Mahipal Nehra

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Mahipal Nehra is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who works with Decipher Zone Software. After spending nearly a decade in the marketing industry and interacting with different technologies, Mahipal has a great interest in writing blogs on different topics. He is a writer in the day and a reader at night. His major interests of reading and writing include Web applications, customer-relationship management, technical trends & insights, operational behavior, data analysis, ranking algorithms, Robotics, AI, and Digital Transformation IT solutions. Mahipal is always centered on sharing information with the one who wants to learn more about the latest trends and updates. His articles have been published on various platforms that are highly appreciated by readers. When he is not busy searching, covering, or thinking about the tech industry, he writes SEO content that converts traffic into customers. His goal is to guide the audience about business, technology, optimization, and other strategies.
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ARTICLES BY mahipal nehra

When you work with data, the most prominent challenge is picking the right manner to represent data in a readable format. With proper visualization, it becomes easier to convey the message present in the analyzed data. The best choice, in this case, is to use Data Visualization.

By definition, data visualization is the graphical representation of the data and information. Using elements like maps, charts, graphs, etc. gives an easier view to understanding the patterns, trends, out...



Decipher Zone Technologies is a service based custom web application development company which is supporting emerging startups with digital transformation. The company is indulged in building ERPs, CRMs, Data visualization, crypto exchange, drone, IOT and blockchain based applications.