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Top 5 Data Visualization JavaScript Libraries in 2021

January 20, 2021 / MAHIPAL NEHRA

When you work with data, the most prominent challenge is picking the right manner to represent data in a readable format. With proper visualization, it becomes easier to convey the message present in the analyzed data. The best choice, in this case, is to use Data Visualization.

By definition, data visualization is the graphical representation of the data and information. Using elements like maps, charts, graphs, etc. gives an easier view to understanding the patterns, trends, outliers, and performance.

But, choosing the right tool for visualization can become difficult with the number of choices made available in the market. To save you from the trial and error method for finding the tool that works amazingly, here is the list of the best JavaScript libraries that are about to simplify the way you used to interact with data. 

Apart from these libraries, there are some tools for javascript which you can learn about and get more advanced with data visualization.

Best JavaScript Libraries For Data Visualization

For assisting you in getting started with data visualization in any application, here is the list of the top 5 libraries of JavaScript that you can get started with. 

  1. D3js

D3 (Data-Driven Documents) is among the most popular javascript libraries. It is not only limited to the visualization of data but also helps in data analytics, data utilities, animations, and geo. It works regardless of the JavaScript frameworks being used. D3 uses SVG, CSS, and HTML to create visualization as per web standards. Some of the benefits of using D3js include large dataset support, flexibility, and transition functionality. 

  1. C3js

Combination Chart or C3 is based on D3 and provides reusable chart libraries for applications. C3 offers a class to each element to help in defining a custom style that can later extend structure from D3. One of the major benefits of using C3js is that you can even update the rendered chart. 

  1. ReCharts

Similar to C3, ReCharts also uses D3 while expressing declarative components. Being lightweight and rendering on SVG elements, it helps in creating stunning charts. The library consists of some beautiful chart examples. Moreover, the charts here can also be customized according to needs. It is great for static charts but can lag with multiple animations. With an intuitive API, it becomes highly powerful and responsive. 

  1. CanvasJS

Canvas is an HTML5 and JavaScript chart library that’s easy to use. It smoothly runs on different platforms with 100,000+ data points. It comes with four default themes that can be greatly suitable for different conditions. Canvas charts provide high performance, fast developer support, and do not depend on other libraries. 

  1. Highcharts

Based on SVG JS library charts, Highcharts is quite popular among large organizations. Highcharts comes with the entire ecosystem for various project templates. It is even compatible with old browsers. Even the non-developers can use it with ease because of its interactive chart editor. It is being used by popular brands like Microsoft. 


With the help of these javascript libraries, you will find it easy to present a large amount of data visually. What’s more, these will work with any framework.  If you are a non-developer and still want data visualization in your application, then you can easily hire developers with relevant experience out there. 


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