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Agiloft Launches AI Trainer to Put the Power of Artificial Intelligence Into the Hands of Non-Technical Users

Prnewswire | August 16, 2023 | Sponsored | Read time : 06:00 min

Agiloft Launches AI Trainer to Put the Power

Agiloft, the global standard in agile contract lifecycle management (CLM), today announced the release of AI Trainer, a powerful, new AI model training capability that will empower non-technical users to fully customize the way they review and analyze contracts. Designed to be a force multiplier for legal and contract teams, AI Trainer empowers non-technical, subject matter experts to train Agiloft's AI to identify important key terms and clauses, so they can quickly analyze and draw actionable insights from their contracts, then share that business-critical intelligence with the rest of their organization to drive real enterprise value. Agiloft's AI Trainer also actively accelerates its own training process by continuously learning and then auto-suggesting additional relevant data for users to consider tagging.

"No two contracts are quite alike, nor are any two organizations. That is why relying on pre-trained, generic AI models alone simply does not get the job done," explained Agiloft's Chief Product Officer Andy Wishart. "We are introducing AI Trainer to ensure more organizations can use our best-of-breed AI to surface, analyze, and report on their contracts effectively. This provides legal and contracting teams with an easy-to-use, self-service tool that helps them codify their expertise to enhance the automation of the contracting process. AI Trainer empowers the very teams who are closest to the contracting process and gives them a way to train and individualize the systems they use to uncover and categorize key terms and clauses in their contracts."

Unlike other AI solutions on the market, AI Trainer is designed to put the power of artificial intelligence fully into the hands of non-technical users. In keeping with the entire Agiloft platform, AI Trainer offers users a no-code environment to create their own AI models to better automate the process of reviewing large numbers of contracts. This will accelerate contract review cycles and help organizations reveal the valuable information that can otherwise be trapped in their contracts.

"CLM should be viewed as an enterprise solution, rather than just legal technology, so a legal department's partners – in sales, procurement, and finance – need to be able to easily find and interact with the invaluable data that is contained within their contracts," adds Eric Laughlin, Agiloft's CEO. "Using AI to identify party names, dates, and common clauses is necessary but insufficient. The organizations that create competitive advantage will be those who are able to extract and use the information that is uniquely valuable to their environment and unlikely to be covered by pre-trained models – for example legal and commercial terms unique to their industry niche or company. That's why we are so excited for our customers to use AI trainer – it puts that power in their hands."

AI Trainer enables users to easily create custom AI models to examine business-specific elements of their contracts, including clauses, important key terms, and obligations that will help them to monitor risk, performance, and compliance. The outcome is a rapid, individualized model of an organization's contracts, which enables teams to surface potential risks before they become problems, identify opportunities for competitive advantage, and ensure compliance across a range of regulations.

To learn more about how the new Agiloft AI Trainer can transform your company's contract intelligence, visit our website or join our 2023 Summer Release webinar to see the technology first hand.

About Agiloft

As the global leader in agile contract lifecycle management (CLM) software, and the only CLM provider to offer a money-back guarantee on their software, Agiloft is trusted to provide significant savings in purchasing, enable more efficient legal operations, and accelerate sales cycles, all while drastically lowering compliance risk. Agiloft's adaptable no-code platform ensures rapid deployment and a fully extensible system. Using contracts as the core system of commercial record, Agiloft's CLM software leverages AI in a pragmatic manner to improve contract management for legal departments, procurement, and sales operations. Visit for more.


Deep learning has several applications in a range of industries. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable deep-learning applications:


Deep learning has several applications in a range of industries. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable deep-learning applications:

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Eccentex Announces New HyperAutomation and AI Services

