. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/blog/microsoft-azure-portal-may-2019-update/
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This month is packed with updates on the Azure portal, including enhancements to the user experience, resource configuration, management tools and more. Sign in to the Azure portal now and see for yourself everything that’s new. Download the Azure mobile app to stay connected to your Azure resources anytime, anywhere.Here’s the list of May updates to the Azure portal:
User experience Improvements to the Azure portal user experience
Tabbed browsing support for more portal linksIaaS Improved VMSS Diagnostics and troubleshooting with Boot Diagnostics, Serial Console access, and Resource Health Updated VM computer name and Hostname display New full-screen create experience for Azure Container Instances
New integrations for Azure Kubernetes Service
Multiple node pools for Azure Kubernetes Service (preview)StorageAzure Storage Data TransferManagement toolsView change history in Activity Log
Create your first cloud project with confidence
Azure Quickstart Center now generally available
Security CenterChanging a VM group membership on adaptive application controls
Advanced Threat Protection for Azure Storage now generally available
Virtual machine scale set support now generally available
Adaptive network hardening now in public preview
Regulatory Compliance Dashboard in now generally available
Site RecoveryAdd a disk to an already replicated Azure VMEnhancements to Process Server monitoringDynamic Non-Azure groups for Azure Update Management public preview
IntuneUpdates to Microsoft IntuneLet’s look at each of these updates in greater detail.
User experienceImprovements to the Azure portal user experience
Several new improvements this month help enrich your experience in the Azure portal: