with the technology. By upgrading to a pro plan, users will be granted full access to the entire platform. This includes unlimited projects, more materials, larger file uploads, more storage, and other advanced editing tools. It is a completely self-serve platform, that contains an extensive pre-built library of high-quality over 1000 PBR materials. Toggle3D makes things easy, with a friendly user interface that works for the user and makes the entire 3D journey seamless and predictable. The user is fully in control of their design output. Yesterday, CEO Evan Gappelberg joined the Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK for a livestream event, where he discussed the new Toggle3D product and provided a live demo of the platform. About ARitize Configurator ARitize Configurator was previously only available as a managed service but now is also available as a self-serve product through the Toggle3D platform. To use the product configurator within Toggle3D, a user is required to bring a CAD file or an existing 3D model. Once the 3D model is created or uploaded, the configurator tool makes it easy and seamless to change the colors, materials, and individual parts all in engaging real-time 3D. About Nextech AR Nextech AR Solutions is the engine accelerating the growth of the Metaverse. Using breakthrough AI, Nextech AR is able to quickly, easily and affordably ARitize (transform) vast quantities and varieties of existing assets at scale making products, people and places ready for interactive 3D use, giving creators at every level all the essential tools they need to build out their digital AR vision in the Metaverse. Our platform agnostic tools allow brands, educators, students, manufacturers, creators, and technologists to create immersive, interactive and the most photo-realistic 3D assets and digital environments, compose AR experiences, and publish them omnichannel. With a full suite of end-to-end AR solutions in 3D Commerce, Education, Events, and Industrial Manufacturing, Nextech AR is in a unique position to meet the needs of the world’s biggest brands and all Metaverse contributors.

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Botminds Document AI is Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Botminds AI | July 26, 2022

Botminds AI, today announced the availability of Botminds Document AI platform in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications, and services for use on Azure. Botminds' customers can now take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management. Botminds is the World's first integrated platform for Document Understanding/Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). Botminds provides AI-powered solutions that read and understand documents, a search engine to query any document, enriched document analytics, and end-to-end document-based process automation. Our customers experience - Improved turn-around-time by 80%, reduced cost by 70% and an improvement in their operational efficiency by 90%, within weeks. Our custom AI models, help organizations transform data into intelligent actionable insights. "Our aim is to make Botminds AI platform as the de-facto Document AI platform for enterprises in their transition from RPA to a more empowered Intelligent Automation(IA) world," said Gokul Ganapathi, CEO of Botminds. "Making Botminds available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a key step in this mission. From now on, getting started with Botminds AI to automate so far untouched document-centric processes is super simple for enterprises already on Microsoft Azure." "Through Microsoft Azure Marketplace, customers around the world can easily find, buy, and deploy partner solutions they can trust, all certified and optimized to run on Azure," said Jake Zborowski, General Manager, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. "We're happy to welcome Botminds AI solution to the growing Azure Marketplace ecosystem." The Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure. The Azure Marketplace helps connect companies seeking innovative, cloud-based solutions with partners who have developed solutions that are ready to use. About Botminds AI Founded in 2015, we at Botminds AI chase the research happening at the intersection of Deep Learning & NLP continuously, so you don't have to. We have built our own semantic engine, developed on top of state-of-the-art algorithms/networks. A vertically integrated horizontal platform that has been recognized as the one-stop solution for any document-centric processes and the most user-friendly platform by our clients. We are headquartered in Seattle, WA, USA, with our R&D center in Chennai, India.

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SysAid launches AI Service Desk, a chatbot on Microsoft Teams

SysAid | June 30, 2022

A conversational chatbot within Microsoft Teams that is powered by SysAid's IT automation capabilities has just been launched, according to the leading provider of IT service automation SysAid. The AI-powered service desk improves the employee experience while reducing the amount of time that employees and IT specialists spend on ticket resolution. It also enhances productivity and frees them up to concentrate on creating new business value. Due to changing workplaces, organizations are dealing with two problems. Following the Great Resignation, organizations have made empowering people a top priority. As a result, employees have higher expectations and want to get the help they need whenever and wherever they need it, including IT service. However, the shift to remote and hybrid work provided a significant problem for IT teams due to the proliferation of cloud-native environments, multiple devices connected to business systems, and numerous app integrations. The reality of hybrid work is continuously changing, which has raised the workload for IT departments, overwhelmed personnel, prolonged resolution times, and heightened employee resentment. Both issues are addressed by the new AI Service Desk, ensuring that employees have the experience they want and removing the obstacles IT teams face in trying to keep up with employee demands. With Microsoft Teams, a platform that has experienced remarkable growth and has over 270 million users worldwide, employees are given the ability to design and manage their IT service demands. Employees can easily and quickly resolve IT issues thanks to the employee-centric service desk, which autonomously calculates the necessary steps, routes and escalates tickets, automates activities, and activates workflows to answer requests. In addition, the Microsoft Teams bot will soon get NLP (Natural Language Processing) driven features that will allow it to respond to staff inquiries based on knowledge base articles. "We have been working hand in hand with IT professionals from every industry for many years, and are acutely aware of the shifting challenges facing our customers, with high-volume low-value tasks bogging IT teams down. Automation and self-service capabilities are not only the key to letting IT teams get back to creating new value, they are the only feasible method of adapting to whatever changes the future of work may hold. We are proud to bring this critical tool to our customers, enabling them to scale in any work environment." Sarah Lahav, CEO of SysAid In order to focus on their own responsibilities and speed up the successful settlement of IT issues, employees may now open, manage, update, monitor, and close tickets without ever leaving their work surroundings. Additionally, the AI Service Desk gives IT departments the ability to inspect, safeguard, and manage their assets directly from SysAid's service desk, increasing organizational visibility and improving the administrative experience.

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