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Adobe's Creative Cloud Revolution: AI Magic in Photoshop and More


Adobe has introduced a groundbreaking AI-powered Creative Cloud release, integrating generative AI capabilities into its suite of creative applications, including Photoshop and Illustrator. The company has also launched Adobe Express Premium and the Firefly web application, along with AI enhancements in Premiere Pro and After Effects. These additions aim to enhance creativity and empower users to explore new creative avenues.

Since the beta launch of generative AI features in Illustrator and Adobe Express, users have generated over two billion creations using Firefly-powered technology. These capabilities are now accessible to both free and paid Creative Cloud members.

Starting immediately, Creative Cloud paid plans include the Firefly web application, which serves as a creative playground for AI-assisted expression, and Express Premium, a comprehensive creativity app featuring new generative AI Text to Image and Text Effects functions. These features streamline asset import, editing, and synchronization across applications, facilitating quick content creation for social media and scaling brand content creation.

Ashley Still, Senior Vice President of Digital Media at Adobe, emphasized that AI innovation empowers creators and signifies a new era of creativity with AI integration across Creative Cloud applications.

Adobe has also introduced Generative credits, a credit-based model for generative AI across its offerings. These credits allow customers to transform text-based prompts into images and vector creations in Photoshop, Illustrator, Express, and Firefly. Generative credits are now included with Firefly, Express Premium, and Creative Cloud paid plans.

The latest AI-powered Creative Cloud releases feature generative AI capabilities in Photoshop and Illustrator, offering functions like generative fill, generative expand, and generative recolor. Premiere Pro boasts new AI features such as automatic filler word detection, noise removal from voice recordings, and improved editing speed. After Effects introduces a 3D workspace for seamless integration of 3D models and an AI-enhanced Roto Brush for precise object removal from footage.

The Firefly web application provides creative generative AI modules for generating images, applying styles or textures to text, recoloring artwork, and supporting text prompts in over 100 languages.

Adobe Express Premium now offers Text to Image and Text Effects features for easy access to and editing of creative assets from Photoshop and Illustrator, along with PDF import and enhancement capabilities.

To support this new AI-driven ecosystem, Adobe has revised its pricing structure, with price increases scheduled for specific Creative Cloud plans in select regions starting on November 1, 2023. Free Creative Cloud users will also receive monthly Generative Credits, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan for $4.99 per month once their initial allocation is depleted.

The integration of AI in Adobe's Creative Cloud may lead to concerns about overreliance on automation, potentially reducing the human touch in creative work. Some users might also worry about increased subscription costs due to the introduction of generative credits.

On the flip side, AI integration opens up new creative possibilities, making it easier for designers to experiment and innovate. It streamlines workflows, enhances productivity, and provides access to powerful AI tools, ultimately empowering users to achieve more in their creative endeavors.



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