September 29-30, 2019
Saudi Arabia
GCC plans to invest billions of Dollars in AI and Automation till 2030, as the technologies have an increasingly significant role in the Digital Transformation of the Middle East.Senior executives from the MENA regionstrongly believe that these technologies have the most potential in the near future. The Governments of the GCC Countries have mandated automation in their departments to drive efficiency, innovation and thereby growth of the economy. An advanced IT Infrastructure in the Energy Sector attracts investors and escalates the competiveness of the industry in Global Markets. To decipher the best solutions and understand the simple intricacies of adoption of the Technologies, Anficon Events presents a platform specially designed to open up opportunities for dialogues with the pioneers of RPA and AI technology. The conference will introduce a plethora of solutions and most importantly give an expert insight into the workings of the technology and its successful implementation globally.