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Eccentex, an industry leading No-code / Low-code development platform and process automation software company, announced today the EAP Availability of new Generative AI capabilities that will shape the future of Case Management. These new AI capabilities will fundamentally change the way companies managing customer related cases and tasks today - said Tibor Vass CMO of Eccentex. Eccentex introduced 20+ new AI features as part of its new HyperAutomation Cloud platform and recently trademarked HyperAutomation as a Service™ (HaaS) offer that creates a new category in the Business Automation Market. With this new platform and innovative offer, Eccentex is moving from Low-Code development to a No-Code development method, that further accelerates agility and widens the horizon of all Business Automation capabilities. With the help of Eccentex AI Services companies can create new business processes based on simple text line inputs, such as - "Create a new customer onboarding process for a large size Retail Bank" >> [Invent] - and ingest the auto-generated application model directly to the HyperAutomation Cloud engine without writing a single line of code or using a visual process editor. Responding to a customer email – even if it is complex, contains multiple requests, needs interaction history and contextual awareness – is now easier than ever. Eccentex customers can leverage the incredible AI powered Auto Responder feature to create a fully personalized answer to any email or text input in any language in only a few seconds. Back Office agents can handle more requests, answer more questions, resolve complex issues faster and with less errors. The platform level Eccentex AI services can be embedded in many different use cases from case management, sentiment and intent analytics, knowledge management, interaction personalization, sensitive personal information masking, key data extraction, agent assistance, fraud prevention, and so on. Eccentex HyperAutomation Cloud is a platform that can be easily integrated with 3rd party applications or customer owned / homegrown systems through platform level open APIs. HyperAutomation Cloud is equipped with out-of-box and easily customizable adapters that can help speed up and simplify integrations. About Eccentex Eccentex delivers cloud-based Business Automation capabilities to customers of all sizes across all industries for customer service modernization, journey orchestration and back-office automation. Eccentex's flexible and unified HyperAutomation Cloud platform empowers businesses to rapidly deploy, easily extend and effortlessly change business applications to meet their strategic goals and keep up with the ever-changing customer needs. Throughout its history, Eccentex has delivered award-winning capabilities in Dynamic Case Management and Business Process Automation to help the world's leading brands and government entities to achieve breakthrough results in the short term. With Eccentex, businesses can achieve their Digital Transformation goals without sacrificing human centricity. Customers will enjoy the new automated process and self-service experiences while brand employees will be better motivated and freed up from boring, repetitive tasks.

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Zoom Unveils AI Companion to Boost Productivity, Control, and Privacy

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Zoom introduces an AI companion at no extra cost, enhancing collaboration and productivity for paid users. The generative AI-powered assistant, AI companion, offers real-time capabilities across Zoom's platform. Zoom prioritizes customer privacy, ensures the AI companion is user-controlled, and focuses on delivering value and innovation. Zoom Video Communications, Inc. has unveiled the Zoom AI Companion, formerly known as Zoom IQ, a generative AI digital assistant, as part of its ongoing mission to enhance collaboration and productivity. The AI Companion is now included at no extra cost for users with paid Zoom accounts, reinforcing Zoom's commitment to facilitating human connection and boosting productivity. The company has also rebranded its conversational intelligence software, Zoom IQ for Sales, as Zoom Revenue Accelerator. Zoom's generative AI capabilities, introduced in June, have already benefited numerous companies through free trials of Team Chat Compose and Meeting Summary. In the coming months, Zoom will expand its generative AI offering with the launch of AI Companion, available at no additional cost to paid Zoom user accounts. Zoom's approach to AI is federated, combining its own large language models with third-party models such as Meta Llama 2, OpenAI, and Anthropic. This approach ensures high-quality results and cost-effectiveness. AI Companion will be integrated into various aspects of the Zoom platform, including meetings, team chat, phone, email, and whiteboard, with additional features in development. Zoom aims to deliver tangible benefits to users and disrupt the industry's pricing model. Smita Hashim, chief product officer at Zoom stated, We are transcending the hype in generative AI by delivering tangible products and disrupting the industry’s pricing model, making it easy for businesses and people like you and me to leverage generative AI’s full benefits in our day-to-day work and their foundation was based on doing what's right for their customers. She expressed her firm belief in providing the Zoom AI Companion at no additional cost to their paid Zoom user accounts, as it offers tremendous value in the face of today's challenges. She conveyed her excitement about customers and users starting to use the AI Companion and mentioned a strong roadmap for further innovation, which is underpinned by a commitment to responsible AI. [Source: Globe Newswire] Zoom prioritizes customer privacy and emphasizes that it does not use customer content to train AI models. AI Companion is turned off by default, allowing account owners and administrators to enable AI features according to their preferences. This approach gives users control and visibility over AI usage. AI Companion streamlines collaboration and productivity by automating tasks and removing distractions. It offers real-time AI capabilities, such as faster meeting recording access, chat message drafting, and chat thread summarization. In the future, it will provide real-time feedback on meeting participation and coaching on communication skills. Zoom Whiteboard users will benefit from AI Companion's help in generating and categorizing ideas, with image generation and whiteboard template population planned for spring 2024. Zoom Mail users can expect draft email suggestions, and Zoom Phone will support SMS threads and call summarization. By spring 2024, users will have a conversational interface to interact with AI Companion, helping with tasks like pre-meeting preparation, in-meeting support, and post-meeting summaries. The user-friendly interface allows seamless integration within Zoom Meetings, Team Chat, and Whiteboard workflows. Zoom's AI Companion represents a significant step in enhancing collaboration and productivity for its users, aligning with the company's mission to empower people through technology.

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