How to Market Your AI-powered platform

ADITYA CHAKURKAR | June 22, 2021

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The world of AI-powered businesses is evolving like never before. It’s fast-moving, extremely competitive, and even ruthless at times.

Currently, hundreds of artificial intelligence platforms are being introduced every day and they are reshaping the way businesses conduct different campaigns like social media campaigns, search marketing campaigns, digital marketing campaigns, etc.

With intense competition in this field, only a few manage to reach the top. Some keep on struggling to impress their audience for years while others fail to find the right traction and eventually crumble shortly.

Being a company owner, marketer, or founder, it is essential to keep one thing in mind — people want to buy great products. And, only the most creative, smartest, and strongest all will last. Whether it is a service or product, it must add more value to the day-to-day lives of your customers.

That said, effective marketing for AI-powered platforms in this internet era may seem like finding a needle in a haystack for some. However, it can get an edge and rule this cynical market if you follow the below-mentioned actionable tips. We have discussed with some of the best brand communicators and marketers in the business who have used amazing tactics to survive in this already saturated industry.

Focus More On ROI, Less On Technology

Being an AI-based company or a platform, it's obvious that many tend to get wrapped up in a bunch of technical terms. But the customers don’t care much about it.
Instead of knowing your artificial intelligence tool in and out, they want to know how it can boost their returns on investment.

Yes, it’s good to let them know the technology you have used. But in the end, it’s the service you are selling and any customer would want to make sure if your product can satisfy the following needs:

● Enhance customer relationships
● Minimize business costs
● Simplify the processes
● Reduce the losses
● Get more sales

Your marketing strategy for AI-powered platforms must focus on the major pain points of the customers. After all, knowing if your product is worth the money is the basic thing all businesses and individuals need.

Go Visual To Effectively Market Your Service

Nothing can catch someone’s attention better than the visuals. Humans are visual learners and nothing can beat great visuals when communicating a service or product.

Let your customers take a peek at what’s under the hood of your service. You indeed can get help from gifs, videos, photos, and screenshots to clear some fog. But understanding how the software works is rarely achieved through them. Giving them an idea of how it really works is the key here.

Demonstrating the functionality and interactivity of your platform helps clients understand its operations and ultimately, its potential benefits. Make sure your demo is clear, friendly, and able to help your customers visualize your AI-powered platform in action.

This high-performing marketing strategy has the power to normalize your solution, no matter how complicated it is in reality.

Have A BS-Free Approach

Even though this is a pretty obvious thing to know, it’s worth mentioning here because it is, unfortunately, extremely widespread. You should market your product as an AI-powered one only if it truly revolves around AI.

The concept of artificial intelligence is the new boom in the market and many businesses are tempted to introduce their platform as AI-powered even when it isn’t.

This may look cool in the beginning but avoid doing this as it can cause serious consequences for both investors and customers down the road. Therefore, the marketing for AI-powered platforms should be very tech-specific and long away from even the slightest hint of misleading.

Educate Your Customers On Alternate Options

In general, Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term that comprises several technical approaches. But sadly, only a few of them are mostly touted in the market. “Deep Learning” and “Machine Learning” are to name a few.

How many are there who say they use Robotic Process Automation, AI Optimized Hardware, Decision Management, or Evolutionary Strategies?

The numbers are surprisingly poor. Your marketing for AI-powered platforms should include demonstrations that educate customers on your unique approaches that can benefit their business in terms of finances, eCommerce, digital marketing, etc.

For instance, if your platform is armed with Evolutionary Strategies (ES), let your customers know about it. ES uses a set of candidate solutions for problem-solving. It evaluates the answer depending on a ‘fitness’ function. The survival of the solutions is decided on their performance ratings which improve them generation by generation. The stand out feature of ES is that it does not require tons of clearly labelled data.

Such kind of optimized marketing creates wonders. It cares more about the outcomes customers will get and less about the tech.

Develop A Remarkable Demo

To earn the trust, attention, and eventually the budget of your customer, you need to make the best first impression of your AI-powered platform.

Your product should speak for itself and you can get help from a crisp, condensed and engaging demo for this task. Build a great demonstration of your product to explain how it operates. This will make customers realize how it can be beneficial for their specific needs.

A highly practical and visual demo gives extra information about the product so your customers can understand a broader picture of it. It helps them to draw conclusions about certain facts, functionalities, and potential benefits.

Include Case Studies In Your Demo

Case studies play a vital role when it is about marketing for AI-powered platforms. The fact is, most of your customers are not tech-savvy. And, all those jargon, technical words related to your product are kind of an enigma to them.

Of course, you can use visuals, bulleted points, and other forms to demonstrate the unique features of your product. However, it’s not enough for them until they see how your product helped other customers.

You can count on some of your compelling customer stories to showcase the power of your tool. It not only demonstrates how your platform works in the real world but also helps clients know the tangible value creation.

Arrange Free Consulting Sessions And Webinars For Customers

Marketing for AI-powered platforms should be all about expressing your unique approach and best ideas to the right audience in such a way that they find it valuable, interesting, and game-changing.

Talking directly can make this job a lot easier. Yes, we mean literally talking to your prospective clients. But how can you do that?

It’s simple — through consulting sessions and webinars. Both of these options are highly beneficial as they can

● Answer all the questions customers have
● Create excitement among customers
● Build communities

Such a consultative approach is an integral part of any high-performing marketing strategy because it allows you to serve and not just sell. And on top of everything, it creates a ‘tone of helpfulness’ that promotes trust.

No matter if you have the most unique and powerful ideal in the world, that’s not enough for the success of your company. The right marketing is what you need to make your idea reach the mass. As the artificial intelligence industry is constantly growing and the cutthroat competition is making it harder to reach the top, what roadmap you follow in marketing for AI-powered platforms is the ticket to your success.


What is AI-powered marketing?

AI-powered marketing, in layman’s terms, is a marketing strategy that uses artificial intelligence. It revolves around the facts related to data analysis, data collection, and customer & economic trends that can make or break your marketing efforts.

When speed is what you want, nothing is better than AI-powered marketing. With the effective use of customer profiles and data, AI initiates communication and serves the customers in the best way.

What are the top benefits of AI-powered platforms?

The following are the benefits that can make your job of marketing for AI-powered platforms easy:

● Improved personalised experience
● Automated customer interactions
● Improved outcome predictions
● Enhanced recruitment process
● Improves information security
● Operational automation
● Real-time assistance
● Data mining

What is an AI-powered platform?

Traditional platforms involve human beings to complete specific tasks. On the other hand, AI-powered platforms use machines to do the same.

Artificial intelligence platforms use cognitive function stimulation that humans normally use for general intelligence, social intelligence, logical reasoning, learning and problem-solving.

With such a great ability to reduce human efforts and deliver excellent benefits, effective marketing for AI-powered platforms is the need of the hour.



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CyberArk is the only security company laser-focused on striking down targeted cyber threats, those that make their way inside to attack the heart of the enterprise. Dedicated to stopping attacks before they stop business, CyberArk is trusted by the world’s leading companies — including more than 45% of the Fortune 100 companies — to protect their highest-value information assets, infrastructure and applications.